Why Does My Yeti Lid Leak?

You may be wondering why does my Yeti lid leak when I'm in the car or when I put it in my bag? Isn't it meant to be completely leak proof?

In a perfect world it would be great to be able to throw your Yeti cup in your bag or let it roll around in your car and not have to worry about anything spilling but thats unfortunately not the case.

Your Yeti lid leaks because it is designed to be leak-resistant, not completely leak proof. The Yeti MagSlider lid stops splashes when walking or driving but if tipped over water will leak out of it. It doesn't have a rubber gasket over the MagSlider to make it completely water tight.

Is The Yeti MagSlider Lid Leak Proof

Yeti lids are designed to be leak-resistant or splash-proof, but they aren't actually designed to be leak proof.

If you look at the lid design there is a rubber gasket on the outside of the lid that holds it firmly onto the cup and stops all leaks out the side.

However, where the MagSlider connects to the top of the cup there are no rubber gaskets. It's just a piece of hard plastic that is magnetically kept onto the lid of the cup.

This means that even when the lid is in the closed position water can sneak it way between the plastic and leak out of the cup.

In the below Yeti video they state this clearly by saying:

“It's designed to prevent those splashes, so whether you're on the road or hiking and you get some jostling you don't have to worry about splashes. Not designed to be leak proof, so you'll notice if you turn it upside down you'll get a drip or two.

On their website they also say that MagSlider lids are not leakproof.

Even with the MagSlider™ Lid, Rambler Tumblers are just splash-resistant, which means they’ll keep a drink in its place over a speed bump, but if tipped over in a backpack or jostled in traffic, some liquid will spill out due to pressure releasing inside the tumbler.

There's also a video below done by a father and his daughter testing the old Yeti cup lid vs the new magslider lid and how it handles different scenarios and how much it leaks.

You can see pretty clearly that the MagSlider lid doesn't leak much, especially when compared to the original Yeti lid that just had an opening and no stopper.

Do Yeti Sell Leak Proof Lids?

While Yeti sell leak proof lids for their bottles they don't actually sell any leak proof lid options for their cups.

The MagSlider is probably the best lid Yeti sells when it comes to being leak-resistant.

They also sell a straw lid which, while not completely leak proof, does a pretty good job of keeping in the spills.

It's got a thick straw so it can also be a great way to drink smoothies, soda or water. You can see the latest price for the Yeti straw lid here.

How To Make a Yeti Cup Stop Leaking

If you're sick of your Yeti cup leaking and spilling everywhere then there are a few different products you can buy or things you can do to make your cup 100% leak proof.

While Yeti themselves don't sell a completely leak proof lid there are other companies out there that have created products to solve this problem.

STOP IT – No Spill Rubber Cover (For Original Yeti Tumbler Lids)

The STOP IT No Spill Rubber Cover is a leak-proof cover designed to work with the original Yeti lids (not the MagSlider lids).

It not only plugs the hole in the lid so no water can get out but it also sits on your cup and actually stops your lid from falling off completely giving you extra protection from spills.

If you have the original Yeti lid then I personally think this is probably the best option to go for.

It's easy to use, it's affordable and it pairs perfectly with what you already have.

However, if you have a MagSlider lid this isn't really going to help you and you would need to buy the original Yeti lid plus the STOP IT.

Old Yeti lids are pretty affordable so even combined it doesn't cost that much and is worth checking out. Links below if you're interested.

See the latest price of the Yeti Rambler Replacement Lid at Amazon

See the latest price of the STOP IT Rubber Cover at Amazon

100% Spill Proof Lid

Alternatively you can also buy this 100% spill proof lid that is designed to replace your current Yeti lid and is designed to be 100% leak proof.

I would personally go with the flip cap one as it has a rubber stopper to make it completely leak proof. The slider ones just look like cheaper versions of the Yeti MagSlider and I don't know if they would actually perfect any better.

See the latest price of the 100% Spill Proof Lid at Amazon

3. Upgrade To a Bottle

If you love the insulating power of your Yeti Tumbler cup but you wish you had something that was completely leak proof.

Something you could throw in your bag or backpack or leave lying down and just never have to think about or worry about it spilling then you're probably going to be better off with a Yeti bottle.

The bottles have screw on lids (not push on ones like the tumblers) and these are much much more secure. They won't pop off even if you shake them or drop them so you won't get any leaks at all.

There are a variety of different sizes and different lids available and some aren't to different from a tumbler because they still have a wide mouth opening and can even come in similar sizes.

Yeti 12 oz Bottle With HotShot Cap

The 12 oz bottle with the HotShot Cap is a cool design and while it's primarily marketed towards coffee drinkers (that's me) it also works great for water, tea and basically any other drinks you can think of.

I really like the lid design. It completely closes making it lid proof and then a half turn in the inside cap opens up the lid and allows your drink to easily flow out in any direction.

Or you can completely take the cap off to refill or drink out of your bottle as if it was a tumbler cup.

See the latest price for the Yeti Rambler 12 oz Bottle at Amazon

Yeti 18/26/36 oz Bottles with Chug Cap

If you want something that is a larger size and closer to the 20 or 30oz tumbler cups then Yeti have a variety of larger bottles.

The Chug Cap screws onto the bottle and easily unscrews allowing good flow for fast drinking.

Perfect for people using their Yeti's for water.

See the latest price for the Yeti Bottles at Amazon