What Color Solo Stove Should You Buy? 

I’ve been a fan of Solo Stove fire pits for years and I love their sleek, stainless steel design that adds a touch of elegance to my backyard. 

If the standard silver color isn’t your thing, thankfully Solo Stove fire pits come in other attractive colors. 

Solo Stove Mesa and Mesa XL come in the standard silver, water (dark blue), ash (charcoal), mulberry (dark red), deep olive (green) and jet puff bright blue (sky blue). They also come in speckled mesa: blue, green and red speckles on a white background. 

Solo Stove Ranger, Bonfire and Yukon come in the standard silver (stainless steel) and Solo Stove’s Elemental Color Series: ash, water, sand (light brown-gray), soil (medium brown-gray) and clay (reddish brown). 

If you want to make the most of your Solo Stove fire pit, I recommend buying one that will enhance your outdoor space and in a color you love. 

What Colors Do Solo Stove Fire Pits Come In? 

Below is a table showing the various colors that Solo Stove fire pits come in.

Please note that colors come and go and have different availabilities at different times. Your desired color might not always be available.

ModelColor Options
Mesa and Mesa XLStainless steel (silver)
Water (dark blue)
Ash (charcoal)
Mulberry (dark red)
Deep olive (muddy green)
Speckled mesa (blue, green and red speckles on a white background)
Jet puff bright blue (sky blue)
Ranger 2.0Stainless steel (silver)
Ash (charcoal)
Water (dark blue)
Sand (light brown-gray)
Soil (medium brown-gray)
Clay (reddish brown)
Bonfire 2.0Stainless steel (silver)
Ash (charcoal)
Water (dark blue)
Sand (light brown-gray)
Soil (medium brown-gray)
Clay (reddish brown)
Yukon 2.0Stainless steel (silver)
Ash (charcoal)
Water (dark blue)
Sand (light brown-gray)
Soil (medium brown-gray)
Clay (reddish brown)

NOTE: Often the larger Solo Stoves (Ranger, Bonfire and Yukon) are only available in stainless steel. So if you find one in another color consider yourself lucky and grab it now if you want that particular color as it might not always be around.

How To Choose The Right Color Solo Stove

Choosing a color for your Solo Stove fire pit is a very personal choice and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It also depends on the type of Solo Stove you’re buying (eg. the Mesa and Mesa XL are the only models that come in speckled mesa).  

Still, I’ve broken down the color options for you below into categories so you can pick the best one for you: 

Stainless Steel 

This is the default option and the one MOST people will go with. You can't go wrong with stainless steel.

This is the standard option and the shiny silver color gives a minimalist look and feel that is also quite sleek. It suits practically any backyard or patio design and makes a great centerpiece. 

A word of warning, though: I’ve found that you need to clean and polish the silver Solo Stoves more often to keep them looking shiny and new. 

The top ring will go discolored and so will the inside of your Solo Stove but this is completely normal. But the outside should stay the regular stainless steel color.

Also, even though these fire pits are made from 304 stainless steel, they can occasionally develop the odd watermark or tiny rust spot which can be annoying to get out. This is one of the few problems with Solo Stove fire pits

Darker Colors Radiate More Heat

One of the downside of the Solo Stove is that without the heat deflector (which is an extra cost) most of the heat goes upwards and your feet tend to get cold.

Interestingly, the darker color Solo Stoves give off slightly more radiant hear around your feet. So if that's important to you consider a darker color like a dark blue or charcoal.

The Mesa and Mesa XL Have More Color Options

There are more color options available for the smaller tabletop Solo Stoves compared to the larger backyard Solo Stove fire pits like the Ranger, Bonfire and Yukon.

You might find that with the larger fire pits you don't even get a choice on color and you can only get stainless steel.

Contemporary and Elegant Colors

If you want an elegant looking fire pit that keeps its original glory for longer and doesn’t show up dirt, smoke marks and other stains as much as stainless steel, I’d definitely opt for one in Solo Stove’s contemporary colors: 

  • Ash (pairs well with dark backyard furniture)
  • Water (adds an attractive pop of color and looks great next to a pool)
  • Speckled mesa (this gives a pop of color and fun to your patio table)

Autumnal Colors

I use my fire pit year round but if you’re the type to only bring it out when the weather gets cooler, why not choose an autumnal color (like sand, soil or clay) to match the fall landscape and get into the autumn spirit?  

Still need to choose which size Solo Stove fire pit you need? Check out this guide that breaks down the sizes for you. 

Ultimately Choose The Color That Suits Your Decor Best

Ultimately all the colors are great and you should choose the color that best suits your decor and your vibe.

I chose the water color for myself as it felt fun and masculine which I felt represented me and it suited my decor better than the green or red version.

I didn't want the standard stainless steel and the charcoal version for me felt a bit too boring. So that's how I landed on water.

But now that I have it I maybe wish I just went with the basic stainless steel or charcoal as they go with everything.

So at the end of the day, just choose the color that you like the best.