TechniIce vs Yeti: Is This The World’s Best Cooler?

The TechniIce Signature series coolers are taking the world by storm, with ice retention that outperforms every other cooler on the market. But how does this cooler stack up to Yeti in a direct head to head competition?

When it comes to TechniIce vs Yeti the TechniIce far outperforms Yeti in terms of ice retention. It lasts multiple days longer than the Yeti due to having up to 40% more insulation as well as double gaskets, an insulated drainage plug and raised feet. The TechniIce is also about 20% cheaper than Yeti's of a similar size. Yeti has a more premium design than TechniIce, has better distribution across the US and is seen as THE premium brand of coolers. TechniIce offers better ice retention and value for money, but Yeti still holds strong as a great cooler option.

In this review we are going to dive deep into the features of both the TechniIce and the Yeti and look at the pros and cons of each cooler as well as my recommendations on which cooler you should buy.

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Ice Retention: TechniIce Is Best in Class

When it comes to ice retention this is where the TechniIce really shines and proves itself as the absolute best cooler at keeping ice for the longest possible period.

It isn't that Yeti coolers are bad at keeping ice, in fact they are amazing at it and can keep ice for 5-10 days, it's just that the TechniIce is on a whole new level.

Yeti Cooler Ice Retention Test
My Yeti at the start of the 10 Day Ice Test

There haven't been any direct tests done comparing the ice retention of the TechniIce to the Yeti (I’ve got one planned to do shortly) but the ice test that have been done show that the TechniIce outperforms coolers that have already been shown to outperform the Yeti.

In fact, the TechniIce outperforms all other coolers of a similar size, and even outperforms high end roto-moulded coolers that are larger than it. Given that larger coolers hold more ice and thus tend to keep ice longer as a result, this is an amazing accomplishment.

So how does this little-known brand of cooler all of a sudden beat every other cooler on the market in terms of ice retention?

40% More Insulation Than Yeti

TechniIce 40% More Insulation Than Yeti

Yeti coolers have approximately 2 inches of insulations in the walls. However, this is a misleading claim as the walls of the Yeti are indented for design purposes. The shorter sides especially have large indents for the rope handles to sit flush with the cooler. This means it is missing a lot of insulation.

The TechniIce on the other hand has 2.9 inches of insulation and has a very boxy design with very few indentations.

This means the TechniIce has 40% or more insulation than the Yeti, which makes it obvious why it keeps ice so much longer.

Different Insulation To The Yeti

The Yeti used polyurethane foam insulation whereas the TechniIce uses high density moulded polystyrene foam.

Technically polyurethane is meant to be a better insulator than polystyrene, but differences in manufacture creates different R-Values (or how insulating a substance is) so it's very hard to know if Yeti's insulation is actually superior to TechniIce's.

So the difference in insulation may be good or may be bad when making a comparison. But one of the good things about TechniIce's insulation is that it makes the cooler deceptively light despite how much insulation it has.

Double Gaskets To Keep Cold Air In and Warm Air Out

Yeti has a single freezer grade gasket around the lid. This means that when the lid is shut and pulled tight with the rubber latches it forms a seal to keep the warm air out and cold air in. This seal isn't perfect and usually has a small gap where the gasket connects back to itself.

The TechniIce is the only cooler on the market to have double gaskets. So not 1 but 2 gaskets to keep the warm air out and the cold air in.

While it's unclear whether or not the second gasket is needed, or really adds to the ice retention of the cooler I guess it can't hurt right?

Insulated Drainage Plug

We all know that heat rises and cold air drops. But something I never thought about until seeing the TechniIce is that all major roto-moulded coolers have drainage plugs that aren't insulated.

So you basically have a big hole in the bottom of the cooler where heat can get in and rise through the cooler to the top melting the ice on the way.

The TechniIce has an insulated 2 inch drainage plug. So the plug itself actually contains insulation, meaning there is less chance of heat getting in at the bottom.

Again this is just a small improvement and it's unsure how much of a difference this one item makes. But each of these items adds up to give TechniIce it's crazy good ice retention qualities.

Raised Feet To Keep The Cooler Away From Hot Surfaces

More often than not your cooler will be kept on the warm ground or maybe on a hot surface like the tray of a truck or trunk of a car.

Yeti coolers are slightly raised off the ground due to their rubber feet, but only slightly. This means they will receive heat from the surface they are on and this reduces it's insulating ability.

The TechniIce cooler has raised feet in addition to non-slip rubber feet. This means it sits higher off the ground, has more airflow underneath and will absorb less heat from the surface it is sitting on when compared to the Yeti

All This Adds Up To About 1-3 Days Extra Ice Retention

It's hard to say exactly how much longer a TechniIce cooler will keep ice when compared to a Yeti. It depends of how hot it is, where the cooler is situated (is it in the sun?), how much ice is put in there, how big it is, how frequently it is used etc.

There are just so many factors that go into ice retention.

But with the above factors and the ice tests that have been done I would expect the TechniIce to be able to keep ice 1-3 days longer than a Yeti cooler of a similar size.

Price: TechniIce Is About 20% Cheaper

TechniIce coolers work out to be about 20% cheaper than Yeti on their smaller models and the same price as Yeti on their large 132-Quart model.

See the price table below for full details and links to Amazon:


TechniIce Better Ice Retention Than Yeti

TechniIce 47-Quart:

TechniIce 63-Quart:

TechniIce 132-Quart:


Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

Yeti 45 (37.6-Quart):

Yeti 65 (57.2-Quart):

Yeti 125 (121.2-Quart):

Price is an extreme important thing to look at when selecting a cooler. Most people (myself included) what the best value for money. Not necessarily the cheapest cooler, but not a cooler that is expensive for no reason.

The Yeti is a great cool and in my opinion well worth the money it costs for the quality you get.

Seeing the quality of the TechniIce and the fact that it has better ice retention than the Yeti AND it's actually cheaper than the Yeti…that is something I can get behind.

Ultimately it's up to you which cooler you decide is going to be the best value for you, but it's great to know that TechniIce aren't more expensive than Yeti and they aren't trying to rip you off.

Their prices are cheaper than Yeti and in line with other coolers that are similar to Yeti but more affordable.

Color Range: “You Can Have Any Color As Long As It's White”

Yeti Color Options

TechniIce coolers come in just one color – White

While white is the best color for ice retention because it reflects the most light and heat, not everyone wants a white cooler.

Yeti coolers come in a variety of different colors. There are 3 main colors – White, Blue and Tan – but they also do limited runs of other colors like grey, pink, green etc which you can see here on Amazon.

Design Features: Yeti Feels Seamless and Beautiful, TechniIce not so much

Something I love love love about my Yeti is the design of the cooler. Everything from the curved lines at the front, to the smooth plastic finish to the way the rope handle sits recessed in the cooler wall.

The Yeti undoubtably feels like a premium product. When I compared it to the Engel or the Pelican it really did feel like “the iPhone of the cooler world”.

The design is sleek and well thought out and the branding on the cooler is amazing. This is something I am incredibly proud to own and show off to people.

The TechniIce performs better than the Yeti, but you can tell just by looking at it…it doesn't have the style of the Yeti.

Whereas the Yeti is smooth and sleek in it's design, the TechniIce is basic and boxy.

Yeti has a beautiful black and white simple logo, TechniIce has a logo that leaves a lot to be desired. It also has a phone number and website address included in the logo which is not sexy in any way shape or form.

It's hard to describe or show in articles like this but the finish of the Yeti plastic is amazing. It feels premium both in it's color (the white feels like a premium white if that is even a thing) as well as it's feel. The TechniIce on the other hand doesn't have this same “wow” factor when it comes to the color and plastic finish.

It still feels good quality, but the design just isn't as nice.

Stainless Steel Clasps

The Yeti has 2 pull down rubber latches that keep the lid on tight to both stop warm air getting in as well as to stop water spilling out.

The TechniIce has 3 stainless steel clasps that effectively serve the same purpose.

Neither is really better than the other, they both do the same job, but the stainless steel clasps are more likely to rust and the rubber latches are more likely to experience sun damage.

Neither is perfect but both can be easily replaced if needed and the parts aren't very expensive.

Rope Handles

Both coolers have rope handles with plastic grips.

The Yeti rope handles sit recessed in the cooler which means they are completely out of the way. You sacrifice on insulation but it makes it look nice and is very practical when stacking your Yeti into your car, van or truck.

TechniIce doesn't have the same recess as Yeti so the rope handles stick out a bit on the side of the cooler when just left hanging down. However, there is a small indent to tuck the handles into when traveling or packing your cooler so they don't protrude massively and take up a lot of space (like the Otterbox handles do). It also means you get more insulation with the TechniIce vs the Yeti because there is less of a recess.

Fish Ruler: TechniIce Has One…But Does It Matter?

TechniIce have added a fishing ruler to the lid of their cooler. This allows you to quickly measure your catch to know whether or not you can keep it or need to throw it back.

Yeti doesn't have a fishing ruler on the lid of their cooler.

This ruler however only really appeals to the fisher people out there. For me using my cooler in my van for family vacations it isn't really needed. I can't say I have ever had the urge to measure something and been disappointed that my Yeti doesn't have a moulded in ruler.

So it's a nice feature that they added, but it likely isn't going to mean a lot to a lot of people.

Build Quality: Both Coolers Are Built Like Tanks

Both of these coolers are built (as we say down under) “Like a brick sh*thouse”. These coolers are complete tanks that are so strong they are nearly impossible to break.

The exterior of both coolers is made using high-density polyethylene and roto-moulded to shape. This is thick and extremely strong plastic that holds up really well.

You can legitimately drive a car on these coolers and they don't break. It's insane!

The high density rigid insulation in both coolers also gives it even more strength.

I can't really differentiate between the two as they are both built to such a high quality and are so unlikely to break it's not funny.

Weight: TechniIce Is Surprisingly Light

While I cannot find weight specs online for each model of the TechniIce (so I can directly compare them to Yeti) many customers have mentioned that this cooler is surprisingly light for how beefy it is.

It's nothing like the original Pelican coolers which were so heavy they would hurt your back lifting them even when they were empty.

So yes, sorry that I can't provide actual weight specs for these coolers but from what I can find the weight is likely comparable to the Yeti.

Accessories: TechniIce Has None

Yeti Accessories

When it comes to accessories Yeti has a few different options available to you. Bottle openers, cushion seats, chopping boards, tie down kits, cup holders and even wheel kits.

UTechniIce has is baskets and a really neat quick-release tie down kit but there are currently only available on their Australian website and unfortunately not available on Amazon where the bulk of people are buying this product.

So basically as it stands today as I write this comparision of TechniIce vs Yeti, TechniIce have no accessories that you can purchase in order to add to the experience of your cooler, while Yeti does have a few different accessories.

Bear Proofing: Both Coolers Are Bear Proof (When Locks Are Used)

Both the Yeti and the TechniIce are certified bear proof.

Both coolers need to be locked with a padlock in order to be bear proof though. Yeti has 2 locks on the front corners of the lid and TechniIce has 2 locks, one on each side of the cooler.

So if you are going into bear country and want a cooler that will be completely bear proof then either cooler would be a fine choice.

Distribution: Yeti Coolers Are Easier To Buy

Yeti invented the first roto-moulded cooler back in 2006 and quick established strong distribution with local specialty stores all around the country. They avoided large chains and sought to only partner with local stores to sell their products.

Yeti has had the time to build a large distribution network of resellers and they are now such a well recognised brand that thousands of stores stock their products.

TechniIce Signature Series on the other hand is a much newer cooler that is coming from an Australian brand.

You can really only buy these coolers either directly from their website, which is not an amazing purchasing experience, or on Amazon.

This is fine, they aren't hard to order and get shipped out to you, but you can't just walk into your local store and asked for a TechniIce.

Click here to see TechniIce coolers on Amazon

Branding: Yeti Has An Amazing Brand, No One Knows About TechniIce

Yeti Cooler Logo

Yeti has created a cult like brand with their range of hard and soft coolers, tumblers, bags and other products.

They have “ambassadors” or well known figures in everything from hunting to fishing to adventuring.

While other coolers market about their insulation and features, Yeti makes amazing mini-documentaries featuring amazing people going on amazing adventures and living an amazing life.

Check out an example of a “Yeti Presents” mini-documentary:

So yes, Yeti has an amazing brand behind it. Just like the Apple brand this is a brand you can be proud of owning.

You're not just buying a product when you buy a Yeti, you're buying a feeling and a lifestyle of adventure and the great outdoors.

Warranty: Who Known What TechniIce's Warranty Is?

Each Yeti has a 5-Year limited warranty that protects you from defects on the main body of the cooler (not the rubber latches, rope handles etc).

This doesn't mean you can just replace your Yeti if you break it, but if it happens to be defective you can take it back and get a replacement.

I have absolutely no idea what TechniIce's warranty or return policy is. I couldn't find anything on Amazon or on their website at all.

I assume they have some sort of warranty as they are a well known company in Australia and they service the medical industry so they aren't trying to rip people off. But as to what that warranty is I am not sure.

My Recommendation: TechniIce For Ice Retention, Yeti For Design

This was a hard one to choose between. The TechniIce has such superior ice performance it makes it hard to justify paying more for a Yeti that you know is going to perform worse at the primary job of keep things cold for as long as possible.

So if ice retention is your primary concern then hands down I recommend the TechniIce. You'll spend less on ice, you can go off grid for longer and keep your items cold longer without a doubt.

If you want a cooler that has THE BEST ice retention on the market, is built really well and is cheaper than the Yeti then get your TechniIce cooler today using one of the links below:

TechniIce 47-Quart:

TechniIce 63-Quart:

TechniIce 132-Quart:

Yeti Tundra 45

However, when it comes to premium design Yeti is hands down the best choice. There is no cooler out there that looks or feels as nice as the Yeti.

The great design along with a well known brand name means that owning a Yeti can be a status symbol and can bring you great pride.

I'm certainly very proud to own my Yeti and if someone perferred a Yeti over a TechniIce I would definitely encourage them to get a Yeti. It's a great cooler and to me it has been well worth the cost.

If you think the Yeti is going to suit you better then check out some of the most popular sizes on Amazon using the link below:

Yeti Roadie:

Yeti 35:

Yeti 45:

Yeti 65: