Solo Stove 1.0 vs 2.0: What Changes Did They Make & Is It Worth It?

I invested in my first Solo Stove fire pit a good few years back and while I loved the almost smokeless operation and sleek appearance, I found cleaning up really inconvenient. 

However, having recently used the 2.0 version, cleaning up is now much easier. 

The main difference between the Solo Stove 1.0 and 2.0 Ranger, Bonfire and Yukon is that the updated version now has a removable ash pan so you don’t have to tip over the entire fire pit when removing the ash. Otherwise the products are for all intents and purposes pretty much exactly the same.

The ash pan doesn’t fit the 1.0 version so you can’t buy it separately. Version 1.0 is also no longer available but you can buy used models online and they are generally sold for a discounted price compared to the newer 2.0 versions. 

The table below explains the main differences between Solo Stove 1 and 2: 

Ranger 1.0Ranger 2.0Bonfire 1.0Bonfire 2.0Yukon 1.0Yukon 2.0
Size SmallSmallMediumMediumLargeLarge
Inner Dimensions8.5”h x 13.25” diameter8.5”h x 13.25” diameter9.5”h x 15.5” diameter9.5”h x 15.5” diameter7.5”h x 24” diameter7.5”h x 24” diameter
Outer Dimensions12.5”h x 15” diameter12.5”h x 15” diameter14”h x 19.5” diameter14”h x 19.5” diameter17”h x 27” diameter17”h x 27” diameter
Removable Ash Pan? 
Weight (without stand)15 lbs16 lbs20 lbs20 lbs38 lbs38 lbs
Price and AvailabilityNo longer availableWidely available online and in store
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No longer availableWidely available online and in store
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No longer availableWidely available online and in store
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What Are The Differences Between Solo Stove 1 and 2? 

Solo Stove launched the 2.0 version of their popular fire pits back in August 2022. These include: 

  • Ranger (small)
  • Bonfire (medium)
  • Yukon (large)

Here is an in-depth comparison of the 1.0 and 2.0 versions: 

Removable Ash Pan

The removable ash pan is the main difference between the 2 versions. With the 1.0 Solo Stoves, you needed to tip the entire fire pit over to get rid of the ash which I found pretty labor intensive. 

With the Yukon 1.0 weighing 38 lbs, this could be a struggle for kids or those with mobility issues. 

The removable ash pan makes cleaning up super simple – after the ash has cooled down, you take out the ash pan and base plate and remove the ash that way. 

It doesn't get out ALL the ash and if you want to completely clean your Solo Stove 100% then you're still going to tip it over but it gets 90%+ of the ash out and means you don't have to clean it as often.

Although the 1.0’s inner dimensions are the same as the 2.0’s, the ash pan doesn’t fit in the 1.0 version so unfortunately you can’t buy one for your old Solo Stove fire pit. 

I’ve heard of people trying to retrofit an ash pan into their 1.0 fire pit but I’ve yet to see someone actually succeed. 

I did hear about someone with a 1.0 version fire pit who emailed Solo Stove about this issue and they sent him a brand new 2.0 version so he could use the ash pan. Worth a shot, I guess but don't expect to get a free version yourself. This sounds purely lucky to me.


It is possible to still get 1.0 versions from Solo Stove or from Amazon for a discounted price and you can save yourself around $30-$50. Honestly, I don't think it's worth the savings.

As Solo Stove moves through this old stock it will no longer be available.

Amazon is going to be your best bet to find an original version – but honestly I don't see why you would. The 2.0 is basically exactly the same only slightly better.

If you’re wondering whether to get the Bonfire 2.0 or Yukon 2.0 (or even the Bonfire 2.0 or Ranger 2.0), here’s how their prices compare: 

If you bought your version 2.0 fire pit without the stand (which is recommended for use on wood, PVC and grass), you could always buy it separately.  


Using a Solo Stove 2.0 is essentially the same as using a 1.0 version – you simply layer some wood pieces inside, light it and sit back and enjoy a smokeless fire pit experience. 

Both the 1.0 and 2.0 versions work in the same way. Learn exactly how a Solo Stove works to make a smokeless fire.

Is The Solo Stove 1 or 2 Better? 

The Solo Stove 2.0 fire pits are definitely better than the 1.0 version because cleaning up afterward is almost too easy with the 2.0. 

That said, if you don’t mind the ash clean-up and your current 1.0 fire pit is still going strong there’s no reason to splurge on a 2.0 version. 

If you’re looking for a tabletop fire pit, consider a Mesa or Mesa XL fire pit which are both reasonably priced and great quality.