10 Best Accessories For Your Lincoln Outfitters Cooler

Unfortunately, Lincoln Outfitters doesn’t make any accessories for their coolers. 

And because they’re still a relatively small and unknown brand, there aren’t any companies making third party accessories specifically for them either. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find some awesome accessories that will work perfectly with your Lincoln Outfitters Cooler. 

Because Lincoln Outfitters Coolers are so similar in size, construction, and design to Yetis, RTICs, and other roto-molded hard coolers, many accessories designed for them also work great with Lincoln Outfitters Coolers. 

As long as the accessory isn’t designed to snap in (like seat cushions) or slide into place (like baskets and dividers), it should typically work for your Lincoln cooler. 

If you haven’t bought yours yet, be sure to check out my full review on Lincoln Outfitters Coolers to find out how they stack up to the other hard coolers on the market and whether or not they’re worth dropping your hard earned cash on. 

You can also check out the best Yeti modifications you can make to your cooler to get some ideas for how you might want to alter your Lincoln.

Or if you already have one, these are the ten best accessories that work great with Lincoln Outfitters Coolers — to help you get more from your cooler.

1. T-Latch Bottle Opener

Even though all Lincoln Outfitters Coolers come equipped with a built-in bottle opener (Yeti coolers don't), it’s not necessarily in the ideal position.

It’s situated dead center, built into the lock plate, meaning you have to open the lid of your cooler to open your bottle. 

It’s usually no big deal, since you’re normally cracking your bottle as soon as you open your cooler to grab a drink anyway. But on those longer adventures, where you really need your ice to keep as long as possible, limiting the number of times you open your cooler is key.

That’s where a T-latch bottle opener really comes in handy. It connects to one of your cooler’s T-latches, so you can’t forget it, and opens bottles super smoothly without having to open your cooler. It's one of the best cooler bottle openers out there and it's compatible with many cooler brands including Yeti, RTIC and of course Lincoln Outfitter coolers.

It’s my go-to for all my hard coolers with T-latches. 

Rip N' Sip Bottle Opener (Dog)

Made in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized black this bottle opener easily attaches to all T-Latch coolers giving you an easily accessible way to open your beers.

Works with most popular coolers brands such as Yeti, RTIC, Orca, Kong etc.

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03/07/2024 01:57 am GMT

2. Wireless Thermometer

While we’re on the subject of limiting the number of times you open your cooler, a wireless thermometer will let you know exactly what’s going on inside, without having to open it.

It can help warn you when it’s nearly time to reload on ice and ensure that perishable foods stay out of “danger zone” temperatures (whether you’re trying to keep food warm or cold).

3. Tie-Down Kit

If you’re using your Lincoln Outfitters Cooler on a boat or transporting it in the bed of your truck, you’re going to want a tie-down kit to keep it from sliding around. 

The good news is, Lincoln Outfitters Coolers come equipped with tie-down slots that are about the same size as those on Yetis and RTICs — meaning nearly any tie-down slot accessory you find will also work with your Lincoln cooler.

I’ve been using this one by Gnellkoor with no issues. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s cheap, easy to use, and does exactly what it’s supposed to. 

Gnellkoor Cooler Tie Down Kit Straps

Prevent your cooler sliding around in your car or on your boat with this tie down kit. This cooler tie down kit is compatible with Yeti Tundra, Roadie and Tank series coolers plus RTIC coolers and other brands with tie down slots.

Can be installed anywhere you want and made from durable 316 stainless steel.

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4. Tie-Down Slot External Cup Holder

Those tie-down slots are good for more than just securing your cooler. 

An AIEVE cup holder is designed to slip right into a cooler’s tie down slot, for a convenient place to stick your can or bottle when you’re up for cornhole.

Better yet, grab two, one for the slot on each side of your cooler.

AIEVE Cooler Beverage Holder

Made from durable powder coated stainless steel this beverage holder fits in Yeti coolers and other coolers with tie down slots.

Cheaper than the brand name alternative this will fit most beers, sodas and travel mugs.

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5. Cooler Wheel Kit

While wheels come standard on all 65 quart Lincoln Outfitters Coolers, you may want to add a set to your 20 quart if it gets a little too heavy when full or your hands are already loaded down with other gear on the way to the campsite or beach.

The Fullet Cooler Wheel Kit connects to your cooler’s tie-down slot (so it’s super easy to set up), has good clearance for even the bumpiest trails or deepest sand, and happens to work perfectly with 20 quart Lincoln Outfitters Coolers.

FULLET Cooler Wheel Kit for Yeti & RTIC Coolers

These removable 12" wheels will help roll your cooler smoothly whenever you need it. this cooler cart kit accommodates most coolers up to 17.5 inches wide and fits popular brands like Yeti, RTIC, Igloo and Orca.

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6. Cooler Lights

Coghlan's Inside Cooler Lid Light, Gray

Sick of fumbling around in the dark for that last beer?

Light up the inside of your Lincoln Outfitters Cooler with a cooler light, for those cookouts that end up going way past sunset. 

You can grab yourself something like this cooler lid light from Amazon which turns on when you lift up the lid and turns itself off once the lid is closed. It's a really handy addition to your cooler.

Cooler Lid Light

This waterproof cooler light sticks to the lid of your cooler and turns on when the lid is raised and turns off when it's closed (with a 20-second auto-shutoff). Makes finding items in the dark an absolute breeze.

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If you want something a bit fancier for parties and gatherings then simply switch on your Brightz Cooler Light, stick it in your ice, and watch your cooler glow in whichever of their seven colors you prefer. 

It can even morph between colors making your cooler exciting and inviting.

Brightz Can Shaped Water Proof LED Cooler Light

This waterproof light is shaped like a can and will light up any brand of cooler. Choose for 7 different colors or let the light morph between colors automatically.

Gives up to 15 hours of lighting and uses 2x 3V rechargeable batteries.

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03/08/2024 01:12 am GMT

7. Cooler Lock

If you ever leave your cooler in the back of your truck or unattended at your campsite, it’s not a bad idea to add a cooler locking bracket to your Lincoln Outfitters Cooler to keep it safe. 

Simply slide the lock brackets into your cooler’s tie-down slots and use a cable lock to secure it to whatever’s handy.  

I like the Noa Store locking bracket as you can still open the lid while your cooler is locked in place and it features a bottle opener on the side too.

Noa Store Cooler Lock Bracket with Bottle Opener (Compatible with Yeti/RTIC Coolers)

Yeti Cooler Bracket Made from 316L (Ultra-Low carbon steel) that won't ever rust and comes with a built in bottle opener.

The bracket fits any cooler with a inch and a quarter slot in the flange. Lifetime guarantee.

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03/08/2024 04:32 am GMT

8. Cooler Net

Strap this cooler net storage bag from Amazon on the underside of your lid for a place to store things you want to keep cold but don’t want getting wet — like sandwiches or fruit. 

Just attach the removable elastic netting on the underside of your lid to quickly and easily add a few liters of dry storage to your Lincoln cooler.

Cooler Net Storage Bag for Any Cooler Lid
$16.99 $13.99

This strong and stretchy cooler pocket attaches to your cooler lid with adhesive tape and provide as place to store food you want to keep cool, but dry.

Extremely durable and removable this product is designed to fit most major cooler brands.

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9. Ice Packs

Ice packs are nice to have on hand to use with any cooler. 

Obviously they can save you from having to run out and grab a couple bags of ice, but many people don’t realize that using them with ice can actually help your cooler stay cold longer. 

Because quality ice packs freeze at a lower temperature than water, they can lower the internal temperature of your cooler more than ice alone and make your loose ice last a good bit longer as a result. 

Engel Freezer Packs, for example, turn solid at a ridiculously low 20ºF (-6.6ºC). Or check out my complete guide on the best ice packs for more options. 

ENGEL 20°F (-6.7ºC) Ice Pack

This ice pack is designed to stay much colder than regular ice.

At 20ºF (-6.7ºC) it can keep food and ice cream frozen in your cooler for longer.

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10. Customize Your Lincoln Outfitters Cooler

Because Lincoln Outfitters Coolers are roto-molded, you can customize them in many of the same ways you could customize a Yeti — to make your cooler feel more you

Some of favorites include:

  • Using Mod Podge to apply prints to your cooler (wallpaper works great). 
  • Hydro dipping your cooler
  • Spray painting your cooler with stencils. 
  • Painting your cooler, then sealing your art with resin. 
  • Stickerbombing your cooler.