How To Open A CamelBak Bladder

CamelBak makes two types of bladders, the Crux and Fusion reservoirs. 

Crux reservoirs have a simple twist-off cap and Fusion reservoirs have a toothless, watertight zipper — both of which are pretty straightforward to open. 

To open a CamelBak Crux reservoir, remove the bladder from the pack, place it on a solid surface, and twist the cap in a counterclockwise direction. To open a Fusion reservoir, remove the bladder from the pack and simply pull the zipper across the tracks. 

If you’re having difficulty opening your reservoir, the cap may occasionally get stuck because the lid was cross-threaded, there’s dried drink residue in the threads or zipper, the lid was overtightened, or, if you store your bladder in the freezer, it’s frozen shut. 

How To Open A CamelBak Crux Reservoir

CamelBak Crux reservoirs seal with a simple, screw-on cap. Unless your cap is jammed, opening it is usually as simple as unscrewing the lid. 

Step 1: Remove The Bladder From The Pack

Before you can open up your Crux reservoir, you need to first remove it from the pack.  

Unzip your CamelBak’s bladder pocket, grab the bladder by its top edge (not by the handle), and gently slide it out. 

Place the bladder cap side up on a solid surface.

Step 2: Turn The Cap Counterclockwise

Using the ridges on the cap, gently turn the lid in a counterclockwise direction. 

It should unscrew and open pretty easily. If not, move on to step 3 to figure out why and what to do about it. 

Step 3: If You’re Having Trouble, Your Lid May Be Stuck

If the lid doesn’t unscrew easily, there are a few possible causes. Check out my deep dive on how to unstick a stuck CamelBak cap to learn more.

How To Open A CamelBak Fusion Reservoir

CamelBak Fusion 3L Reservoir with Tru Zip Waterproof Zipper, Clear

CamelBak Fusion reservoirs seal with a TRU Zip toothless, waterproof zipper. For the most part, opening one is as easy as sliding the zipper across the track. 

Step 1: Remove The Bladder From The Pack

Remove the bladder from the pack by unzipping your CamelBak’s bladder pocket, grabbing your reservoir by its top seam, and gently sliding out. 

Sit your reservoir on a solid, flat surface with the zipper facing up. 

Step 2: Pull The Zipper Open

Open the bladder by sliding the zipper across the tracks in the opposite direction. 

Every now and then, a section of the zipper may remain sealed after opening, but you can just pull it apart with your fingers without worrying about causing any damage.

If it becomes a frequent issue, you can reset your TRU Zip zipper by closing it and allowing it to rest flat and undisturbed for about 24 hours. 

Step 3: What To Do If The Zipper Isn’t Working Correctly

Because TRU Zip zippers are toothless and have malleable tracks, they very rarely jam like regular zippers. 

But, if you drink something other than water from your bladder, drink residue will occasionally dry between the tracks and make them stick together. 

Soaking the bladder in hot, but not boiling, water should soften the residue enough to unstick the zipper. 

If it’s still being stubborn, you can use your fingernails to pry open the track from the middle. 

Be sure to scrub the tracks thoroughly with hot water and dish soap before resealing, or you’re likely to have the same issue again next time.