5 Ways To Easily Turn Off An Ember Mug (Guide with Pictures)

Ember Mugs are unique, self-heating mugs that can keep coffee at the optimal temperature, so it is never too hot or too cold. This smart mug has many different features, but one that you're always going to need is how to turn it off.

Because the smart mug turns on automatically you might be wondering…how do I turn off the Ember Mug?

The Ember Mug will automatically turn off when empty. It can also be turned off manually by pressing the power button located at the bottom of the mug or behind the logo. You can also turn it off using the app, by pouring cold liquid into it, letting the battery die or just leaving it for 2 hours. 

If you are new to owning an Ember Mug you might want to know the best way to turn your Ember Mug off, and if not manually done, does it turn off automatically? Moreover, can you leave it on the charger, and does the mug turn itself on automatically? 

What Are The Five Ways To Turn Off An Ember Mug?

Learning how to use the Ember Mug can be quite tricky if you are new to owning one. You don't want to leave your Ember Mug on if you're no longer using it and so sometimes you may want to switch it off manually or simply make sure it's turned off.

One great feature of an Ember Mug is that you can turn it off in many different ways. You can learn the five ways to turn your Ember Mug off below.

Empty It

Your Ember Mug will turn itself off automatically if it is empty. So when you take your last sip of deliciously warm coffee you don't have to stress about the mug overheating because it's still on.

Once your ember mug detects that no liquid is inside the mug, it will go into sleep mode and the heater will stop working.

How it does this I'm not completely sure but I assume it has a thermometer inside the mug that detects how warm your drink is but also detects whether or not there is any drink left.

Press And Hold Power Button

You can turn the Ember Mug off manually by pressing and holding the power button located at the bottom of the mug or behind the logo for three seconds.

The white LED light below the Ember logo will dim as you hold in the power button.

If you want to make sure the mug has been turned off correctly, you can pick it up and see if the white light is still there. 

Be careful not to hold the power button for too long though as this is how you reset your Ember Mug to factory settings. It's not bad if you do this and it won't break the mug or anything but it'll mean you need to pair the Ember Mug to your phone again and go through the setup process.

Turn It Off Using The App

To turn off your Ember Mug, you can use the app. To use the app, you need to connect your smart mug to the app by pairing the mug with your phone via Bluetooth.

Once your Ember Mug is paired you can open the app and it'll show you whether or not the Ember Mug is on and the temperature of your drink.

At the bottom of the app there is a desired temperature slider. You can slide this all the way down to the “heater off” position to turn the heater off.

You can also use the app to simply check whether or not your Ember Mug is still on or if it's been turned off correctly.

Pour Cold Liquid Into It

An Ember Mug is not designed to heat cold drinks and the heater will not turn on if the liquid below 100°F/40ºC.

So another way to turn off your Ember Mug is to pour cold liquid into your mug or to add ice into your drink. Once the liquid is cold enough the mug will automatically switch off.

You can see the mug automatically switching off as I try to actually use the Ember Mug to heat up a drink in the video below:

Let The Battery Die

A surefire way to turn off your Ember Mug is to simply let the battery die. The Ember Mug can't turn on and the heater can't operate if there is no power for it to use.

The Ember Mug will only last approximately 1.5 hours, it can last a little longer with an Ember Mug Lid and a low temperature setting. But within 1-2 hours the battery will die and the mug will turn off until it is placed on charge.

The Ember Mug will show a red light which means that your mug is low on battery. If you do not need to use the mug and want it to turn off instead, you can simply let the battery die. 

Leave It For 2+ Hours

If you place your Ember Mug on the charger with a drink in it then it will continue to keep your drink hot without you having to worry about the battery dying.

The Ember Mug has been auto-set to turn off and enter sleep mode after not being used for two hours. The Ember mug will automatically turn itself off if no motion is detected by either moving the mug or picking it up. 

So if you leave your Ember Mug on charge and forget about it you don't need to worry as it'll automatically switch off after 2 hours anyway.

Do I Need To Turn My Ember Mug Off? 

You do not need to turn your Ember Mug off. However, turning it off manually using the power button might be a good idea. Turning it off using the power button will turn the mug off immediately, which can save the battery life of your Ember Mug, so you can use it later when you need it. 

Does The Ember Mug Turn Off Automatically?

The Ember Mug will turn off automatically once there is no liquid in it, once the battery dies or once it detects that it has not been touched or moved for 2 hours whilst on charge.

The mug will enter sleep mode if you haven't picked it up to use it during this time, moved it, or poured any liquid into it. Each time the Ember Mug detects motion, it will reset the two-hour clock. 

Can I Leave My Ember Mug On The Charger? 

If your Ember mug needs charging, it will show a red light. Just place the mug onto the charging dock, and if the light flashes red, it means it is charging. During charging, it will continue to heat your drink, and you can find more information regarding this here.

Once the Ember Mug has finished charging, the red flashing light will turn solid green. You can decide if you want to take it off the charging dock or leave it for as long as you like.

You can leave your Ember Mug on the charging dock without worrying about it overheating or causing damage to the battery.

Leaving the Ember Mug on the charging coaster will keep your coffee hot all day long. However, if no movement is detected the mug will automatically switch off after 2 hours keeping you safe and ensuring it never overheats.

Does The Ember Mug Turn On Automatically?

The Ember mug has an auto wake feature to turn on automatically when it detects any hot liquid inside over 100ºF/40ºC. If it has gone into sleep mode with a drink in it whilst on charge it'll automatically turn back on once it is picked up, or moved.

You can also manually turn on the Ember Mug – click here to read the full guide on how to turn on the Ember Mug.

Turning on the Ember Mug can be confusing as the power button’s location is different on the Ember Mug and the Ember Travel Mug so check the guide linked above if you have any questions.

If your Ember Mug says it's empty when it isn't click here to solve that problem.


The Ember Mug is pretty simple to use but it has many different features which can make it confusing at times.

However, as seen above, this smart mug can do many things independently, such as automatically turning itself on and off, so you do not need to do it manually. 

Additionally, most devices or electronics with a battery shouldn't be left on charge as it can either overheat or damage the battery. The Ember Mug has no problem being left on its charging dock, so you can leave it for as long you like, and it will continue to serve its purpose of heating your drink to the perfect temperature for you to enjoy.