How To Properly Light a Duraflame Log

I love using Duraflame logs on my campfires or to warm the house because they last for ages and one log lasts us literally the whole evening.

However, my experience has shown me that lighting a Duraflame log properly is different from lighting regular firewood. It's pretty easy to do if you follow the correct instructions.

To properly light a Duraflame log, gently grab both ends of the wrapper and pull to create an airspace. Place the log in the center of your fireplace with the 2 arrows pointing downward (or stack the logs in an X shape if you’re using the outdoor or stackable logs). 

Light the wrapper on the arrows and monitor the fire as it burns. 

Duraflame logs are pretty easy to use and even my kids know how to light them safely. Still, it’s important to follow the correct process. 

1. Create an Airspace By Gently Pulling The Wrapper

If you’ve never used a Duraflame log before, you might be surprised to learn that you mustn’t remove the outer wrapper. 

The wrapper is made from flammable material that you light and creates big flames to get the firelog burning nicely. This is part of Duraflame’s easy lighting process. 

After the wrapper has burned off, the actual log (which is made from sawdust, wood fibers and energy dense wax) will burn slower. 

2. Place the Duraflame Log in Your Fireplace (In The Center) 

Before lighting your Duraflame log, find the best location for it in your fireplace or campfire.

I find that the center of the fire area is best for Duraflame logs because it allows for optimal airflow and helps the entire log to burn nicely. 

Placing it against the side walls can result in it not producing enough heat because the flames won’t burn evenly on all sides.

This can lead to your Duraflame log creating a lot of smoke or not burning properly.

3. Locate the 2 Arrows on the Seam and Light Them

Image Source: Real Ale Craft Beer

On the bottom of your Duraflame log wrapper near the seam you’ll see 2 big red arrows, which are the lighting points. You may need to fold the wrapper seam the other way so that the arrows are completely visible. 

Duraflame has its own range of branded lighters and matches but these aren’t entirely necessary. 

You can use regular matches or a candle lighter like these BIC candle lighters from Amazon which have a long neck and are easy to use to light your duraflame log.

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Place the firelog in your fireplace or pit with the arrows facing upward and then carefully light both of them. 

The YouTube video below gives a great visual demonstration of how to light a Duraflame log and how to place it in your fireplace: 

4. Monitor Your Fire 

Your Duraflame log should produce lots of flames within seconds of lighting it. After that, the flames will be slightly smaller but will burn with enough heat energy as several pieces of normal firewood. 

You don’t need to do anything else after lighting the log but monitoring the fire as it burns is a good safety precaution. 

If I need a campfire for several hours or I find that my fire isn’t producing enough heat, I often add another Duraflame log when the current one is almost finished. I sometimes also add a piece or 2 of normal firewood.  

Duraflame doesn’t recommend this but I’ve done it many times without problems because I’ve been careful. Check out this useful guide that tells you more about adding a duraflame log to an already lit fire. 

Also, if you’re using the outdoor logs or Crackleflame duraflame logs, don’t be worried that they’re exploding. The popping and crackling sound you hear is Duraflame’s way of making it sound like a real wood fire. 

If you no longer need your fire and your duraflame log is still burning, you can extinguish it by throwing a cup of water or sand on it or using a dry chemical fire extinguisher. 

You can then reuse the firelog for a future fire. 

This helpful guide gives you more information on safely extinguishing a duraflame log

How To Light Duraflame Outdoor Logs

If you’re like me and you like burning more than one firelog at a time, you can safely do this as long as you buy a duraflame product that’s designed to burn more than one log: 

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Here’s how to light the stackable duraflame firelogs: 

1. Place a Duraflame log diagonally across your fire pit or fire place, making sure that the underside of the wrapper with the arrows is facing upward so you can easily light it. 

2. Place another Duraflame log on top of the first one so that the 2 logs are making an X shape. Like the first log, this one should also be placed with the 2 arrows facing upward. 

3. Light the wrappers on the arrows and enjoy your fire. 

4. According to Duraflame, you can safely add a third outdoor log if you need to extend how long you fire burns. However, if you’re using the stax stackable logs, you can add three at a time. 

5. You can also safely roast marshmallows, s’mores or hot dogs on the outdoor duraflame logs because they’re designed to facilitate this. 

Here are some tips about cooking on Duraflame logs so you can make the most of roasting food over their logs. 

How To Light Duraflame Firestart Firelighters

Duraflame firestart firelighter are designed to be used with regular firewood and help you build a great fire quickly. 

Duraflamme Firestart Firelighters

These quick start firelighters get your flire blazing in no time and with no effort. Made from high-quality materials and burns for up to 30 minutes each, more than enough time to get any fire established.

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Here’s how to light them: 

1. Leave the wrapper on the firestart log and gently pull the sides to create an air pocket.

2. Place a large piece of wood at the back of your fireplace or pit and place your firestart log just in front of it.   

3. Locate the 2 arrows at the bottom of the firestart wrapper and light them. 

4. Duraflame states that you should place another piece of firewood a half inch in front of the firestart log but you can put one diagonally across it so catches fire faster (as the video below shows): 

5. Monitor your fire and add more firewood as needed.