Ember Mug Charging Coaster Voltage, Amps and Watts Explained

Whether you need replacement parts, want to try and use a different charger or are just curious you might be wondering what the voltage is of the Ember Mug Charging Coaster. You may also be wondering about the Amps and total Watt output.

The Ember Mug Charging Coaster has a DC output of 19V and a maximum of 2.1A of electricity. It is dual voltage and works with 120V power as well as 220/240V AC power supplies.

In total it equates to 39.9W of power and the gold prongs are safe to touch.

It is not a Qi wireless charger but rather uses the 2 gold prongs on the charging coaster to line up with the gold rings on the bottom of the mug.

The Ember Mug Charger Outputs To DC Power

Above is an image of the Ember Mug charging plug/transformer that converts electricity from the wall of your home to the Charging Coaster to charge your mug.

As you can see input (receive electricity) anywhere from 100-240V of AC (or Alternating Current) power with 50-60Hz. This means that it'll work in any home or office wall socket in almost any country. This includes all of North America but also Europe and even Australia which is where I am from.

You can also see that the output is 19V = 2.1A with the symbol between the Volts and Amps meaning that the output is in DC (or Direct Current) power.

So when you are charging your Ember Mug on the Charging Coaster it is charging it using 19V/2.1A of DC electricity.

Can The Ember Mug Charging Coaster Be Used To Charge Other Wireless Devices?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Ember Charging Coaster could be used to charge other wireless devices like your smart phone, headphones or any other device that uses wireless charging. However, this is not the case.

The Ember Charging Coaster does NOT us Qi wireless charging technology but rather has 2 gold prongs which are the positive and negative of the electrical circuit.

These line up with the gold rings on the bottom of the Ember Mug and this is what completes the circuit and creates an electrical current. So the Ember Charging Coaster only works with the Ember Mug and Ember Travel Mug – it doesn't work with any other devices.

Click here for full details on how to charge your Ember Mug (with images)

If you want a heated mug that uses standard Qi wireless chargers there is one called the Glowstone Mug and I talk in more detail about this mug in my list of the best Ember Mug alternatives.

Is The Ember Charging Coaster Dangerous To Touch?

The gold prongs on the Ember Charging Coaster actually contain live electricity when the device is plugged into the wall and turned on.

This may make you a little worried and so you may be wondering whether or not the Ember Charging Coaster is safe to touch. After all no one wants to put themselves of their family at risk.

Luckily the answer is no. Touching the metal prongs isn't dangerous but I still wouldn't advise it.

I have personally tried it myself and didn't feel anything but after doing some research I have found that if your hands are wet it may give you a shock.

This is because your skin has good resistance to electricity, but when wet this resistance is way lower allowing electrical currently to flow more freely.

I haven't tried this one and I'm not going to and just for peace of mind I keep this charger up away from my kids and turned off at the wall when I'm not using it.

I've also heard that the biggest risk of injury or death with electric shock is when the current passes through the heart. I wonder if, given how close to prongs are together, if the electric current would stay in your finger or if it would move through your body. Something I would need an expert to answer.

Are The Ember Mug Charging Coasters Interchangable?

All versions of the Ember Charging Coaster use the same technology and same voltage, as do all the versions of the Ember Mugs.

This means you can use any Ember Mug 1 or 2 as well as any Ember Travel Mug 1 or 2 with any Ember Charging Coaster you have. Ember confirm this fact here.

If you find someone selling a second hand one online it might be worth snagging one up. Otherwise you can purchase replacement charging coasters from Ember's website or from Amazon.

See the latest price of the Ember Charging Coaster at Amazon

Is The Ember Coffee Mug Dual Voltage?

Yes, the Ember Mug is dual voltage. It can accept both 120V and 220/240V so it'll work in both North America as well as Europe/Australia even though they have different voltages.

My Ember Mug power adapter actually came with multiple wall plugs options for the US, Europe and Australia. This made it really easy to use and I didn't need to get a huge adapter for it to work.

The output to the Charging Coaster is 19V/2.1A of DC power.

So while your wall socket is AC power the power plug converts it into DC power. This also means that you can actually charge your Ember Mug in your car if you buy the right adapter. Learn how to charge your Ember Mug in your car.

Does The Ember Mug Charging Coaster Come With a USB Chord

I was really hoping that I would be able to charge my Ember Mug by simply plugging the charger into a USB and I've actually purchased a USB to DC cable to test it out and see if I can charge my Ember Mug using a simple USB port but the results won't be in on that one until next month.

The Ember Mug does NOT come with a USB chord and from my knowledge it cannot be charged from a regular USB port – unless that USB port had an output of 19V.

Instead it comes with a DC chord that is 5.5mm*2.5mm that plugs directly into your wall socket.