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Best Yeti Knockoff Cooler

Best Yeti Knockoff Cooler

Yeti’s are great coolers but they are EXPENSIVE! The is my recommendation for the best yeti knockoff cooler for a number of reasons. We will go into these reasons in detail but basically the Pelican is a cheaper cooler for…

Best Camping Cooler

Canyon Cooler Ice Retention

As one of the best-performing coolers with the thickest insulation, a lifetime warranty and a great price the is the best camping cooler on the market. There are a lot of great coolers out there and it was difficult to…

Best Electric Cooler

Wagan Is The Best Electric Cooler

With a not-too-big-not-too-small size, cooling and warming capabilities and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, the is the best electric cooler for most people. The Wagan EL6224 is a 12V cooler with a large 24L (~25-quart) capacity that will cool its interior to about 36°F (20°C) below…