How Do I Know If Ember Mug Is Charging? (Explained w/ Pictures)

The Ember Mug is great a keeping coffee or tea hot for hours but it needs to be charged in order to work properly away from the charging coaster.

But given the Ember Mug has no LCD screen how can tell if it's charging or not.

When charging the Ember Mug will display a pulsing red right. This will turn green when the mug is fully charged (which takes around 2 hours). You can also see if it is charging through the Ember App by going to Settings and looking for a lightning bolt next to the battery life percentage.

Charging Your Ember Mug and LED Lights Explained

Charging your Ember Mug is extremely simple. Simply place the Ember Mug on the charging coaster to start automatically charging.

The 2 prongs on the charging coaster will line up with the gold rings on the bottom of your Ember Mug and this is what allows electricity to flow to charge your mug.

Once placed on the charging coaster the LED light at the bottom of the Ember Mug should light up red and pulsate on and off as it charges.

This light indicates that it is charging successfully.

Once your Ember Mug is completely charged the light will switch to green indicating that charging is complete.

I have found if I take the mug off the charging coaster when fully charged and then placed back on again the light will switch back to red for a while before turning green.

But I don't know if this has any real effect or if it just takes a while for the mug to work out it's actually already fully charged.

You can always check the app to see what the exact battery level is.

See If Your Ember Mug Is Charging Using The Ember App

If you have your Ember Mug paired to your phone using the Ember App then you can also use the app to determine whether or not your mug is charging and also see what exact percentage the mug is at.

To see whether or not your mug you must first be in bluetooth range of your mug.

Open your Ember App and click on the setting gear in the top right corner of the home screen.

You will now be able to see exact battery percentage under “Battery Level”

Also under battery level you can look for a grey lightning bolt. If you see the lightning bolt (as pictured above) then your Ember Mug is successfully charging.

If the lightning bolt isn't there this means your Ember Mug is running off battery power and not charging.

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How Do I Know If My Ember Travel Mug Is Charging

The Ember Travel Mug doesn't have colored LED lights like the smaller Ember Mug so checking to see whether or not it is charging is a little different.

When placed on the charging coasted the Ember Travel Mug will show a partially filled pulsating battery on the front LED display. Once it is fully charged this will change to an image of a full solid battery that doesn't pulse.

Just like with the Ember Mug you can also use the Ember App to check and see whether your Ember Travel Mug is charging (look for the lightning bolt) as well as exactly what level the battery is at.

Can I Leave My Ember On Charge Overnight (or All Day)?

My routine is that I'll generally make coffee in the morning, take 1-2 hours to drink it and then I'll wash up my Ember Mug when I get a chance.

After washing I'll dry and place my Ember Mug on it's charger and leave it on there all day and all night until the morning.

Is this ok though? Can you leave your Ember Mug on charge all day and night or will it ruin it or waste a lot of battery?

The good news is YES you can leave your Ember Mug on charge for extended periods of time, even months at a time.

When your Ember Mug is 100% charged the charging will shut off automatically so no battery damage or electricity wastage will occur.

If you leave your Ember Mug on the charger for extended periods of time (we are talking months here) it is smart enough to periodically top up the battery as it naturally discharges over time.

This ensures the battery doesn't fully drain and gives your battery more longevity.

Will My Ember Mug Charge Whilst Heating My Drink?

If you've filled up your Ember Mug with your drink of choice and place it on the charging coaster will it both charge your battery AND keep the drink hot at the same time?

Yes, the Ember Mug battery will charge while on the charging coaster even while the mug is actively heating liquid. It won't charge as quickly as if it was empty and if the battery begins to get too hot it will stop charging and focus on heating your drink instead.

We don't really think about it because they are tucked away but batteries can get hot with usage. This is especially true with the Ember Mug battery as it is kept extremely close to the heating element on the bottom of your mug.

When plugged into it's charging coaster the mug will aim to both heat your drink and charge the battery at the same time.

However, if the battery heats up too much a safety mechanism will kick in and the battery will stop charging in order to make sure it doesn't overheat.

If this happens empty your Ember Mug, give it some time for the battery to cool down at room temperature and then place it on the charger and it should charge again.

Why Isn't My Ember Mug Charging?

There are a lot of different reasons your Ember Mug might not be charging.

One reason could be the battery being too hot as mentioned above or another common reason is that the prongs on the Ember Charging Coaster break and get stuck in a depressed position.

These prongs need to be pushed up in order to make contact with the gold ring on the bottom of your mug. This is how the electricity flows and charges your battery.

If you have his issue you can try charging your Ember Mug upside down and using gravity to keep the prongs sticking out or you can get in contact with Ember for a replacement.

You can also do a soft reset or hard reset of your Ember Mug which can fix some charging issues. Click here to read what to do if your Ember Mug isn't heating or isn't charging properly.

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