Can You Wear A Swim Bra Under A Rash Guard? (Get More Support)

Rash guards are great for protecting your skin from the sun and can also make you feel more comfortable at the beach. However, rash guards offer nothing in the way of bust support. Can you wear a swim bra under a rash guard for support? Does it look ok?

You can wear a swim bra, bikini, or any swimsuit under your rash guard to obtain support. Usually a two-piece is worn under a rash guard, and one-pieces not as often. Wearing regular bras under your rash guard is NOT recommended as the pool or salt water will ruin the bra.

Wearing a rash guard on its own isn’t an option for most people who have breasts. It isn’t just the lack of support but the tendency for the guards to become semi-transparent or clink tightly to your skin when wet (awkward).

However, due to the material of a rash guard and the fact that it does cling very tightly to your skin when wet , anything worn underneath needs to be pretty smooth and not have exposed features you're not proud to show off (as these will be seen by everyone).

What Do You Wear For Breast Support Under A Rash Guard?

Rash guards are a brilliant invention. They not only keep you comfortable in a wetsuit, but they are excellent sun protection too. But if you have breasts, you’ll probably need something else under the rash guard for support. 

Below are a few different support options you can wear under a rash guard:

Bikini For Support Under A Rash Guard?

Bikinis can be brilliant for support under a rash guard. However, you need to find a bikini that actually supports you.

The best lift for larger sizes is with an underwire. Many places will recommend halters. However, after a certain cup size is surpassed, using a halter for support also means financially supporting your chiropractor to treat your neck pain. 

For maximum support, it is best to find bikini tops with:

  • Underwire
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Sold in cup sizes and different rib widths. 

The other issue is that padding is popular to hide nipples and offer smaller breasts some support. But padding doesn’t dry fast and can cause rashes, acne, blisters, and infections.

Also, at larger cup sizes, padding is just causing alien-boob formations that your rash guard will emphasize. Look for smooth styles with wider straps to prevent gouging in the shoulder.  

Under a rash guard, your best bikini tops will be smooth designs rather than textures like lace or crochet. You want the bikini top free of:

  • Bows
  • Ruffles
  • Knots
  • Zippers

Some excellent options are:

Sports Bra For Support Under A Rash Guard?

Sports bras can offer excellent support under a rash guard. But unless it is specifically made for swimming, it can be rapidly be destroyed by chlorine or seawater. Thus, if you want to wear a sports bra, don’t use your favorite one for going to the gym. Instead, pick one that you can afford to fall apart. 

If a sports bra is what you feel best in, remember the following:

  • Quick-dry fabrics (mesh sections will help)
  • Avoid hook-and-eye or other rust-prone metal clasps
  • Avoid zippers (they will catch and rip your rash guard)
  • Avoid heavy padding or molding

Remember, anything that holds water long after your swim can cause chafing, rashes, or under-boob yeast infections. 

Swim Bra For Support Under A Rash Guard?

Some swim bras can provide some support under a rash guard. These are bras that are specifically designed to provide optimal support for you whilst also being made of materials that are quick dry and can handle pool chemicals and salt water.

Some examples include:

One Piece Swimsuit For Support Under A Rash Guard?

A supportive swimsuit will work under a rash guard. However, it will make any trips to the bathroom highly inconvenient.  First, you have to wrestle the rash guard off before getting the one piece down. There is the whole “pull your suit to the side” trick to do your business, but that can go wrong. It also makes it more challenging to change under a sarong or towel. 

Nonetheless, some incredibly supportive one-pieces are out there that will fit nicely under a rash guard. Excellent brands to consider:

Like other options, avoid one-pieces with frills, bows, and lots of texture. These features don’t do well under a rash guard. 

Swimwear Pushup Inserts For Support Under A Rash Guard?

Using a swimwear pushup insert could work to provide you support and shape under your rash guard. However it could also lead to an embarrassing situation where it heads south.

Thus, if you want to wear one, they are best paired with a one-piece swimsuit to help keep the inserts in place. 

Can You Wear A Bra Under A Rash Guard? What Kind Should You Wear?

You can wear a bra under a rash guard. These days it is popular to use rash guards for dry activities, such as hiking, and a bra is an excellent solution. The best bras for wearing under a rash guard are smooth, with no bows, knots, or any other textured decor. They also need any hooks, clasps, or zippers to be covered so they won’t catch on the rash guard’s fabric. 

Some women use adhesive bras to provide support under their swimwear. Just make sure the pool or seawater won’t react with the adhesive to cause a nasty skin condition. 

If wearing a regular bra under your rash guard for swimming, the same advice with sports bras applies:

  • Quick-dry fabrics (mesh sections will help)
  • Avoid hook-and-eye or other rust-prone metal clasps
  • Avoid zippers (they will catch and rip your rash guard)
  • Avoid heavy padding or molding

Do Women’s Rash Guards Have Built In Bras?

Most rash guards will NOT have a built-in bra. There are some tankinis out there that look similar to rash guards that sometimes have built-in support. However, by stitching the support into the rash guard, you risk losing flexibility and range of motion, and most rash guards just do not offer any support at all.

Do You Wear Anything Under A Rash Guard?

You don’t have to wear anything under a rash guard. For example, most men do not. However, rash guards can be pretty transparent when wet and will stick tight to your skin, making most people with breasts want something underneath. Also, those with bigger breasts will want some additional support.  

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Final Thoughts

You can wear something under your rash guard for breast support. A bikini top or swim bra will also provide an extra layer should your rash guard go transparent when wet.

A one-piece swimsuit also works well under a rash guard, but it can make certain changing situations, and bathroom needs tricky. But the choice is yours. Avoid anything that will rip your rash guard or cause chafing, a rash, or a skin infection.