6 Easy Ways To Remove Hard Stains From a Yeti Cooler

Sometimes you can end up with hard stains on your Yeti cooler which, no matter how hard you scrub or clean your cooler, just don't seem to come out. So how exactly do you get hard stains out of your Yeti cooler?

If you've spent hundreds of dollars on a high-quality cooler like Yeti, chances are you want it to look great. You can expect some dirt and scratches and stains over time but the cleaner we can keep our cooler and the nicer looking at is the better.

So how do you tackle those heavy stains all the dirt that is stuck in the scratches of your cooler? How can you get those deep stains out of your yeti cooler and get it looking as close to brand-new as possible?

There are multiple different methods for tackling these tough stains which I'll share with you in this article. Try one or try them all and let me know in the comments section down below which one worked for you or if you have any other suggestions I didn't list here.

First: Make Sure You Wash Well With Soapy Water To Remove Easy Dirt

Before you begin trying to remove those tough stains from your cooler make sure that you first have given your cooler a good wash to remove any dirt or grime as you don't want to be mixing this deeper into the scratches of your cooler.

I've done a full article showing you the 5 easy ways to clean your Yeti cooler so check that out if you need help washing your cooler thoroughly.

Once clean try the steps below to get rid of those tough stains.

1. Vinegar and Bicarb Soda

This is probably the least effective method to remove really tough stains but it does work well for some stains and generally speaking most people already have these ingredients around the house.

Combine vinegar and bicarb soda in equal parts and then use this mixture with a sponge or mild abrasive cloth to scrub down your cooler focusing on the stains.

This should remove a lot of the dirt marks as well as some of the stains on your cooler.

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2. Use a Magic Eraser

Magic erases work wonders for cleaning stains off your Yeti cooler. Simply use warm water or warm soapy water and then scrub the stained area of your cooler with the magic eraser.

Magic erases are made of melamine foam, which is actually almost as hard as glass and acts like a SUPER-fine sand paper on stains.

The abrasive structure of the foam is able to get at and loosen up dirt and stains and then the porous nature of the foam sucks up the dirt and stains and traps it, removing it from your Yeti cooler.

If you're finding that this isn't quite doing the track then sometimes combining the magic eraser with vinegar and bicarb soda why combining it with the purple power spray mentioned below can make it even more effective.

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3. Purple Power

Purple power is an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser and has the ability to remove the toughest grime and grease from hard to get places.

You can purchase purple power as a spray or you can buy it as a concentrate and can get it from either Walmart or Amazon.

Simply apply to solution to your Yeti cooler and then scrub with either a sponge, mild abrasive cloth or a magic eraser to get out the dirt and stains and leave your cooler looking close to brand new.

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4. High Pressure Spray

A high-pressure spray is one of the easiest and most effective ways to clean dirt and grime and stains off your Yeti cooler.

You can either purchase or higher a high-pressure hose to use at home or you can simply go to a local self service car wash and use their high-pressure spray.

I like to start with a high-pressure soap spray and hold the hose close to the cooler so you get the maximum amount of pressure so I can blow the dirt away. I will then rinse the cooler with a high-pressure rinse spray to clean away any soap suds and leave my cooler sparkling clean.

The below video shows just how well a high-pressure spray can remove dirt and stains from the Yeti cooler.

5. Deep Green Stain Remover

Some people recommend that you shouldn't use anything abrasive on the plastic of a cooler as the abrasive cleaner will create micro indentations in the plastic which can then attract dirt in the future.

The deep green stain remover is a gentle cleaner that doesn't have anything abrasive in it. It is also an odourless cleaner So I won't leave your Yeti cooler with any harsh chemical smell.

You can mix it with water and spray or apply to less stubborn stains and washed with a cloth or you can apply it directly to those deep difficult to remove stains and then scrub it well and rinse when finished.

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6. Bleach

You can use bleach to remove mould or other stains from the inside as well as the outside of your cooler.

Mix the bleach with water at a 1 to 6 ratio and then pour into your cooler making sure to cover all surfaces with the bleach.

You can use a cloth to wipe the bleach around your cooler and then leave the bleach to dry.

Some people just leave the bleach to dry and that's it, for me personally I prefer to leave it for about 30 minutes and scrub down my cooler and then rinse the bleach off.

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Get Your Cooler Looking Brand New

Using one or more of the above techniques should get rid of most of, if not all of, those tough stains that I'm making your Yeti cooler look old and worn.

Once those stains are removed you'll be shocked at how good your Yeti cooler looks. My yeti cooler is over four years old now and while it does have some scratches and some wear and tear from all of the adventures that I've been on after I clean it I'm always shocked at how it basically looks the same as the day I bought it.

Make sure you take good regular care of your Yeti and clean it well after use and it should last you years if not decades.

If your Yeti cooler is starting to smell then click here to read my article on how to remove smells from your Yeti cooler.