6 Reasons Your Yeti Lid Is Leaking When Drinking [+ Fixes]

I love Yeti bottles because of their high quality and ability to keep water cold. However, there’s nothing worse than taking a drink from your bottle only for the lid to leak or dribble water over your face.

Why does this happen, and can you do anything about it? 

If your Yeti lid is leaking when drinking, the lid might not be secured onto the bottle properly. It could also be because the gasket is broken or the lid is dirty, clogged, or broken. If you use a Rambler® straw lid, the straw could have a tiny hole.

You can fix this by always securely fastening the lid onto the bottle or replacing the faulty parts. 

Yeti lids don’t usually leak but when they do, the cause is often simple and easy to resolve.  

1. The Lid Isn’t Secured Onto the Bottle Properly

My mornings are usually crazy, and sometimes I forget to check if my Yeti lid is secured properly. Sometimes the thread can be off just a little bit and I don't notice until it's too late.

If you want to prevent an unwanted water splash in your face, make sure the lid is tightened securely before drinking and the threads are properly aligned.

This should be pretty obvious.

A quick glance at the bottle will tell you if it isn’t aligned correctly. The lid should also easily screw onto the bottle if it’s correctly aligned with the grooves. 

This is the most common cause if your Yeti lid leaks when drinking, and is simple to fix.

2. The Lid’s Rubber Gasket is Broken or Worn Out

If you’re like me, you use your Yeti every day to stay hydrated. I drink multiple Yeti bottles per day to try and keep up with my 64 oz (2 liter) per day goal.

Since Yetis are made to last, you’re probably not worried about it breaking or becoming worn out, even with daily use.

However, after a few years, some parts can become worn out or eventually break.

The lid’s gasket (the rubber ring that sits inside the lid) is usually the first part to become worn out simply because it’s small, made from rubber and more susceptible to degradation over time. 

The gasket helps the lid form a seal around the bottle so that liquid doesn’t leak out when you drink.

Yeti bottles with straw lids or chug caps also have extra smaller gaskets which can come out of place or get warped or damaged. So you need to check these gaskets as well.

If you clean your Yeti in the dishwasher, wash the gasket on the top rack. The intense heat and agitation on the bottom rack can cause it to stretch or become deformed over time. 

If you think the gasket is problematic, remove it from the lid and inspect it. If it’s broken or looks torn, you’ve found the culprit. 

Thankfully, replacing a Yeti gasket is as easy as ordering a new one from Amazon or the Yeti website. They’re also pretty inexpensive. 

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3. Your Yeti Lid Is Dirty or Clogged

This may sound like a strange explanation for a leaking Yeti, but trust me, a clean Yeti lid can make all the difference. Even if you only use your Yeti for water, it can still accumulate dirt and limescale (especially if you live in a hard water area). 

This can interfere with how the lid attaches and seals onto the bottle, causing it not to be airtight and leaking when you drink.

You can use Yeti cleaning tablets or give it a thorough clean in the dishwasher or by hand.  

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My daughter had this issue with her Yeti Rambler® Jr. a while back, but a trip through the dishwasher quickly sorted it out. 

4. Your Yeti Lid Is Broken

This is more likely to happen if you’ve had your Yeti for several years or if you’re accident prone and often drop it.

My kids take their Yeti bottles to school and I feel like they are doing construction with them or having throwing competitions or something. I don't know how they can do so much damage to a water bottle.

If the lid is broken, has a hole or a crack, it can leak water when you drink. 

Yeti lids are incredibly durable, and any damage usually manifests as a hairline crack or tiny hole. 

I’ve experienced a broken Yeti lid a couple of times on older bottles. My top tip for checking if it’s indeed the lid is to test it with another lid if you have a second Yeti bottle. If that one doesn’t leak, you’ll need to replace the lid. 

5. Your Yeti Rambler’s Straw Has a Hole

If your Yeti Rambler® is leaking, and you use a straw lid, the straw might have a hole.

Although Yeti straws are shatterproof and hard wearing, tiny holes can develop if you drop it or use abrasive cleaners. 

To test if your straw is the problem, detach it from the Yeti and gently run some water through it.

If you notice any leaks along the straw’s length, you should replace it. You can buy a replacement from the Yeti website or Amazon. 

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6. The Air Valve Is Lost or Out Of Place

Yeti straw lids have a one-way rubber air valve on the inside of the lid.

This lets air in while you drink but doesn't let water out. This valve exists so negative pressure doesn't build up making it hard to drink.

Sometimes this air valve can fall off and be misplaced or sometimes it can get out of place or get filled with mold or debris leaving it open for water to pour through.

This could be a reason your lid is leaking while you drink.