Is The Ember Mug Worth It? Why Pay Over $100 For This?

There are a few heated mugs on the market today but one of the first and certainly the most popular of these is the Ember Mug.

The price of this heated mug is not in everyone’s budget range. At over $100 it’s extremely expensive for the average person. If you are looking at buying an Ember Mug, you might be hesitant to pay over $100 for this mug, and that’s completely understandable. But is the Ember Mug worth the cost?

The Ember Mug is worth the over $100 cost for those who can afford it. It actively keeps you coffee at your exact desired temperature for 1.5-3 hours, which gives a drinking experience unlike any other and it’s made from very high quality and durable materials. For those who drink their tea or coffee slowly and want it warm until the last sip this mug is a worthy investment.

However, if you don’t really have the money then a cheaper vacuum insulated coffee cup will keep your coffee hot for a similar amount of time for much less cost. The downside of this is that these mugs don’t have heaters and so won’t actively keep your coffee at the right temperature, they’ll just stop them from slowing down.

Being in two mindsets about whether you should buy the Ember Mug or not because of its price tag is completely normal.

There are many reasons for the Ember Mug being worth every cent, but there are also reasons why it might not be. These reasons are explained in detail below, so keep reading!

Why You Should Listen To Me On This

I care A LOT about my coffee, probably a little too much.

When I heard about the Ember Mug I was fascinated but thought it was way to expensive to warrant the cost.

However, I eventually bought one of try it out so I could see whether or not I would recommend this to people.

I’ve now owned my Ember Mug for over a year and used it both at home, in my office and even out and about traveling in my campervan. I’ve tested out lids of the Ember Mug and even compared it to other heated coffee mugs like the Glowstone Mug.

Sometimes this mug is amazing and I love it and other times I actively choose to use a different mug.

As a coffee lover, a coffee mug lover and an Ember Mug owner I can speak from experience about the pros and cons of this mug and who will benefit from it and who it’ll be overkill for.

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7 Reasons The Ember Mug Is Worth It

If you are considering getting an Ember Mug for yourself or as a gift for someone but the idea of paying over $100 is putting you off because you are unsure whether it is worth it then keep reading.

Below explores the reasons why I think the Ember Mug is definitely worth every penny. 

1. It’s A Very High Quality Mug

We all know that the Ember Mug is expensive. However, quality does not come cheap.

The Ember Mug is a high-quality Mug made from 18/8 Kitchen Grade stainless steel. The stainless steel is coated with an FDA food-grade ceramic reinforced coating which reduces the chances of chipping and increases its durability. 

This high-quality mug only gets better as it contains dual lithium-ion batteries that provide sufficient power for the heating element inside the mug that is responsible for heating your drink. 

Not only is the hardware high-quality but the software is also high quality.

The mug automatically detects when there is liquid in it, detects and manages the temperature of that liquid and even turns off automatically when you take the last sip of your drink.

You never have to worry about whether or not the Ember Mug will do it’s just. You just fill up the mug with your hot beverage and it does it’s job without you having to think about it.

That’s the epitome of smart technology I think. It just does it’s job and does it well without you having to do anything, think about it or press convoluted buttons in order for it to work. The Ember Mug just works and it works well and has for over a year now.

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2. It Works Great

The Ember Mug is one of the best heated mugs for a reason, and that is because it works great and does what it is supposed to do.

Given how expensive it is, you should expect nothing less.

The purpose of the Ember Mug is to keep your drink warm at your desired temperature, and it does just that with no problem at all.

You can also set your desired temperature in the app and so you can tweak it to exactly how you like it.

I personally found the starting temperature a tiny bit too hot and I was able to adjust it slightly and get the perfect temperature for me. It also remembers my desired temperature so I don’t have to change it every time.

It works great and I can’t really fault it. You can get even more out of the mug with these simple Ember Mug hacks.

3. Its Arguably The Best Heated Mug On The Market 

The Ember mug is one of if not the best heated mug on the market today.

So far the only mugs I have seen that come close are the Cauldryn Mug because of it’s increased functionality and fact it can boil water or the Glowstone Mug because it’s made completely of fine bone china (not just a ceramic coating over stainless steel) and it’s dishwasher proof.

Listed below are some of the things that makes Ember one of the best coffee mugs on the market:

  • It is good at maintaining a variety of temperature of drinks. The Ember Mug has a built-in heating element at the bottom of the mug that can reach temperatures of 120-145°F to keep drinks heated. 
  • It is battery-powered. The Ember Mug is battery-powered, which means your drink will stay heated while you are on the go.
  • It has a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating offers the feeling of drinking from a regular ceramic cup and prevents the flavor of your drink from being changed in any way.  
  • It has a beautiful design. The Ember Mug has a beautiful design as it looks like a regular cup and less like an electronic. 
  • It’s high quality. Many newer competitors on the market (except the 2 mentioned above) offer a similar product but of lower quality. The Ember is high quality and you can trust it’ll still work in a couple of years.

4. It’s A Great Gift For Friends and Family

If it is a special day for either a friend or a family member who is a coffee or tea lover, the Ember Mug is the perfect gift for them. 

It’s something that’s completely unexpected and something that a lot of people wouldn’t justify buying themselves because it’s so expensive.

But once you have the mug you tend to fall in love with it and use it often.

So it’s a good gift that will get a lot of use but also has that surprise and wow factor.

5. It’s Easy To Use

When it comes to using the Ember Mug, there is nothing complicated about it. Instead, it is rather simple to use

Turning the Ember Mug on or off cannot be any easier as it just involves pressing the power button for the first time use or just pouring your drink into it and it turns on itself every other time.

The mug can turn on automatically when you fill it up with the drink of your choice. When it recognizes liquid inside, the heating element will automatically heat up to keep your drink at your desired temperature. 

The Ember Mug does not have buttons for specific purposes, such as changing the temperature. All this is done via the Ember App. The app is also straightforward and simple to use. 

Furthermore, charging the Ember Mug is not rocket science. To charge the Ember Mug, just place it on the charging coaster until the LED light is solid green.  

6. If You’re Spending A Lot Of Money On Coffee Anyway It’s Worth Investing Into A Mug To Keep It Hot

Many coffee drinkers spend a lot of money on barista made coffee, expensive coffee machines or expensive beans.

I personally buy expensive barista oat milk and I get beans shipped to me from my favorite coffee roaster in Melbourne (St Ali) and those beans aren’t cheap.

The only problem with this is that coffee gets colder as it stands. Most coffee drinkers refuse to drink cold coffee, so they throw it out and make a new cup or buy another one if they are at a café.

It makes sense if you’re going to spend a lot of money on the experience of good coffee you spend a little bit more so your coffee is warm and enjoyable until the last sip.

7. Ceramic Coating Means It Won’t Impart Flavor Into Your Coffee

Most coffee or tea lovers prefer their hot beverage in a ceramic cup simply because it tastes better!

Although the Ember Mug is not entirely ceramic, drinking from this mug will still feel like drinking from a regular ceramic cup. Ember has made this possible by coating the 18/8 Kitchen Grade stainless steel with an FDA food-grade ceramic reinforced coating. 

This ceramic coating will prevent any metallic flavor from the stainless steel from imparting the taste of your drink. 

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4 Reasons The Ember Mug Might Not Be Worth It

The Ember Mug is not perfect, and there are some problems with this heated mug. However, we will be focusing on the reasons why the Ember Mug might not be worth it for some people.

1. If You Drink Your Coffee Tea Very Quickly

If you are a person who drinks their coffee or tea quickly, instead of sipping on it slowly, the Ember Mug is not for you.

If you’re coffee isn’t getting cold by the end then why would you need to spend over $100 to keep that coffee hot when it’s hot anyway?

However, if you prefer taking your time to enjoy your hot beverage without worrying about it getting cold, the Ember Mug is definitely a great investment. 

2. In Summer Keeping Drinks Hot Isn’t As Ideal

The Ember Mug is specifically designed for keeping drinks warm. While this might be great for cold winter days where beverages tend to get cold quickly, what about those warm summer days?

I personally find that I use my Ember Mug extremely rarely in summer. I don’t mind my coffee getting a bit colder when the day is very hot.

The Ember Mug is definitely a great investment for many coffee or tea lovers who want to keep their beverage warm during winter, as there is nothing worse than taking a sip of cold coffee or tea on a cold day.

However during summer this is not the case.

3. There Are Cheaper Alternatives

The Ember Mug is quite pricey and might be slightly out of your budget. However, there are a variety of cheaper alternatives to the Ember Mug available.

The Cauldryn heated mug is one of the best alternative to the Ember Mug.

Unlike the Ember Mug, which is good at maintaining the temperature of your drink anywhere between 120°-145°F, the Cauldryn can heat the liquid inside the mug and reach higher temperatures of 212°F/100ºC.

The ability to reach higher temperatures makes the Cauldryn mug more versatile than the Ember Mug, as it can heat up coffee, tea, and soup. 

Even though the Cauldryn mug is versatile and performs better in terms of heating, it does not have a ceramic coating. 

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4. There Are Fine Bone China Alternatives

Another great alternative to the Ember Mug is the Glowstone Mug. 

Although many coffee or tea lovers enjoy the ceramic coating of the Ember Mug because it feels like drinking from a regular ceramic cup, this ceramic coating is prone to scratches and delamination which exposes the stainless steel underneath..

The Glow Stone Mug is made completely from fine bone china which gives it an amazing feel when drinking from it. It still looks just like a regular coffee mug or teacup, just with a battery and heating element inside.

Just like the Ember Mug, the Glowstone Mug automatically recognizes when liquid is put into it. The internal heater powers on when it detects liquid to keep your drink heated. However, The Glowstone Mug maintains a constant temperature of 136°F and cannot be adjusted.  

Furthermore, the Glowstone Mug is also battery-powered, so feel free to take it wherever you go. 

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All this being said, paying over $100 for the Ember Mug is worth it for many people!

Although there are cheaper heated mugs on the market, they do not come close to the Ember Mug. The Ember Mug is a high-quality heated mug that is easy to use and works great as it will keep your drink warm for hours at your desired temperature.

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