Can You Put a Duraflame Log on an Already Lit Fire?

Whenever I go camping in the winter, I usually bring a few outdoor duraflame logs with me for cozy campfires and roasting marshmallows. If I can't find firewood they work great.

However, if I already have a fire going, I’m always careful if I want to add a duraflame log to it. 

You can put a duraflame log on an already lit fire but you should monitor the fire closely if you’re using the ones designed to burn on their own because one log has the same heat energy as several firewood pieces. The only Duraflame log designed to be added to an already burning fire is the Duraflame Outdoor logs.

If you’re using the outdoor Duraflame logs, Crackleflame logs, the 2.5lb or 4.5lb duraflame logs, Duraflame states that you can safely add another log when the fire starts fizzling out.

I find that 1 duraflame log is normally all I need for a great fire and enough heat to heat my home but I take the necessary safety precautions when I need extra heat on cold evenings. 

How To Safely Put a Duraflame Log on an Already Lit Fire

Duraflame logs have roughly twice the BTU rating (or heat energy output) as regular firewood due to their dense waxy coatings and tightly packed sawdust and wood fiber centers. This special composition helps them to burn slowly and consistently but with a lot of heat and flames. 

If you want to add a duraflame log to your already lit fire, here’s how to do it safely: 

  • Have a fire extinguisher or sand nearby. A duraflame log only takes a few minutes to produce large flames and if you already have a roaring fire, the duraflame log could cause a massive and sudden heat and flame surge, potentially resulting in an uncontrollable fire. 

This is one of the potential problems with duraflame logs

This helpful guide explains how to put out a duraflame log safely. 

  • Add the duraflame log at the end of your current fire. When using duraflame logs, the outer wrapper burns off first and then the energy-dense waxy covering slowly burns. 

The inner sawdust and wood fiber part burns last and when it has almost disintegrated, it’s the ideal time to add another duraflame log (or some regular firewood) so you can keep your fire going for another few hours. 

However, if you’re feeling cold and your current fire isn’t producing enough warmth or isn’t big enough, you can place a duraflame log on it but you should closely monitor the flames.  

  • Place the duraflame logs in an “X” shape. If you’re using the outdoor durflame logs, you probably already know that you can burn 3 logs at a time. Duraflame advises you start with 2 logs and then add the 3rd one when the others start disintegrating. 

Stacking the logs in an “X” shape promotes airflow around the logs and helps the flames to fan out for optimal heat. 

  • If you have a normal wood fire, place the duraflame log on top of the firewood or alongside it so it doesn’t burn too quickly. Slightly separating it from the other wood will help it to burn at its usual consistent rate.