Ember Mug Red Light – What It Means Exactly

Gone are the days of pouring your coffee into a cup and guzzling it down before it gets cold. The Ember Mug is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your drink warm. But what does it mean when the red light blinks? 

On the Ember Mug a solid red light indicates that the mug is low battery and is unable to maintain your desired temperatures. A blinking red light appears when the mug is on the charging coaster and is actively charging but the battery isn't yet full.

Knowing what each of the lights mean on your Ember Mug is important so you know know when it needs to be recharged and whether or not something is wrong with it. The good news is that a red light on your Ember Mug DOES NOT mean that it's broken. It's not an error light.

In this article, I will explain exactly what the Ember Mug red light is, so you don’t need to worry about it. 

What Does a Red Light on Your Ember Mug Mean? 

If you see a red light appear on your Ember Mug, don’t panic, this generally doesn’t mean anything bad. 

Solid Red: Ember Mug is Low on Battery

The solid red light that appears on the bottom of your smart mug is there to warn you that the mug is currently on the lowest battery level and that unless you want cold coffee, you better charge it.

The smart mug will still work on this low battery level, but it will not be working at full capacity, so your drink will likely begin to slowly lose heat.

Once the battery completely runs out (which it will soon if you are seeing the red light) then it'll just revert to being a normal, un-smart mug.

To fix this issue place your Ember Mug on it's charging coaster. You can continue to use the Ember Mug whilst charging it and it will keep your drink hot indefinitely.

Flashing Red: Ember Mug Is Charging But Battery Isn’t Full

If the light on your smart mug is flashing red, this is a good thing. This will occur once you put the smart mug onto the charging coaster, which indicates that the smart mug is actually charging. 

The flashing red light only indicates that the mug is charging. It will not tell you how much has been charged or how much is left to charge. So you will have to leave the mug on charge until the solid green light appears. 

It usually takes are 2 hours for your Ember Mug to completely charge so you'll see a flashing red light for some time.

You can check how much your mug has charged by looking on the cellphone app that is paired to the mug. This will show you an exact battery percentage.

To learn more about the charging process of an Ember mug, read my article on how to know if your Ember Mug is charging.

Does a Red Light on an Ember Mug Mean My Mug is Broken?

No, the red light is something that you want to see on your Ember mug because this is a warning for low battery, or it is telling you that the mug is charging properly.

If you Ember Mug is broken or if your Ember Mug is not charging you're unlikely to see any lights on you Ember Mug as the battery will be completely dead.

The other lights that you might see on your Ember mug could range from blue to green/yellow, which could mean a number of things that can easily be fixed, like updates and resets. 

The only time you should be worried that your smart mug is broken is if there are no lights showing up during the charging process or at all. 

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