How To Replace The Hinge On A Yeti Cooler

Yeti hard coolers are known for being extremely durable and incredibly hard to damage thanks to their tough roto-molded shell.

The single pin thick stainless steel hinge is no exception to this. But if it does break or get bent your lid may not close properly.

So how exactly do you replace the hinge on a Yeti hard cooler? 

The best way to repair a damaged hinge on a Yeti hard cooler is to contact Yeti for a warranty exchange or repair. Yeti doesn’t sell replacement hinge pins and doing the fix yourself with third party parts will void your warranty.

But if you’re not covered or just want to do it yourself, starting with the lid closed, unscrew the hinge pin using a screwdriver or hex key (depending on the model of cooler you have), remove the faulty hinge pin, slide the new one into place, and tighten about one full turn past hand-tight. 

If you notice any cracks, splits, or find that the slots for the hinge pin are stripped, you probably just need to replace your cooler. Once the roto-molded shell is compromised, there’s not much you can do to save a Yeti. 

Step 1: Identify The Cause Of The Problem

Depending on what exactly is wrong with the hinge on your Yeti, it could be a pretty simple fix or the cooler could be trashed. 

If the issue seems to be with the long, stainless steel pin that secures the lid, it’s usually reparable. 

If the issue is that the frame of your cooler or lid is cracked, split, or stripped near the hinge bolt, it’s probably just time for a new cooler. 

Step 2: Figure Out If Your Cooler Is Still Covered Under Warranty

Yeti 5 Year Warranty

If your Yeti is still covered under warranty, it’s by far your best way to “fix” your cooler’s hinge. 

Yeti’s customer service is easy to work with, tends to side with the customer, and you’ll often just get a brand new cooler out of the deal.

To be eligible for a warranty claim, you must have purchased the cooler from an authorized retailer, have proof the purchase date was within the last five years, and have made no customizations or repairs to your cooler unless completed by Yeti.  

If all those apply, simply fill out a warranty claim form

Step 3: Purchase A New Hinge Pin

If for whatever reason your cooler isn’t eligible to be repaired or replaced by Yeti, all hope isn’t lost.

Problems with the hinge pin are often relatively simple and inexpensive to repair — at least when it can be repaired. 

Just keep in mind, certain issues won’t be so easy (or even possible) to fix. A cracked or split frame is sometimes hidden behind the hinge pin, or if the slots for the hinge pin have been worn out or stripped, you may just be out of luck. 

Either way, hinge pins are relatively inexpensive so, if it could possibly save your Yeti, it’s probably at least worth a shot.

You can pick up replacement hinge pins for about ten bucks. Yeti doesn’t sell hinge pins on their site, so you’ll have to go with a third party option or contact Yeti customer service for the replacement part

Step 4: Remove The Faulty Hinge Pin

Depending on the model of Yeti you have, you’ll either need a screwdriver or hex key to remove the pin. 

With the cooler lid closed, unscrew the hinge pin in a counter clockwise direction until it shakes loose and can be slid free. 

Remove the pin. 

Step 5: Install The New Hinge Pin

Keeping the cooler lid closed, slide the new hinge pin into place and tighten it in a clockwise direction by hand as much as possible. 

Then, using your screwdriver or hex key, finish tightening the pin about one full turn past hand-tight. Don’t over tighten or you risk stripping the pin or otherwise damaging your cooler.