11 Most Expensive Yeti Items: Overpriced or Worth The Money?

We all know that Yeti products can be expensive. They basically created the high-end cooler market are charge hundreds of dollars for their coolers.

But what are the most expensive Yeti items?

If you've got all the money in the world to spend on Yeti products what could you spend your money on and what could you buy?

1. Yeti Tundra 350 Cooler – $1,299.99 RRP

The Yeti Tundra 350 is both the biggest cooler in Yeti's lineup and also the most expensive item Yeti sell.

It's the only product they sell that is over $1,000 in price and at around $1,300 RRP this bad boy doesn't come cheap. It's one of the most expensive coolers in the world.

It's got a huge 316-Quart capacity and weighs a total of 89 lbs (40.4 kgs) when empty!

This cooler will likely mainly be used for commercial fishing but could also be used in hunting.

See the latest price of the Yeti Tundra 350 at Yeti.com
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2. Yeti Tundra 250 Cooler – $899.99

The Yeti 250 is Yeti's second largest cooler and second most expensive product.

It's a fair bit cheaper than the Yeti 350, saving you around $400 in cost but it is a lot smaller.

It has a capacity of 232-Quart and when empty it weighs 70 lbs (31.8 kgs).

See the latest price of the Yeti Tundra 250 at Yeti.com
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3. Yeti V Series Cooler – $800.00

While the Yeti 350 and 250 are expensive they are large enough that it makes sense how expensive they are.

The Yeti V Series on the other hand is a small cooler with a BIG price. At around $800 it's the most expensive hard cooler per quart.

The Yeti 350 costs around $4.11/quart whereas the Yeti V Series costs a whopping $17.39/Quart.

What makes this cooler so expensive? Well it's super innovative that's why.

It's the first cooler to feature the same vacuum insulation technology that is used in Yeti's tumblers and bottles and Yeti say it holds ice 50% longer than a regular Yeti.

It also looks amazing with it's retro style stainless steel exterior.

See the latest price of the Yeti V Series cooler at Yeti.com
(or compare to the latest price of the Yeti V Series at Amazon)

4. Yeti Tundra 210 Cooler $799.99

The Yeti Tundra 210 is Yeti's 3rd largest cooler and it happens to be one of the best sized coolers for Elk, making it popular among hunters.

It's the smallest cooler you can get that seems to fit a full quartered Elk.

It has a capacity of 198.8 Quart and weighs 62 lbs (28.1 kgs) when empty.

See the latest price of the Yeti Tundra 210 at Yeti.com
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Honorable Mention: All Other Yeti Cooler Sizes

Instead of making this a list of just the largest Yeti coolers I wanted to feature some of the other expensive Yeti products you can buy.

But if you're technically looking for the most expensive Yeti items then the coolers below would fill most of the top 10 spots.

Click here to see a list of the most popular Yeti cooler sizes

  • Yeti Tundra 160 Cooler – $679.99
  • Yeti Tundra 125 Cooler – $499.99
  • Yeti Tundra 105 Cooler – $479.99
  • Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler – $449.99
  • Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler – $399.99
  • Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler – $349.99
  • Yeti Tundra 45 – $299.99
  • Yeti Tundra 35 – $249.99
  • Yeti Roadie – $199.99

5. Yeti Panga 100 Duffel Bag – $399.99

The Yeti Panga 100 Duffel bag has a capacity of 100 Liters and it's completely waterproof.

It's got a thick and durable base, laminated high-density nylon shell that is waterproof and nearly unbreakable as well as 2 mesh pockets and the waterproof Hydrolok zipper.

See the latest price of the Yeti Panga 100 at Yeti.com
(or compare to the price of the Yeti Panga 100 at Amazon)

You can also get the Yeti Panga bag in smaller sizes which are also cheaper:

Panga 75 – $349.99

Panga 50 – $299.99

Panga Backpack 28 – $299.99

6. Yeti Hopper M30 + Flip 18 – $299.99

The Yeti Hopper M30 and the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 both come in as Yeti's most expensive soft sided coolers.

The M30 has a 30-Quart capacity is uses a magnetic closing strip and clasp to make the bag waterproof. It's in a tote style bag and has great capacity and ice retention.

The Hopper Flip 18 is rectangular in shape and uses a waterproof zipper so you get a wide open lid making it easy to access everything in your cooler.

The Flip also comes in a 12-quart and 8-quart size with the Flip 8 being the most expensive cooler per quart in the world (at $25/quart).

These are both great coolers for the price and are some of the best soft sided coolers for ice retention. They are some of the most expensive soft coolers out there so you may want to check out some alternative to Yeti Hopper soft coolers.

Still if you want a Yeti these are extremely durable and have great ice retention.

See the latest prices of Yeti Soft Sided Coolers at Yeti.com
(or compare prices to Yeti Soft Coolers at Amazon)

7. Yeti Camping Chairs – $299.99

Yeti sells two different types of camping chair. The Trailhead and the Hondo.

Both are extremely high quality and extremely expensive, coming in at around $300 for a camping chair!

The Trailhead packs away smaller and is more portable and the Hondo is the premium padded chair that is the ultimate in camping chair comfort.

See the latest prices of Yeti Camp Chairs at Yeti.com
(or compare to price of Yeti Camp Chairs at Amazon)

8. Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed – $299.99

The Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed is a durable, comfortable and versatile dog bed.

It's got a home base with comfy side cushion rails and inside is a removable mattress so you can take it with you camping or on the road.

It's got a thick waterproof base and the fabric is easy to clean. For more details I've written a full Yeti Trailhead dog bed review.

It's an expensive dog bed but if money isn't an issue for you then it's well worth the price.

See the latest price of the Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed at Yeti.com
(or compare to the price of the Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed at Amazon)

9. Yeti Silo 6G – $299.99

The Yeti Silo is a 6 Gallon (24-Quart) cooler with a high-flow drink dispenser at the bottom.

It's got the best ice retention of any water just out there and like all Yeti coolers it's extremely durable. It's one of the best water jugs on the market, but you pay the price for that quality.

You can see the full details in my Yeti Silo Review but I like that this can be used as a water jug/drink dispenser or you can also use it as a regular cooler.

See the latest price of the Yeti Silo 6G at Yeti.com
(or compare to price of Yeti Silo 6G at Amazon)

10. Yeti Loadout GoBox – $249.99

The Yeti LoadOut GoBox is expensive but extremely worth the cost if you can afford it.

It's extremely durable just like Yeti coolers and you can actually pack a surprising amount of stuff into it. Read more in my Yeti LoadOut GoBox review.

It's going a pack attic lid organiser for smaller items plus a removable caddy for other small items.

It's got a dividing tray to keep everything organized and it's extremely durable and not going to break like other plastic storage tubs.

See the latest price of the Yeti LoadOut GoBox at Yeti.com
(or compare to price of the Yeti LoadOut GoBox at Amazon)

11. Yeti Tank 85 – $249.99

The Yeti Tank is is a round cooler specifically designed for keeping drinks cold for a backyard BBQ or party.

It's got thick insulation like a regular Yeti cooler and is extremely durable. It won't sweat and it'll keep your drinks cold for 1-2 days.

There is an extra lid you can get for it which doubles as a cutting board and the 85 is large enough to fit a keg or beer in with ice around it to keep it cold.

It's got non-slip and non-marking feet so you can use it on any surface and the rope handles make it easy to carry around. It also comes in a smaller and more affordable 45 size.

See the latest price of the Yeti Tank 85 at Yeti.com
(or compare to the price of the Yeti Tank 85 at Amazon)