Why do people love fishing so much?

As we know, many people love to fish. Even though many people would give you different reasons behind their love for this sport, it is safe to say that there are several reasons why people think this sport is fantastic and why this has been a love story for a long time.

In this article, you will find an overview of all the reasons why this sport is one of the most beloved in the whole world. This could be useful for people to understand this matter better and to dive into the world of fishing from a variety of points of view. This article will start with a brief overview of the history of fishing and then dive into the reasons why this sport is one of the most beloved.

History of Fishing

Did you know that fishing actually started as a prehistoric practice? This dates back to at least 70,000 years. It started as a means of survival, of course, but it soon developed into much more than that. For one thing, fishing became important for many industries all over the world and it also developed into a proper sport that people do both together and alone.

Deep fishing should also be considered in this section, even though, as a profession, it is rather different from fishing as a sport. Deep fishing first emerged in the 15th century but became more and more important with the advent of steamboats in the 19th century. Recreational fishing was mostly done by the wealthy classes in the 18th century, but it became more and more accessible thanks to many factors, one of them being the Industrial Revolution, which could produce better equipment at a lower cost. Now that the history of fishing has been covered, it is time to find out more about all the reasons why people love fishing as much as they do.

The Thrill of the Unknown and an Escape from Routine

First of all, it is important to take into consideration that the practice of fishing means experiencing the thrill of catching an actual fish. Due to this, it is safe to say that people also love it because of the thrill they feel when they go to catch a fish. There is this interesting combination to take into account, where hours and hours of waiting are then paired with the magical moment when fish start to bite on the bait on the fishing rod, for which you can read more here. The challenge of fishing as a practice is also to be considered one of the most interesting reasons why people love fishing. Thanks to this practice, they learn patience and contemplation.

Another important aspect to consider when thinking about fishing is the aspect of evasion and escape from, in a certain sense, reality as a whole. The aspect of contemplation was already touched upon but there is another fact that should be considered which is that fishing requires people to normally be next to a body of water and more often than not, this will be found in a natural setting. Thanks to this, people often associate fishing with nature and escape and they find it a very interesting excuse to remove themselves from civilization, at least for a couple of hours and dive into nature and its rhythms. Fishing, therefore, often becomes a pursuit of happy alone time and peace. As the world becomes more and more stressful with each passing day, many people find the antidote in a fishing session, away from the city and immersed in the green.

Serenity, Adrenaline and Knowledge

Fishing is also beloved by many due to its mix of serenity and adrenaline. People love it because long hours of serenity and concentration are suddenly interrupted by rushes of adrenaline. Many people love it and feel like they can no longer live without it. Contemplation and activity blend in a perfect mix, beloved by many and sought by many fishing enthusiasts out there. Also, it is a chance to try out different pieces of equipment and this is another great aspect that should be taken into consideration.

Similarly, fishing is also a great way to get to know nature in all its aspects. Perhaps not everyone thinks about this when they reflect on fishing but the truth is that this practice is a great way to get to know nature and its rhythms. By spending hours and hours in nature in search of fish, one cannot avoid learning all the secrets that nature has to tell: The sound of leaves and streams, the weather and its sudden changes and the secret language of fish and rocks. Many people find this aspect extremely interesting as well as poetic and strive towards a better understanding of the world around them.

Friendships and Beauty

Another interesting reason behind the love for fishing might be obvious but it is still rather fundamental. Fishing is an activity that you can do by yourself but it is also an activity that you can do with friends. Often, groups of people gather together to spend some hours sharing a peaceful activity. Not everyone enjoys busy social events; Some prefer to dive into natural landscapes with loyal friends and treasure their company while fishing in a remote location.

Speaking of locations, another important aspect to consider is that people who fish often love it because of the pleasant surroundings that people find themselves in when doing so. Nature is beautiful and it often offers a wide range of landscapes, sounds, smells and much more. All these multisensorial aspects are crucial for people who claim to love fishing, as they constitute the fundamental elements of a wonderful atmosphere. People love fishing for a variety of reasons, and understanding them all is a great way to understand the practice itself a little better. 

This was just a short introduction to the world of fishing and its perks but there are many other aspects that you can explore with a first-hand fishing experience.