What Does The Hydro Flask Symbol Mean?

Hydro Flask has quickly become an iconic brand. The bright colored bottles seem to be everywhere from school playgrounds to college campuses to offices and board meetings.

One of the things that makes the Hydro Flask brand so recognisable is its logo and symbol. But what does the Hydro Flask symbol mean?

What is it meant to represent and how has it changed over the years?

The Hydro Flask symbol is one of a smiling jumping person. It emphasises feelings of refreshment with hair that looks like water spraying out. It also expresses feelings of energy, joy and happiness with the smile and the jumping stance.

By looking at the symbol in more detail we can analyse it and derive meaning from it but press releases and quotes from Hydro Flask employees also explain what it is meant to represent.

What Is The Hydro Flask Symbol Meant To Be?

A quick look at the Hydro Flask logo and it's quite clear to most people that this is meant to be a person jumping for joy. It personally reminds me of those old Toyota ads “Oh what a feeling”

The Hydro Flask symbol has no representation of gender, which is perfect because the brand appeals to people of all genders.

“The Hydro Flask brand has always delivered a unique experience in a reliable, fun and inclusive way,”

Hydro Flask VP of Marketing and Product, David Visnack (according to Snewsnet)

The jumping stance and the smiling face seem to represent feelings of happiness, joy and excitement.

This lines up with the bright fun colors Hydro Flasks are sold in and what the brand aims to be.

“We feel the new logo is bolder and more recognizable. It imparts a sense of refreshment.”

Hydro Flask VP of Marketing and Product, David Visnack (according to Snewsnet)

According to the acting CEO back in 2015 – Scott Allen – the Hydro Flask company deliberately set out to create a brand that was a fun and active lifestyle brand.

This was the year that Hydro Flask changed their logo to make it bolder and easier to recognise.

By the end of 2012, we decided we wanted to create a fun, active lifestyle brand and to be a brand that does the right thing, not one that just sells a lot of water bottles.

CEO Scott Allen in 2015 (Inc Article)

To Original Hydro Flask Logo Reveals More About What The Symbol Means

By having a look at the original logo from when Hydro Flask started you can get more of an understand of what the symbol means.

In the original symbol the hair of the Hydro Flask character looks a lot more like water droplets. The design of the water droplets looks like they are splashing out away from the person as they jump.

This does evoke a sense of refreshment (given the person seems to be made from water) but also a sense of happiness, fun and enjoyment.

This little Hydro Flask person just seems to love drink cold water.