4 Best Battery Heated Coffee Mugs: Stay Hot On The Go

Battery heated coffee mugs are a great way to keep coffee perfectly hot on the go or to heat up cold coffee when you're out and about. In the last couple of years a few good battery heated coffee mugs have come onto the market.

Most are quite expensive and some are much better than others so I wanted to create this article to share with you the best battery heated coffee mugs on the market today.

In short:

The best battery heated coffee mug is the Cauldryn Travel Mug. It has 16 oz capacity, 10 hours battery life and heat drinks up to boiling temperature or hold them at a perfect drinking temperature. The Ember Mug is the most beautiful heated mug but is more expensive with less battery life and less heating capacity.


Cauldryn Travel Mug

Price: ~$89 – $149 (see latest price at Amazon)

Capacity: 16 oz

Battery Life: 10 hours

Temp Range: 0-100ºC (32-212ºF)

Vacuum Insulated: Yes

Colors: Black

Weight: 1.65 lbs

Bluetooth: Yes

Accessories: Blender, Vehicle Adapter, Percolator, Coffee Lid

Runner Up

Ember Mug

Price: ~$99 – $179 (see latest price at Amazon)

Capacity: 10 + 12 oz

Battery Life: 1-3 hours

Temp Range: 49-62.5ºC (120-145ºC)

Vacuum Insulated: No

Colors: Black, White

Weight: 0.90-0.95 lbs

Bluetooth: Yes

Accessories: N/A

Best Performer: Cauldryn

When it comes to battery powered heated mugs none really compares to the Cauldryn in terms of pure performance both in terms of heating capacity as well as battery life.

The Cauldryn can maintain heat anywhere from room temperature up to boiling point and keep it there.

The Cauldryn is the only battery powered mug that can boil water

The battery life on this is also incredible. It can keep your drink at 135-145ºF (57-63ºC) for up to 10 hours.

This is the drinking temperature most people like their tea or coffee at so it's unlikely you'll want to go higher than this.

But if you do want to go hotter to make a cup of soup, heat up some freeze dried food or boil water to prep your coffee or tea then you can do that too.

The main body of the mug is vacuum insulated so once your drink reaches that temperature it can be held there without much energy.

It has a modular design so you can change out the heating element for a cool blender that allows you to make smoothies or cocktails wherever you are.

You can also plug it directly into a wall socket or into your car and keep your drinks hot without draining your battery.

If you want long lasting performance and if you want the ability to boil water then the Cauldryn is the best product for you.

For me it's perfect for boiling water in my van to make espresso and then even heating up the milk to mix into my coffee. I don't even need a stove to make coffee anymore.

It's also competitively priced and cheaper than some of the other alternatives making it even better value for money.

You can buy the Cauldryn directly through their website but as I'm writing this it's significantly cheaper on Amazon for some reason so it's worth checking it out over there using the links below.

See the latest price of the Cauldryn Heated Mug at Amazon

See the latest price of the Cauldryn Heater Mug + Blender at Amazon


  • Can boil water or keep it any temperature
  • Battery lasts for up to 10 hours
  • Vacuum insulated
  • Modular design
  • Blender accessory


  • Not the most beautiful mug
  • Only comes in black
  • Light stays on when in use
  • Stainless steel may impart flavors into your drink

Most Beautiful: Ember

The Ember is the runner up as it can't compete with the Cauldryn in terms of performance, but where it does excell and beat the competition is in it's looks.

This is a beautiful coffee mug to look at. Whether you're thinking of getting the smaller 10 oz mug which is great for the home or office or if you're looking at getting the 12 oz travel mug for your commute or travel both designs look really nice.

I did a full Cauldryn vs Ember comparison article where I looked at the differences between the two but in short:

The Ember is better than the Cauldryn in that it's ceramic plated so you won't taste the stainless steel, it looks better and it's much easier to charge if you're using it somewhere where you're close to power.

The Ember isn't as good as the Cauldryn in heating ability as it can only heat up to 145ºF (63ºC) and the battery life is only 1-3 hours whereas the Cauldryn is 10 hours. The Ember also isn't vacuum insulated so it loses heat faster once the battery dies.

It's not perfect and there are some Ember mug problems but the problems are minor. It's a quality made product that is made to a high standard and a cup I would be happy to recommended.

It comes in a 10 oz open mug or a 12 oz travel mug that has a leak proof lid. You can see the latest prices of each using the Amazon link below:

See the latest price of the Ember Mug at Amazon


  • Most beautiful battery powered mug
  • Comes in 2 different types and sizes
  • Ceramic plated so you don't taste the stainless steel
  • Easy charging


  • Short 1-3 hour battery life
  • Can only heat up to 145ºF (63ºC)
  • Not dishwasher proof

Glowstone Mug

The Glowstone Mug is a relatively new comer to the battery operated heated mug and it offers something unique to the mugs already mentioned.

Rather than being made of stainless steel this mug is actually made from fine bone china.

This means the Glowstone mug looks and feels like a normal household coffee mug and it's a pleasure to drink tea or coffee out of.

It works automatically when it detects liquid and keeps it hot for about 1 hour extra.

There are no temperature settings, rather it just heats up your drink to 60-65ºC (140-149ºF) until it runs out of battery then it stops working.

When it isn't working it's not insulated so your drink will get cold quickly.

But one of the major benefits of this mug is the fact that it uses Qi wireless charging. So if you already have a wireless phone charger you can use it for your Glowstone Mug.

The way they have done charging also means the mug is completely dishwasher proof.

It is new to the market so it's still quite expensive and I could only find it for sale through their website in the UK.

See the latest price of the Glowstone Mug


  • Made from fine bone china
  • Wireless charging
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Looks and feels like a household mug


  • Only available from a UK website
  • Expensive
  • Only 1 hour battery life
  • No temperature control

YeCup H

The YeCup was launched as a KickStarter campaign and became one of those products that took years to finally get into the hands of backers.

They promised to be able to both heat AND cool your drinks but after the original cups were released the cooling ability ended up being extremely poor and basically useless.

Introducting the YeCup H, a cheaper version of the original cup that only focuses on keeping drinks hot and doesn't try to keep them cold.

It's a cool cup with a trendy logo that lights up and it connects to your smartphone via bluetooth so you can set the temperature.

Unfortunately the battery life on these mugs as well as what type of insulation they use is unknown which makes them hard to recommend.

I would feel much more comfortable ordering a Cauldryn or a Ember than the YeCup, but if you're not interested in them you can give this one a try.

See the latest price of the YeCup


  • Wireless charging
  • Charge your smartphone with YeCup battery
  • Logo lights up


  • Only heats up to 70ºC (158ºF)
  • Unknown battery life

Forgotten Brands

The battery heated travel mug seems to be an area where brands come and go.

Cheaper alternatives or different brands launch and then disappear either due to lack of sales or maybe poor reviews or both.

Here are a couple of brands I found that looked like they launched but are now no longer available

  • Muggo (Ember Rip Off)
  • Jimi S3 Smart Heated Ceramic Mug (Ember Rip Off)

More Heated Coffee Mugs

Thos my my list of the best battery powered coffee mugs but you also have a bunch of other options for keeping coffee hot on the go.

Check out my list of the best heated coffee mugs for the car or find out which type of cup keeps coffee hot the longest.