What Size Lock Do You Need For a Yeti Cooler?

If you're looking to lock your Yeti cooler, either to make it bear proof or to stop it being stolen what size lock do you need and should you buy the locks that Yeti sells?

To bear proof a Yeti cooler you need a lock with a 2-2.5 inch (51-63mm) long shackle or longer and it can be a maximum of 4/10 inch (10mm) in diameter. To lock a Yeti and stop it getting stolen you need a Yeti locking bracket (or similar) and a locking cable or chain with lock.

The locks Yeti sell are actually fairly well priced. At under $20 for 2 locks and each using the same key I would consider them decent value for money.

If you're looking for cheaper or different locks to this then check out my article on the best Yeti lock alternatives.

What Size Lock Do You Need To Bear Proof Your Yeti Cooler?

If you're trying to bear proof your cooler you'll need a lock with a shackle length of 2.5 inches (63mm) and a maximum shackle diameter of 4/10 inch (10mm). Any shorter than this it won't reach through and any fatter than this and it won't fit.

Yeti sells an affordable set of bear proof locks for their cooler that you can get from their website or Desicu have a good combination lock alternative that is the right size for the Yeti cooler.

See the latest price of Yeti Bear Proof Locks at Yeti.com
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See the latest price of the Disecu Combination Lock at Amazon

What Is The Diameter and Size of Yeti Bear Lock Hole

If you want to know the exact dimensions of the hole on the lid of the Yeti cooler used to lock the cooler closed and make it bear proof I measured my Yeti 45 and provide the exact measurements below:

The two holes in the front corners of the Yeti are 4/10 inch (10mm) in diameter wide and approximately 1 5/8 inch (40mm) deep when the lid is closed. The bear lock holes are the same for all Tundra models of Yeti cooler. However, the Yeti Roadie has no holes for bear proofing.

Looking top down at the hole it is just a little over 10mm (4/10 inch) and any lock thicker than that is unlikely to fit through the hole.

There is also a space of around 10mm (4/10 inch) between the hole and the edge of the cooler so you would need your lock to be wider than this in order for it to fit.

Looking side on you can see that when the cooler is closed the depth of the hole is roughly 1 5/8 inch (40mm) which is the thickness of the lid and the base part of the cooler combined.

You'll need the straight part of your lock to be at least this long.

A 2 inch long bolt with a nut can secure your cooler but because locks are generally curved in a U bend this is why a 2.5 inch shackle length is recommended.

What Size Lock Do You Need To Stop Your Yeti Cooler From Being Stolen?

If you want to lock down your Yeti cooler so the cooler itself can't be stolen (but you can still open the lid) then you'll need a combination of two things:

  • Yeti locking bracket – Slides into the AnchorPoint slot of the Yeti and provide a hole to attach a lock or slide cable through to secure your Yeti
  • Locking cable or chain – Runs through the locking bracket and around whatever you are securing your Yeti to.

Locking Bracket

To lock a Yeti cooler you need a locking bracket that will fit in the AnchorPoint slot.

It'll need to be a minimum of about 3.5-4 inches long to give you enough room for it to stick out the bottom and a maximum of 1.5 inches wide or it won't fit into the slot.

The Yeti Locking Bracket is 3 7/8″ tall and 1 1/8 inches wide.

See the latest price of the Yeti Locking Bracket at Yeti.com
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Then you'll also need to lock your cooler with a locking cable or chain + lock. The size of this lock will depend largely on how big the hole is in the bottom of your locking bracket.

The Yeti locking bracket hole is around 10mm wide so that as large as your lock can be. But other brands of locking bracket like the Maccann & Essin locking bracket have larger holes up to 17mm allowing you to use thicker and more secure locks.

Thinner cables and locks can more easily be cut with bolt cutters or broken off and your Yeti stolen. Check out my article on the best locks for Yeti coolers to ensure you get the right one and your cooler is stolen.

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What Is The Exact Size of The Yeti AnchorPoint Bracket Hole

Yeti has a hole in each of the sides they call the “AnchorPoint”. This is where you tie dow your Yeti using ropes, lock your yeti using the locking bracket or this spot can also be used for Yeti cooler accessories like cup holders, rod holders or even the Yeti SlickHorns roping dummy.

The Yeti AnchorPoint slots in the side of the cooler measure 15W x 38L x 62D in mm with a gap of 18mm between the slot hole and edge of the cooler. In inches thats 19/32″W x 1 1/2″L x 2 7/16″D with a gap of 1 1/2″ between the slot hole and outside edge of the Yeti cooler.

Yeti AnchorPoint slot dimensions
Yeti AnchorPoint gap
Depth of Yeti AnchorPoint slot