5 Common RTIC Gasket Problems [+ Fixes]

I love my RTIC tumblers and water bottle because the quality’s great, it's price is affordable compared to other brands and I love its look.

Last month I noticed that the lid’s gasket was getting a bit gross and a bit loose on the lid. I guess you would expect that after having the tumbler for over 5 years now!

Turns out I'm not the only one and there are some common RTIC gasket problems but luckily these issues are easy to fix or you can always replace the gasket fairly cheaply.

The most common RTIC gasket problems are mold and grime buildup or a loose and damaged gasket. To fix your RTIC gasket remove the gasket from the lid, clean it thoroughly and replace once dry. If it’s stretched or damaged then you’ll need to purchase a replacement gasket or claim it under warranty.

A variety of things can cause gasket problems in RTIC drinkware. The gasket can weaken or slacken over time due to heat from washing. It can also break or tear if it’s been exposed to harsh chemicals or rough use. A faulty RTIC gasket (or one that’s been put on incorrectly) can also leak.

However, fixing the issue is usually fairly straightforward and not costly. 

1. Moldy Gasket

I normally clean my RTIC tumblers every time I’ve used them but I will admit that this washing doesn't involve taking off the rubber gasket and cleaning it and cleaning underneath it.

Recently I removed my loose gasket I noticed a bit of mold underneath.

This can happen in both RTIC tumblers and bottles as well as a variety of other brands so it's good to know about this as you should not drink from a bottle that has mold in it.

The area between the gasket and the lid is dark and moist and difficult to clean and dry regularly. This makes it the ideal breeding ground for mold.

Although the gasket is made of rubber and repels water, a little bit can still get through behind it, encouraging mold growth. 

Once it’s built up enough, mold has a fuzzy and slippery texture. This can cause your gasket to move around too much and even fall off. It can also put mold into your water and if you drink it then it can be harmful to you.

To prevent this, I recommend deep cleaning your tumbler/bottle once a month and treating it for mold.

If you don’t know how to do this, check out my article where I explain how to remove mold and smells from a Hydroflask (a similar product to RTIC bottles).

2. Grime in the Gasket

Mold is the most common grime you’ll find in the gasket but other dirt can still cause it not to work properly. 

If you’re like me and enjoy sipping from your water bottle during lunch, you’ll know that crumbs and other food bits can get into the bottle.

If these are small enough they can get dislodged around the gasket and move behind it when you close the bottle. 

The same goes if you use your RTIC bottle a lot when outdoors. Tiny pieces of stones, dust and vegetation can fall into the bottle and get stuck behind the gasket, causing issues. Especially when you hike with kids like I do and they don't necessarily have the same respect for gear that I have.

Luckily, this problem can easily be solved by deep cleaning your bottle. 

3. Weakened or Slack Gasket

This has happened to me before and it's something that can happen to your gaskets over time. The rubber begins to stretch and lose it's flexibility and become loose enough to no longer seal properly.

I think that because I normally use very hot water when cleaning my water bottle and I put my RTIC in the dishwasher sometimes (shhhhh) that my gaskets deteriorate faster than if I was a bit more careful with them. 

I think the continuous exposure to hot water causes the rubber gasket to expand and contract so many times that it became weak and slack.

A weak gasket can also be caused by often using acidic drinks or cleaning with harsh chemicals, like bleach. 

Unfortunately, you can’t really fix a weak or loose gasket and you’ll need to replace it. You can buy a new gasket from RTIC or Amazon

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4. Leaking Gasket

A leaking RTIC bottle could mean the lid or gasket is faulty. The gasket helps the lid form a tight seal, preventing water from escaping. 

If your bottle is leaking, examine the lid and gasket and look for signs of grime, wear and tear, or broken parts. If the gasket shows wear and tear in some areas or a split then this could be how water is getting through.

A common issue, however, is if you’ve recently cleaned the lid and didn’t put the gasket on properly (in this case, just remove it and put it on correctly).

If the lid itself is damaged (not just the gasket), you’ll need to buy a new one from RTIC or Amazon. If your bottle is quite old, weigh up the pros and cons of buying a new lid versus a new bottle. 

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5. Broken Gasket

Aside from normal wear and tear, RTIC water bottle gaskets can occasionally break completely or get cracks or tears in them.

This sometimes happens if you’re cleaning the lid and use a sharp tool to remove the gasket. 

Otherwise, you may have a dud gasket but this is rare. 

If you’ve had your RTIC bottle for 90 days or less, the good news is that you can claim under their warranty (if you bought your bottle from RTIC, Amazon, or one of their accredited retailers). 

Admittedly, this warranty period is quite if you compare it to Yeti, which offers a 5-year warranty. Or compared to Hydro Flask who offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

As long as the faulty gasket isn’t because you mishandled the bottle, RTIC will likely send you a new bottle or a replacement gasket at the very least.

If your warranty has lapsed, buy a new gasket from RTIC or Amazon. 

As you can see, RTIC gasket problems aren’t usually serious, and you can easily resolve them by cleaning or replacing the gasket or lid.