5 Best Ways To Safely Put Out a Duraflame Log

Duraflame logs are designed to last a few hours (depending on the size and log type) but I’ve been in situations where I wanted to go to bed and my duraflame fire was still going.

When that happened, I extinguished the duraflame log for safety reasons (and financial reasons) and so I could use it again the next evening. 

It's easy to safely put out a Duraflame log if you do it correctly and aren't silly.

To put out a duraflame log, gently douse it with water or use some dry sand or cat litter. You can also use a fire extinguisher or starve it of oxygen by using a sturdy metal container like a pot or garbage can lid. You can also just let the log burn out naturally. 

Allow the duraflame log to burn out completely before leaving it unattended. 

Duraflame logs have twice the BTU rating (or heat energy output) as normal firewood and it’s a good idea to have something to extinguish it with nearby in case there’s a sudden flame flare-up or you want to put the fire out. 

1. Gently Douse It With Water

Despite being made with wax Duraflame logs can be put out with water just like any other piece of firewood.

Extinguishing your fire log with water is one of the recommend methods by Duraflame. If your fire is already on its way out, one cup of water is normally all you need to extinguish it completely. 

But even if your Duraflame log is completely roaring and nowhere near burning out water is still a safe, easy, cheap and effective way to put out the fire.

Pour the water over the Duraflame log carefully and slowly to prevent excess steam and smoke and to put it out slowly without any issues.

2. Throw Dry Sand or Cat Litter Over It

Dry sand is another effective way of putting out your duraflame log because it suffocates the fire by starving it of oxygen and absorbs the heat efficiently. 

If you’re camping, you can find some dry sand nearby and throw a handful over your duraflame log. Alternatively, you can use cat litter or baking soda but this can be a costly way of extinguishing the log. 

That said, if you live in an area with lots of snow and ice in winter, buying cat litter in bulk is a good idea because it’s great at making black ice less slippery and you can also use it for extinguishing your fire.   

3. Use a Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

I wouldn’t generally use a dry chemical fire extinguisher to put out a Duraflame fire that is burning normally because it’s an expensive waste.  

However, if your fire is burning out of control (e.g. you added too much firewood or added a duraflame log to an already lit fire), using a dry chemical fire extinguisher is the fastest and safest way of putting it out. 

4. Cover It With a Durable Metal Container 

Like dry sand, covering a fire with a solid and durable metal container will starve it of oxygen and the flames will soon dissipate. 

You can use any thick metal container you have around you such as a camping pot or garbage can lid. Just leave it on for a few minutes and remove it once the fire has died out.  

Just be careful it doesn't burn you. Never touch it with your bare hands whilst it's over the fire and use a stick to lift it on or off.

5. Let It Burn Out

Duraflame logs give very few problems and are designed to burn slowly and consistently. Your log is very unlikely to suddenly produce a huge amount of flames when it has almost disintegrated. 

Instead of extinguishing the fire, you could just let it take its natural course and fizzle out. However, for safety reasons I prefer not leaving my fires unattended.