Yeti Rambler Cup Lid Leaking: Is This Normal + How To Stop Leaks

You may have recently purchased a Yeti Rambler Cup with a fancy MagSlider lid believing that it would be completely leak proof.

In an ideal world it would be great to be able to throw your full Yeti cup in your bag and not have to worry about leaks. Or to not have to worry if you or your kids drop it in the car. But are Yeti Rambler cups leak proof and why is yours leaking?

It is normal and expected for both the original Yeti Rambler cup lid as well as the MagSlider lid to leak when tipped over. They are designed to be splash proof to stop splashes when walking or driving over speed bumps, but it is NOT designed to be leak proof.

If you turn it upside down you will get drips and if you leave it sideways in your bag then your bag will fill up with water.

Does The Yeti MagSlider Lid Leak?

You might think that the Yeti MagSlider lid is leak proof giving it has a stopper that slides over the opening, but this is not how the product was designed.

The Yeti MagSlider lid DOES leak when tipped on it's side or upside down. It doesn't have a rubber gasket to stops leaks and it is only designed to stops splashes from the jostling of walking or driving.

In the below Yeti video they state this clearly by saying:

“It's designed to prevent those splashes, so whether you're on the road or hiking and you get some jostling you don't have to worry about splashes. Not designed to be leak proof, so you'll notice if you turn it upside down you'll get a drip or two.

On their website they also say that MagSlider lids are not leakproof.

Even with the MagSlider™ Lid, Rambler Tumblers are just splash-resistant, which means they’ll keep a drink in its place over a speed bump, but if tipped over in a backpack or jostled in traffic, some liquid will spill out due to pressure releasing inside the tumbler.

You can see this in action in the video below where someone shakes their Yeti tumbler cup with a MagSlider lid and you can see all the liquid pooling in the cap.

Plus you've got lots of other customers all over the internet saying the same thing.

For example see what this Reddit user had to say:

“When you invert (which I did to test) or even just tip it, liquid will spill out from the slid-closed mouthpiece.”

Why Does The Yeti Tumbler Cup Lid Leak?

So it's clear that the Yeti Rambler cup lids do in fact leak, and leak by a fair amount. But why do Yeti Rambler cup lids leak?

Are these products defective or what is it about them that causes them to leak?

I personally like to understand how things work as it helps me use them better and not be frustrated at them.

The reason the Yeti Rambler cup lid leaks even when the MagSlider is closed is because the magslider does NOT have a rubber gasket. So there is no airtight seal to keep water in, so it can find it way between the two bits of plastic.

It is this lack of rubber seal that means there is actually a gap between the magslider and the lid. Water can force its way through this gap and leak out of your Yeti tumbler.

It's not enough water to come gushing out, but it is enough to slowly drip out over time making your bag, car or other surfaces wet when your tumbler cup gets tipped over.

How To Stop Your Yeti Tumbler Cup From Leaking

If you're sick of your Yeti Rambler cup leaking then there are some things you can do to make it 100% leak proof so even if you knock it over or your kids drop it in the car it won't leak.

Here are some ways to stop your Yeti tumbler cup from leaking.

1. Don't Tip It Over

The first and most obvious way to avoid leaking is to always make sure your cup is upright and you aren't tipping it over (except when you're drinking it of course).

Yeti cups don't leak out the bottom so this will stop any leaking.

Obviously we want to stop it leaking even if it does fall over, so lets look at how to do that.

2. Get a Leak-Proof Lid

White Yeti themselves don't make a leak proof lid there are other companies out there that make lids that fit the Yeti Rambler cups.

You can buy these generic branded lids on Amazon for pretty cheap and they don't leak even when tipped over.

So what are the best leak-proof lid options for Yeti Rambler cups?

STOP IT – No Spill Rubber Cover (For Original Yeti Tumbler Lids)

If you have an original Yeti tumbler lid (not the magslider lid) then the STOP IT No Spill Rubber Cover is a piece of rubber that is designed specially for the Yeti Rambler cups.

It first wraps tightly around the top of your cup. You then put the lid on and there is a rubber flap on the stop it that comes over the lid and presses into the sipping hole on the lid.

This both helps to hold the lid on tight so it won't fall off as well as to plug up the hole so it can't leak.

In my opinion this is the best leak-free option for the Yeti Rambler cups and if you've already got the original lid it's a great option.

However, it's not compatible with the MagSlider lid, which is a big downside and it's also not compatible with other brands like RTIC or generic brands from Amazon.

If you don't have the original Yeti lid you can always buy that + the STOP IT but it's up to you if you want to spend that much.

See the latest price of the Yeti Rambler Replacement Lid

See the latest price of the STOP IT Rubber Cover at Amazon

100% Spill Proof Lid

The other option is this 100% spill proof lid that fits onto the Yeti Rambler cups and won't leak out any water.

The one with the flip cap is the best in my opinion and it uses a piece of rubber plus a tight clip to plug the drinking spout so no water will leak out even when it's tipped on the side.

See the latest price of the 100% Spill Proof Lid at Amazon

3. Upgrade To a Bottle

If you haven't purchased a Yeti Rambler cup yet and you're looking for something similar to these cups that will keep ice for 24+ hours or keep drinks hot for 12+ hours but you're also looking for something 100% leak proof then you should consider a Yeti bottle.

The Yeti bottles have screw top lids that also have rubber gaskets.

These lids won't pop off and they won't leak any water or drink out either. So you can throw them in your bag, drop them on the floor or lie them down and never have to worry about any leaks at all.

Yeti 12 oz Bottle With HotShot Cap

Yeti have a 12 oz bottle with a HotShot Cap which is primarily designed for coffee drinkers but it also works great for drinking any sort of liquid.

I really like the lid design. It completely closes making it lid proof and then a half turn in the inside cap opens up the lid and allows your drink to easily flow out in any direction.

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Yeti 18/26/36 oz Bottles with Chug Cap

If you're after something a little bit bigger then the 18, 26 and 36 oz bottles with the chug cap are closer in size to the 20 + 30 oz Yeti Tumblers.

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