Best Ember Mug Lids: Take Your Ember Anywhere

The Ember Mug is great at keeping drinks hot for hours at a time, but one of it's downsides is that it doesn't come with a lid.

If I want to go for a drive or even go for a walk I usually can't take my Ember Mug with me because I don't want to spill my tea or coffee everywhere.

Are there Ember Mug lids that you can purchase and which is the best Ember Mug lid?

The best lid for the Ember Mug is the Portavia universal coffee cup lid. It fits perfectly onto the Ember Mug and doesn't fall out. It's a pleasure to use and drink from, easy to clean and can also fit a variety of other standard sized mugs.

Can You Get A Lid For The Ember Mug?

Ember sells a travel mug which comes with a lid. However, Ember does NOT sell any lids for their 10 oz coffee mug which is their cheaper option.

I personally own a 10 oz Ember Mug and have no real need to purchase the travel mug (which is also a lot more expensive) so I wanted to see whether or not you could get a lid that fit on (and stayed on) the Ember Mug.

I purchased a few different options from Amazon and found that YES, it is possible to get a lid for the Ember Mug!

And having a lid is absolutely awesome.

It means I can go walking or driving with a full cup of coffee in my Ember Mug and not have to stress about it spilling all over me. Even drinking coffee while reading my book or working I'm less worried about spills so it's perfect.

The lids also trap steam, which in turn helps your coffee stay hotter and thus extends the battery life of the Ember Mug. This means you can possibly get more than 1.5 hours of heating from your Ember Mug if you use a lid.

These lids don't break the bank either and a lot of them are under $10.

Given Ember Mugs cost around $100 to purchase I think spending an extra $10 or so to get a good lid for the mug is totally worth it. It has been for me anyway.

Best Lids For Ember Mugs

I've purchased and tested a variety of lids for the Ember Mug and while there are a few options out there some are a lot better than others. So here is my list of the best lids for Ember Mugs.

Starting with the lid I personally use regularly and recommend the most.

You can also check out my video review of these lids and see my recommendations by watching below:

1. PortaVia – Best Ember Mug Lid

Without a doubt, out of all the options out there the Portavia Universal Coffee Mug Lid is the best lid for the Ember Mug.

It is designed to push into the inside of the lid of the Ember Mug (and any other mug) and then you can drink from the spout.

Or what I like to do is actually push the Portavia down far enough that my lips only touch the ceramic of the Ember Mug and don't actually touch the silicone lid. For me this gives a better overall drinking experience.

The Portavia is very affordable and won't break the bank and it fits a variety of other standard mugs too.

I don't only use it on my Ember Mug but I also use it on my ceramic mugs at home.

Of all the options out there this is the best Ember Mug lid you can buy. So if you want a lid for your Ember Mug then get this one.

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2. Silicone Coffee Lid Cover From Amazon

If I didn't convince you to get the Portavia in the previous section or you just want to see what other options are out there then these silicone coffee lid covers also fit onto the Ember Mug and can work as a lid.

These are designed to stretch around the outside of the Ember Mug (not the inside like the Portavia) and they do fit on the Ember Mug.

It can be a bit cumbersome to put on and you'll notice that it doesn't go on straight because of the handle on the Ember Mug but it stays on and does the trick as an Ember Mug lid.

It's a cheaper option than the Portavia mentioned above and you can get 5 lids for less than then price of the Portavia. So as a budget option this is great.

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Silicone Drink Cover With Diamond

Another alternative for an Ember Mug lid is a silicone mug cover. These are designed to both trap steam as well as stop anything from falling into your drink.

This can be great when I'm traveling in the van and sitting under some trees and don't want sticks or leaves to fall into my Ember Mug.

This design also has a tight seal which can make the mug leak proof. However, the seal can be easily broken and given the lid cover is wider than the Ember Mug if dropped this will almost certainly come off and spill everywhere.

It has no spout so you can't drink with the cover on, you need to take it off to drink, but it could be the ideal option for some people

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Silicone Mug Lid Cover From Amazon

These silicone mug lid covers are extremely similar to the ones mentioned above only they don't come with a diamond handle so they are a little harder to grab.

Still they form an airtight seal, are easy to use and come in a variety of colors. They are also slightly cheaper than the one with diamonds so some people might prefer this.

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Bamboo Mug Cover

If you want to avoid using silicone then you can get a bamboo mug cover to put over the top of your Ember Mug.

It won't be leak proof but it'll keep the steam in and keep any falling leaves of debris out.

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Does The Ember Travel Mug Lid Fit On The Ember Mug?

Wouldn't it be great if the Ember Travel Mug lid fit on the regular Ember Mug and you could use it for either? Is this actually possible?

Unfortunately NO, you cannot use the Ember Travel Mug Lid on the regular Ember Mug. The lid has a thread whereas the Ember Mug doesn't and it's not the right size. It only works on the Ember Travel Mug.

Replacement Lids For The Ember Travel Mug

If your Ember Travel Mug Lid breaks or you happen to lose it then is it possible to purchase replacement lids for the Ember Travel Mug?

Ember does NOT sell replacement travel mug lids on their website. However, I'm sure if you contact customer support they would be able to send you out a replacement lid either under warranty or for a fee.

Ember Halo Lid

Ember also sells a “Halo Lid” attachment for the Ember Travel Mug.

This is an open ring attachment that basically converts your travel mug with lid to a travel mug without a lid.

You can just drink from the rim of the travel mug by taking the lid off. However, the benefit the Ember Halo lid adds is that it's made from ceramic so you'll feel/taste the ceramic on your lips not the stainless steel of the travel mug or the plastic of the regular lid.

Still for a whopping $50 (and given how expensive the travel mug is already) I'm not sure how many people will be buying this. You can even get a gold plated Halo lid for around $170!

See the latest price of the Ember Halo Lid