How Long Does It Take The Ember Mug To Charge?

The Ember Mug is a battery powered mug that will keep your coffee at the exact right temperature until the final sip. But like all battery operated devices it needs to be recharged at some point.

But how long does it take the Ember Mug to fully charge from an empty battery and can you leave it on it's charger indefinitely?

The Ember Mug and the Ember Travel Mug require approximately 2 hours to charge, depending on the battery level. Ember Mugs will last for around 1.5 hours on a single charge but can be used indefinitely while placed on the charging coaster, so long as it contains liquid.

The Ember Mug is a useful and innovative invention, but it runs on rechargeable batteries, and everyone who has any experience with this type of tech knows that recharging and remembering to recharge can feel like a chore.

Does the Ember Mug recharge time dimmish the usefulness of this product? Can you use the Ember Mug while it charges? Let’s find out!

How Long Does It Take The Ember Mug To Charge?

Both the 10oz and the 14oz Ember Mug models will require 2–3 hours to completely charge when they have been run completely flat. The time the mug requires to fully charge from a battery that still has some leftover charge will not take as long, but a very flat Ember Mug needs a minimum of 2 hours on the charging coaster to achieve a full charge. 

It is worth knowing that the Ember mug will not recharge when placed on the charging coaster unless the mug is empty or turned off. If the mug is left on while charging, it will simply use power from the electrical main to maintain the temperature within the mug, but it will not recharge the battery.

This article is a great resource for the ins and outs of charging an Ember Mug.

How Long Does It Take The Ember Travel Mug To Charge?

The Ember Travel Mug is part of the improved range of Ember mug products and is one of the best in the range. The Travel Mug has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will keep liquids hot for around 3 hours continuously depending on the temperature settings, but how long does this mug take to fully charge?

The charge time of the Ember Travel Mug is approximately 2 hours from completely flat. If the battery still has some charge left, the charge time will be shorter, but a completely flat Travel Mug battery will take no longer than 2 hours to charge from flat to full on the included charging coaster. 

This charge time is impressive, as the batteries in the Ember Travel Mug are sufficient to heat and maintain a constant temperature for several hours, which requires significant battery power.

The batteries in this mug are very robust and require a lot of energy to fully charge. 

Can You Charge The Ember Mug While Using It?

Those who want to buy an Ember Mug often ask the same question: can you charge the mug while using it? 

Placing the Ember Mug on its charging coaster that is connected to a main electrical outlet will use power from the main to heat the mug and maintain its temperature. This will keep your drink hot for as long as it is on the charging coaster.

However, your Ember Mug's battery will not charge while it's on the charger and in use. You must empty of turn off your Ember Mug for it's battery to charge.

This can be complicated to understand, but this article may help to clarify things.

Remember that the mug will not charge its battery on the coaster until it is empty or turned off, which means you will have to turn the mug off to charge it on the coaster and turn it on again when you want it to keep your drinks hot. 

How Do I Know When My Ember Mug Is Fully Charged?

The Ember Mug can take up to 2-3 hours to fully charge from flat but how do you know when to remove the mug from its charging coaster?

The easy answer is that the ember mug has a clearly visible multi-functional light that indicates various processes within the mug.

When the Ember Mug is fully charged, the light on the base of the mug will turn solid green telling you it's completely charged. You can also check the exact battery life of your Ember Mug using the Ember App.

While the mug is charging, the light on the mug will flash red to indicate it is charging but not yet fully charged. After it has been fully charged, the light will stop flashing and turn solid green. This indicates that the battery is ready to be used, and the mug can be filled and moved around with. 

However, when the battery is charged completely, the mug will turn itself off after 2 hours of inactivity if left on the charging coaster, so it is relatively safe to leave the Ember Mug on its charger for long periods of time. This is particularly helpful if you want to charge your Ember Mug overnight. 

Should I Leave My Ember Mug On The Charger?

Sometimes overcharging lithium-ion batteries can decrease their lifespan. So you may be wondering whether or not it's a good idea to leave your Ember Mug on the charger for extended periods of time.

The truth is that it is bad for this type of battery to be left on charge for extended periods of time, but the Ember Mug has some smart features built-in to help protect the battery from this type of damage. This means you can safely leave your Ember Mug on the charge for as long as you want without fear of it damaging the battery.

You can also leave your Ember Mug on the charger indefinitely, so long as the mug is turned on with liquid in it. When the mug is on and contains liquid, it will draw power from the charger to maintain the drink temperature. It does have a 2 hour shutoff if not used to make it safer to leave on the charger.

If it's been inactive for 2 hours to switch it back on just pick up the Ember Mug. It'll know it's been moved and will reactivate if it still contains a warm drink.

The mug will charge when turned off or when there is no liquid in the mug, and this is when it can be harmful to leave the mug on charge. However, Ember has solved this issue as well by programming the mug to turn itself off after it has been charged completely and left undisturbed for more than 2 hours. 

This feature prevents battery damage due to over-charging and makes it safe to leave your Ember Mug on the charger for as long as you need to or if you forget to remove the mug from the charger. 

Does The Ember Mug Have To Stay On The Charger?

The Ember Mug is designed to keep your coffee hot on the go, wherever you are.

The Ember Mug doesn't need to stay on the charger to work and it'll use it's internal battery to keep your drink hot while you are on the move.

When not using your Ember Mug it is a good idea to keep it on the charger so the battery doesn't slowly leak over time.

Failing to charge your Ember Mug for 2+ months could lead to a decrease in the lifespan on the battery.

What Is The Lifespan Of The Ember Mug?

Like our smart phones and laptops the lithium-ion battery in the Ember Mug will deteriorate and get worse over time.

Unfortunately you cannot replace the Ember Mug battery as you need to break the device just to access the battery.

The typical estimated life for the lithium-ion battery in the Ember Mug is 2-3 years or approximately 300-500 charge cycles. It'll continue to work after this time but you may notice decreased battery life.

Even when the battery is basically useless the Ember Mug will still be able to keep drinks hot for years whilst on it's charging coaster.