Can Duraflame Logs Explode? How?

When I make a fire, safety always comes first but I recently saw a TikTok video of a firelog log exploding which got me quite worried. You can never be sure if TikTok videos are real and whether or not Duraflame logs exploding is actually something I should be concerned about or not.

After researching the subject, my findings reassured me. Plus personal experience has also showed me that these logs burn consistently and don’t seem to have any risk of explosions.

Duraflame logs are actually much less likely to explode than normal wood because they lack the air pockets and knots that regular wood has which can produce excess steam and pressure and lead to explosions. However, Duraflame logs do put out about twice the BTU of regular wood and so can get very hot in larger fires. 

Duraflame logs can explode but this is extremely rare and would only happen if you placed normal firewood with it or covered it in flammable material.

Regular wood has air pockets and knots which can produce steam and excess pressure as the fire and flames increase, potentially causing an explosion. 

Although it’s unlikely that your Duraflame log will explode if you use it according to the instructions, it’s still good to make sure it doesn’t happen. 

When Can Duraflame Logs Explode? 

Duraflame logs can “explode” if you place normal firewood with it, which has gas pockets and knots. Using regular firewood with Duraflame logs can also break them apart, causing them to burn faster and a flame surge. This is more likely to cause a sudden outburst of flames and heat – not quite an explosion. An actual explosion is extremely unlikely.

This YouTube video shows how regular firewood exploded in a fireplace and injured a boy: 

You also might think your Duraflame log is having mini explosions if you use the Crackleflame or outdoor Duraflame logs. These firelogs contain special additives that produce a popping or crackling sound (to emulate the sound of a fire made with real wood). 

What you’re actually hearing is just the additive as it melts and burns and this is nothing to be concerned about. Some of these logs contains items like seeds that crackle and pop as they burn to make them feel and sound more like regular firewood.

Duraflame advises against adding firewood to their logs but I’ve personally done this without issues when my duraflame log was almost finished and I wanted to extend the life of my fire. 

When camping, I’ve also added firewood to my Duraflame log on very cold evenings when I felt the Duraflame log wasn’t creating enough heat.

However, I’m always cautious when I add Duraflame logs to an already lit fire because I know that Duraflame logs are very energy dense with double the BTU rating as a few pieces of regular firewood. This is due to their tightly packed waxy center.

Duraflame logs are designed to burn slowly and consistently but adding firewood can cause a sudden surge of flames as well as any knots or air pockets in the wood to unexpectedly explode. 

This article explains more about putting wood on a duraflame log with your fire. 

The only other times a duraflame log would explode are if: 

  • You covered the log or lit it with a flammable substance like paraffin, gasoline, etc. Duraflame logs don’t need firestarters or kindling and you simply need to light the wrapper of your Duraflame log and leave it to burn. 
  • The Duraflame log had a manufacturing defect. This is rare but could explain what happened in the TikTok video in the introduction.    
  • You’ve split the Duraflame log or the log has broken apart because you’ve added extra firewood. This can cause a sudden surge of flames, making it look like an explosion. 

If your duraflame log has exploded, use water, sand or a dry chemical fire extinguisher to put it out