6 Problems with The Yeti LoadOut Bucket

The Yeti LoadOut Bucket is a much improved 5-gallon bucket and in my humble opinion is the best 5-gallon bucket on the market.

However, the Yeti Bucket isn’t perfect and it still has some issues with in. In this articles I want to talk about the problems with the Yeti LoadOut Bucket.

While none of these issues are huge and while there are no obvious design flaws or manufacturing defects that would make me say “don’t get this bucket”, I do still think it’s important to be aware of these things before spending your hard earned money.

So here are the problems with the Yeti LoadOut Bucket

1. It’s Expensive

This is the biggest problem people seem to have with this product. A regular 5-gallon bucket is around $5-$10 depending on where you buy it from and a Yeti Bucket is around $40, so it’s quite a bit more expensive.

Below you can see a comparison between the Yeti Bucket and some other cheaper buckets


Yeti LoadOut Bucket:

Yeti LoadOut Lid:

Yeti LoadOut Caddy:

LoadOut Utility Belt:


Cheap Generic Bucket:

Shurhold Deluxe Bucket:

Huck Performance Bucket:

The biggest question people have is why should they spend so much on a bucket and I covered that in my Yeti LoadOut Bucket review.

But in short it’s 3x thicker than a regular bucket and much much stronger. The bucket and the handle are more durable and it has non-slip feet.

Not everyone can justify spending so much on a bucket and for people who won’t use their bucket much they might be better off buying a cheaper one.

But for people who use their bucket a lot and are finding that regular buckets are constantly breaking and needing to be replaced the Yeti can actually offer better long term value as you don’t need to keep replacing it.

2. The Accessories Are Expensive

Not only is the bucket itself more expensive than a regular bucket but the accessories that come with it are also quite expensive and it adds up pretty quickly if you want to buy all of them.

Below you can see the price of the Yeti LoadOut Lid, Caddy and Utility belt compared to similar (but not as high-quality) accessories of the Shurhold Bucket.


Shurhold Bucket:

Shurhold Lid:

Shurhold Caddy:

Shurhold Grate:

Shurhold Base:


Yeti LoadOut Bucket:

Yeti LoadOut Lid:

Yeti LoadOut Caddy:

LoadOut Utility Belt:

The Yeti accessories are high quality though, and they tend to be much more durable and will last a lot longer than other cheaper accessories that are similar.

It’s up to you if you want to get them or you can also have a look at my full list of bucket gadgets and accessories.

3. It’s Not Insulated

Unlike Yeti coolers the Yeti Bucket is NOT insulated. It’s made from HDPE plastic which is strong and durable but it doesn’t have any of the polyurethane insulation that Yeti coolers have so it struggles to keep ice longer than a few hours.

If you want to use your Yeti Bucket as a cooler there are a couple of ways you can turn your bucket into a cooler, but it requires you buying extra accessories like a Styrofoam bucket liner or something like the Dakine Party Bucket insulating liner + caddy.

4. It’s Heavy

A regular 5-gallon bucket weighs approximately 1 lbs. A Yeti Bucket on the other hand weighs 5.8 lbs, which is the heaviest bucket on the market.

That’s before you add the accessories to it or before you fill it up with your gear.

5. It Doesn’t Fit Some Bucket Accessories

There are a bunch of different bucket gadgets and accessories that are designed for the normal cheap 5-gallon buckets.

Because the Yeti Bucket has a slightly different design to other buckets this means some of the accessories won’t fit.

6. It’s Not As Impact Resistant As The Huck Bucket

Despite it’s price and it’s thickness the Yeti isn’t actually the most expensive or the strongest bucket on the market.

The Huck Bucket clocks in at over $100 and is made from a performance polymer plastic called “Spry Tech” that is impact resistant.

You can see below the Huck Bucket being hit with a concrete block thrown from two stories up. You can see it bend under the impact but then bounced back into shape.

Getting hit by the concrete block
Bounced back into shape

The Huck Bucket is going to be more durable than the Yeti Bucket, but it’s also a lot more expensive and Huck don’t sell any accessories (not even a lid).

You can read my Huck Bucket review or you can see the Huck Bucket and Yeti Bucket on Amazon by clicking the price links below

Yeti LoadOut Bucket:

Huck Performance Bucket:

Should You Buy a Yeti LoadOut Bucket?

They are the major problems with the Yeti LoadOut Bucket, so now you need to ask yourself whether or not you still think this is the bucket for you.

Ultimately it depends on the person. Will you use it enough to justify the price and does it fit within your budget and how much you want to spend on a bucket?

If you do want to get it then you can buy it from Amazon using my affiliate link below:

Click here to see the Yeti Bucket on Amazon

Alternatively if you want to keep researching you can look at my list of the best Yeti bucket alternatives or you can read my Yeti LoadOut Bucket review.