Ryan McLean

Ryan McLean

I'm Ryan McLean, the guy behind Hunting Waterfalls. Most weekends you'll find me at the beach or off on some random adventure. But when I'm not I'm here writing about coolers, water bottles and other outdoor gear to make your adventures even better. I love researching the latest products and answering people's questions about them. Over the last few years Hunting Waterfalls has grown to become one of the most comprehensive websites on insulated products and other cool gear. You can also check out the Hunting Waterfalls YouTube Channel where I do ice retention tests and product reviews or you can follow me on Instagram and see what my latest adventure is.

Why Are Nalgene Bottles SO Popular?

I’ve been using Nalgene Bottles for years, whether I’m hiking, climbing, or sitting around the office. Whenever I need a new reusable plastic water bottle, I instinctively pick up a new Nalgene without even considering the other options. Whenever I…

Are Nalgene Bottles Safe To Drink Out Of?

My family has been using Nalgene Bottles for years. We love them because they’re inexpensive, durable, and help us drink more water. A bunch of my climbing friends have Nalgene bottles too and swear by them. But unfortunately, there’s an ongoing…