How Many Yetis Should I Be Drinking Per Day?

Yeti insulated tumbler cups and bottles are a great way to encourage you to drink more water throughout the day as they keep it nice and cold all day long. But how many Yetis should you drink per day and how much water should you be consuming?

I have recently started trying to drink more water and I have a Yeti tumbler as well as a couple of Yeti bottles for myself and my kids. They are absolutely loving how long it can keep water cold and I want to encourage them to drink more.

I wanted to know how much water we should be drinking and how many filled Yeti cups or bottles are needed to reach that goal.

If you have a 30 oz Yeti Tumbler you should be drinking 2.1 cups in order to drink the “8 cups a day” many people recommend. For an 18 oz bottle you need 3.6 bottles and for a 26 oz you need 2.5 cups or bottles worth. However, it's not agreed upon that you NEED to drink 8 cups of water per day so how many Yetis you need to drink may vary.

How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Per Day

The first step to working out how many Yeti cups or Yeti bottles you should be drinking per day is to work out how much total water you should be drinking per day. This is likely going to be different for adults and kids.

There is a big debate about how much water you need to drink per day.

Many health professionals and people in general see 8 glasses per day (or about half a gallon/2 liters) at the ideal amount to drink daily. Others say even more than that while other health professionals say you just need to drink when you're thirsty.

The below video from Healthcare Triage provides some insight into the science behind water drinking and how much you should drink per day to be as healthy as possible.

Apparently 8 glasses per day or drinking excessive amounts of water isn't really backed up by anything.

The 8 glasses per day myth is thought to have started with the 1945 Food and Nutrition Board recommendation, where they recommended adults drink 2.5 liters of water per day.

There is actually no formal recommendations for how much water people should drink.

However, despite this I know personally that I feel better when I drink more water than the days where I forget to drink water.

It makes me feel more refreshed, have more energy and means I'm less likely to drink calorie latent beverages like energy drinks or soda during the day because I'm just not thirsty.

How Many Yetis Should You Be Drinking Per Day

The answer to this question is: It depends!

It depends on the size of your Yeti cup of bottle, how old you are, what size you are, the climate and where you live, how much exercise you do and how much water you want to be drinking.

For example right now as I write this it's a fairly cold day. I'm spending the day inside my campervan writing articles like this one and I'm not doing a lot of physical activity.

Other days are hotter and I go for long runs of spend time sweating in the sun. Obviously I'll want to drink more on days like this compared to my cold lazy inside days.

But some of you may want to aim for 8 cups per day so how many Yetis do you need to drink per day to get your 8 glasses of water?

Below is a table showing how many Yetis you should be drinking each day for certain goal drinking amounts. We are assuming that each “cup” is 8 oz (327 mL)

Size Yeti4 Cups/Day8 Cups/Day1 Gal/Day
10 oz Tumbler
10 oz Mug
10 oz Wine
12 oz Bottle2.75.310.7
14 oz Mug2.34.69.1
16 oz Tumbler248
18 oz Bottle1.83.67.1
20 oz Tumber1.63.26.4
24 oz Mug1.32.75.3
26 oz Tumbler
26 oz Bottle
30 oz Tumbler
(Most Popular)
36 oz Bottle0.91.83.6
Half Gallon Jug
(64 oz)
One Gallon Jug
(128 oz)

Get Yourself a Yeti Tumbler, Mug or Bottle

Yeti tumblers, mugs and bottles are a fantastic way to help yourself drink more water.

They can keep it ice cold for 24+ hours even in extremely hot temperatures and they are extremely durable and come backed with a 5 year limited warranty.

I have owned 3 Yeti tumbler cups for years and now own and love 3 Yeti bottles and they are all going strong.

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