How To Use Contigo Water Bottles [All Lid Types]

Contigo has a range of bottles with different lid tips including the Autoseal, Autospout, Autospout Squeeze, AutoPop and Autospout Chug.

I own a bunch of these lid types and they are great. But there are a few tricks to using the lids correctly and there are some common mistakes people make when using them.

To use the Contigo Autoseal, simply flip open the dirt-covering cap, set the lock to open, and press the button at the back to release the seal and drink.

To use the Contigo Autospout, make sure the lock is set to open, and then press the button at the front to unlock the spout allowing you to drink from it.

To use the Contigo Autospout Squeeze

To use the Contigo Autopop

The Contigo Autospout Chug is the same as the autospout, set the lock to open and press the button to flip open the chug spout. 

If you’re having any issues using your Contigo bottles then it’s usually down to a few simple things.

Using The Contigo Autoseal

The Contigo Autoseal bottle is my favorite of the Contigo lids and I love taking the bottle with me to the gym or to climbing. Using it is very simple, but sometimes the lock can be activated without you realizing so you need to make sure it's unlocked before drinking.

Here's exactly how to use the Contigo Autoseal water bottle.

Step 1: Flip Open The Dirt Covering Cap

To open the Contigo Autoseal use your thumb or fingers to open the dirt cap at the top of the bottle, you might notice a small section at the top blocking the hole where any liquid comes out.

This means that the bottle is the auto seal is engages and no water will leak out of the bottle.

The dirt covering will stay put on its hinge so there’s no need to press it down with your fingers.

Step 2:  Find The Autoseal Button 

The auto seal button is at the back of the container and will be shaped like either a rectangle or an oval. It’ll also have the word “autoseal” in all capitals. 

If you try and press this button down you’ll notice that it doesn’t seem to do anything. You’ll need to set the lock to open. 

Step 3: Set Lock To Open Setting

To the right of the auto seal button, you might notice a small slider that’s positioned either to the left or the right. 

When the slider is set to the left (towards the auto seal button) this means the bottle is locked and if you press the button the seal won’t budge. 

Pushing the slider to the right will set the bottle to open and then pressing the auto seal button will lower the section at the top, allowing you to drink out of it. 

Contigo AUTOSEAL Water Bottle (24 oz)

100% spill-proof with autoseal technology. Push the button for easy 1-handed drinking and release for an instant seal without any spills.

Double-walled vacuum-insulated so it can keep drinks cold for 24+ hours and hot for 6+ hours.

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Using The Contigo Autospout (With Straw) Bottle 

My kids love The Contigo Autospout bottles both in the regular size and the kids sizes. There is just something about drinking through a straw that they love.

I've actually started using it next to my bed at night time. It's way easier to drink with a straw lying down than trying to tip your water bottle up to drink (and often spilling it all over your face and the bed).

Here's exactly how to use the Contigo Autospout bottle and how to avoid the common problems.

Step 1: Set The Lock To Open

To use the Contigo Autospout the first thing to do is set the lock to open. The locking slider for the Autospout is at the front of the bottle. 

If the slider is set to the left then that means it’s locked and the auto sealing is working. To unlock it, set the slider to the right. 

Step 2: Flip Open The Spout

A small oval or rectangular-shaped button at the front of the container will flip open the spout when pressed which then allows you to drink from the bottle.  

Don’t try and force the spout open with your fingers because this could harm the mechanism that springs the spout up. 

Step 3: Close The Spout

When you’re finished drinking push the spout down – this clicks it into place and seals it up.

 There’s a small piece of plastic that helps lock the spout into place, but this works automatically when you push the spout down, so there’s no need to press it or hold it down with your fingers.

Step 4: The Autospout Detachable Straw

The Autospout container comes with its straw – if you unscrew the bottle lid and turn it upside down you’ll see that there’s also a straw connected to it. 

You can twist this straw to loosen it and detach it from the lid. 

This is handy to know because if you’ve been using the bottle for a while you might want to wash the straw. Yes the straw and Contigo bottles are dishwasher safe.

NOTE: It will still work without the straw but you'll have to tip your bottle upside down in order to drink out of it.

Contigo AUTOSPOUT Water Bottle (24oz)
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No leaks with the Autospout technology. Spout pops up for easy drinking through the straw and closes for a leak-proof seal.

Vacuum-insulated bottle keeps drinks cold for 24+ hours and hot for 6+ hours.

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Using The Contigo AutoSpout Squeeze

The Contigo Autospout Squeeze (also known as Contigo Fit Autospout) combines the benefits of a point-and-squeeze hydration bottle (like the CamelBak Podium which is popular among bike riders) with the ease of use of the Contigo Autospout technology.

This bottle even takes it a step further and provides a dust cap as part of the Autospout technology so your spout won't get dirty.

Step 1: Flip Open The Spout (No Lock)

Unlike other Contigo Autospout water bottles the Squeeze doesn't have a locking mechanism for the spout.

To open the spout first click the button labeled “AUTOSPOUT”. It should be rectangular in shape and when pressed the spout will flip out.

Don't try to force the spout open as this can break the locking mechanism that pops the spout up.

Step 2: Point and Squeeze

Once the spout is up just tip the bottle upside down and squeeze it with your hand to allow water to shoot out into your mouth.

Release your hand and water will automatically stop flowing.

You can also release water by sucking on the spout and some water will come through. But this is a more difficult way to get water out as a lot of suction is needed to get any decent amount.

You're better off squeezing with your hands.

Step 3: Close The Spout

To close the spout use your finger to grab the underside of the dust cover and rotate it upwards.

The spout will rotate down into the close position and everything will click into place.

Contigo Fit Autospout Squeeze Water Bottle (32oz)

Non-spill autospout technology stops unwanted spills and provides easy one-handed drinking with Autospout pop-up technology and point-and-squeeze hydration.

Protective cover keeps dirt away from the spout and it's dishwasher safe, BPA-free and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Using The Contigo AutoPop

The Contigo AutoPop is a newer range of lids and one of the simplest to use and it works great.

Step 1: Set The Lock To Open

The Contigo Autopop has a locking mechanism on the front, usually to the right of the “AUTOPOP” button. To drink from this water bottle you first need to flick this open.

Slide the lock to the right in order to unlock it and slide to the left in order to lock it.

Step 2: Pop Open The Lid

Press the small oval or rectangle button at the front of the lid which says “AUTOPOP”.

When pressed the top of the lid will spring open revealing a wide chug opening that you can drink from.

Step 3: Close The Lid

When you're finished drinking simply close the lid but pushing it down until you hear a click.

You can then use the small lock to stop the bottle from accidentally opening. Slide this to the left to put it into the locked position.

Contigo AUTOPOP Water Bottle (40 oz)

Quick hydration with easy-to-use Autopop technology. Press the button to pop open the lid and reveal wide mouthpiece for easy drinking. Click lid back into place for a leak-free seal.

Dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Using The Contigo Autospout Chug

This is my daughter's favorite water bottle. She loves the wide chug cap and the measurements on the side so she can track how much water she has drunk.

Using the Contigo Autospout Chug is very similar to using the Autospout (with Straw). The only main difference being it doesn't have a straw so you need to lift the bottle up to drink out of it.

Step 1: Set The Lock To Open 

To use the Contigo Autospout Chug bottle the first thing you need to do is check and set the lock to open. 

Just like the other bottles, the lock slider is located to the right of the auto seal button. 

To set the lock to open slide it fully to the right.

Step 2: Open The Spout

Simply press the rectangular or oval-shaped button at the front of the bottle to switch on the mechanism that flips up the spout. 

Don’t use your fingers to try and force it open, as this could damage some of the parts that the button is connected to. 

Step 3: Close The Spout

When you’ve finished drinking some push the spout down until it automatically clicks into places. 

The piece of plastic at the top that helps the spout lockdown doesn’t need to be pushed or held – it works on its own. 

Contigo AUTOSPOUT Chug Water Bottle (24oz)

Easy push button reveals a wide mouth for high-flow and fast hydration. Spill-proof closure with button-lock gives you piece of mind.

BPA-free, top rack dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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When using the Contigo lids there are some common problems people have which usually have simple solutions.

The auto seal button isn’t working

One of the most common issues with the Contigo button is that the auto seal button doesn’t work (the button that releases the seal so you can drink). 

This button is located at either the front or the back and there are two major reasons it doesn’t work. 

The first is that the lock mechanism isn’t fully to the right, if it’s not as far to the right as it can go the lock may still be switched on instead of set to open. So, you should check your lock can’t go any further. 

There’s usually a nice clicking sound when you press the button. 

The second reason is that the locking mechanism may be damaged in some way. 

Can I use the Autospout if I lose the straw? 

You can still use the Contigo Autospout if you lose the straw.

This just makes it work almost like the Autospout Chug – you just have to tilt the bottle at more of an angle when you drink.