10 Quick Tricks to Open Your Stuck Contigo Lid

Contigo builds their bottles strong and they have great innovative lids that makes them fun and easy to use. I love my Contigo Autoseal bottle which keeps my water cold all day and my kids love their Contigo bottles too.

While I mostly drink water from my Contigo I occasionally use it for coffee, tea or smoothies and there has been the rare (ok not-so-rare) occassion when I forget the bottle in my car for several days before realizing. 

This can sometimes make it hard to open the lid.

If you've got a stuck Yeti lid and if sheer might has proven useless, there are a number of easy fixes you can try to get your bottle open again.

Some may work for you, others not, but one of these solutions should do the trick in fixing your stuck Contigo lid.

What Causes My Contigo Lid to Get Stuck?

Contigo makes their bottles and tumblers with leak/spill proof lids, which can come in very handy when brought in the car or when dropped.

While this certainly saves some spills (and my car seats), it can also cause a lot of pressure to build up in the bottle, and subsequently, the plastic lid. This can make the lid difficult to open sometimes.

The pressure is amplified if carbonated or fruity beverages are left in the bottle. Bacteria can grow and multiply and let off gases that build up pressure more and more and it’s very possible for it to cause your lid to become frustratingly stuck.

This annoying “stuck” can also be a result of sticky drinks jamming up the threads in the lid or the lid might just get stuck for some other unknown reason.

So what methods can be used to fix your stuck Contigo lid?

1. Release the Pressure

Pretty much every Contigo lid features an easy-open mechanism for drinking. Whether it be a chug lid, pop up straw, or the Autoseal lid which has a button to pop open.

Releasing any pressure buildup inside your bottle or tumbler should be your first focus when attempting to unstuck your lid.

Pressure inside the bottle provides an upwards force on the lids which can make the lid very difficult to turn and get off.

But opening the valve, straw or chug cap on your lid you can release any pressure inside the bottle and this could make your bottle a lot easier to open.

It's definitely one of the simplest things you can do and it's worth giving it a try.

2. Push Down Hard and Turn

This is one of the simpler tricks, as all that’s required is your hands. 

The pressure from inside the bottle can cause an upwards force on your lid, and by pushing down hard you’re countering this force and it should ease up the lid enough to open.

3. Use A Towel

Use a towel to cover and hold the lid, and then twist.

Not only will this give you a better grip on the lid, but it’ll ease the friction pain that the lid is giving your hand. 

Now you’re able to give it full force without the lid stabbing into your hand and hurting it.

4. Use Hot Water

Hot water can be a reliable fix for any stuck lid but it seems to word especially well with the stainless steel Contigo bottles – but it's still worth a try with the plastic ones too.

Place your Contigo bottle upside down in a sink or bowl filled with hot or boiling water.

After a few seconds, a metal Contigo bottle will expand in response to this heat, and that can make the lid easier to twist off.

This method should also work with a plastic Contigo bottle, as soaking it in hot water may help with any stickiness jamming up your lid.

If a soak doesn’t help, try running your bottle under hot water, and focusing on the area around the seam of the lid.

If this doesn’t get your lid unstuck, it may still ease up the “stuck” enough for one of these other methods to work.

5. Use Cold Water

This works similar to the hot water method, and might do the trick if the hot water didn’t work.

Place your Contigo bottle upside down in a sink or bowl filled with iced water or run your Contigo bottle under the tap. 

After 30-60 seconds the cold temperature should cause the bottle to contract, easing the pressure against the plastic lid and allowing it to twist off.

6. Tap The Lid (Gently)

Now let’s try a little force.

If nothing has worked so far, try giving your Contigo bottle a few taps against your kitchen counter or with the handle of a sturdy utensil.

This trick can help break free some of that gunk or grime that may be causing your lid to be stuck, and hopefully with a twist it’ll come free. This can work for both bottles and tumblers and sometimes is just enough to get the lid free.

Most Contigo bottles have a protruding handle that makes for easier carrying, but this can also be used to get the lid off.

Lefty loosey, righty tighty. If you're looking directly at your Contigo bottle with the handle on the side furthest from you then you'll want to tap the RIGHT SIDE of the handle on the kitchen bench or table.

Hitting the right side of the handle will make the handle turn anti-clockwise (lefty loosey) and will unscrew the lid.

It’s important to tap gently, Contigo lids are strong but they definitely seem to be the most common part of the bottle to break for most people.

7. Dish Soap Soak

Dish soap is excellent as a degreaser, and it works great for clearing up gunk.

Rub some dish soap around the seam where your lid connects with your bottle. Try to get it underneath the lid where it meets the bottle.

Let the soap soak on this lip for a few minutes and try twisting. 

The soap should hopefully free up grease or lubricate the lid enough to open.

8. Place Your Contigo Bottle in the Freezer

Place your Contigo bottle in the freezer. 

If there is any gas buildup in the bottle that’s causing the lid to be stuck, the freezing temperature can turn this gas into a liquid, and hopefully free up the lid.

Contigo’s stainless steel bottles are vacuum insulated which means the heat transfer may take some time so leave it for 1-2 days before trying to open it.

Then take your bottle out of the freezer and try to open it. Use one of the methods above to help you if it's particularly stuck.

9. Use A Rubber Mallet

I have a running joke with a friend that a rubber mallet is a fix-it-all item on the same level as Duct Tape.

This method puts that handyness to use.

Place your Contigo bottle on a study surface, and then try giving the lid a few taps with a rubber mallet. 

This works especially well if you have a Contigo lid with a protruding handle to tap on.

The force should be enough to free up any stickiness and loosen the lid enough to twist off.

If you don't have a rubber mallet then place a tea towel over your Contigo lid and hit it with a regular hammer.

It might take a few hits but this should apply enough force to twist open the lid a little bit allowing you do undo the rest by hand.

Just be careful not to hit too hard as you could break the lid.

10. Drill a Hole in the Lid (Your Last Resort)

If by rotten luck none of the previous strategies worked for you, this trick can be a last resort that saves you the bottle (unfortunately you’ll need a new lid).

It’s pretty self explanatory.

Using a drill, make a hole in the top of your Contigo lid. This will free up any pressure inside the bottle and allow you to twist the lid free.

The only downside is that you’ll need to get yourself a new lid.

After a quick search I found replacement Contigo lids for as low as $7, but the brand also offers replacement lids under their lifetime guarantee

Although I’m not sure 100% if they consider a stuck lid a “material issue”.
Contigo bottles have varying technologies, so if none of these tricks worked for you, check out my article on how to use all types of Contigo water bottles and it may provide more insight.