Best Hydro Flask Lids: You’ll Love These Cool Unique Lid Options

Hydro Flask bottles are great, I own a couple and absolutely love them. But what makes a Hydro Flask even better is having the right lid for it.

There are a variety of different lids available, some from the brand Hydro Flask itself as well as some secondary brands that offer cool lids that are compatible with Hydro Flask bottles.

This gives you a variety of options to choose from so you can get the perfect lid to suit you and the way you want to drink out of your Hydro Flask.

In this article we'll rank the best Hydro Flask lids for both the wide mouth bottles and the standard mouth bottles.

Two Main Lid Sizes/Type – Wide and Standard

Before you rush out and buy a Hydro Flask lid you need to understand that there are actually different lid sizes depending on the size of your bottle.

There are two main sizes of Hydro Flask lid, the standard mouth lid and the wide mouth lid.

Standard Mouth Lid

The standard mouth lid is 1.91 inches in diameter and has the thread on the inside. This means the standard mouth lid threads are on the outside of the lid and the lid protrudes into the bottle when you screw it on.

The standard mouth lids fit the:

  • 18 oz Standard Mouth bottle
  • 21 oz Standard Mouth bottle
  • 24 oz Standard Mouth bottle
  • 25 oz Wine bottle

Wide Mouth Lid

The wide mouth bottles are more popular and as you would expect have a wider opening than the standard mouth. You can see all the specs of all the bottles on my Hydro Flask Sizes Chart page.

The mouth opening of this bottle is 2.28 inches in diameter which is 0.37 inches larger than the standard mouth.

The thread for these bottles is on the outside which means the lids have their thread on the inside and they don't protrude into the bottle so you can fill it up all the way.

The wide mouth lids fit the:

  • 12 oz Kids bottle
  • 12 oz Coffee bottle
  • 16 oz Coffee bottle
  • 20 oz Wide Mouth bottle
  • 20 oz Coffee bottle
  • 32 oz Wide Mouth bottle
  • 40 oz Wide Mouth bottle
  • 64 oz Wide Mouth bottle

There Is Also The Growler and Oasis Lids

There's also the Beer Growler as well as the 64 oz and 128 oz Oasis Hydro Flask bottles but these only really come with the lid you buy them with and you can't get multiple different types of lids for these bottles.

Best Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Lids

We will start with the best Wide Mouth Hydro Flask lids as these are more popular and fit more sizes of Hydro Flasks.

I'll rank them from my most favorite to my least favorite for you but ultimately no one lid is “best” as it depends on what style you like and what you'll be using your lids for.

Best Hydro Flask Branded Lids

We are going to start by talking specifically about the lids made by Hydro Flask themselves. Then we will have a look at some really cool lids from other brands that are designed to fit the Hydro Flask bottles.

1. BEST LID: Wide Mouth Straw Lid

In my opinion this is the best and most convenient lid that Hydro Flask makes.

It's screws on and off like a normal lead for filling up your hydro flask but once it's on you don't need to open and close it in order to drink water.

It flips up for easy drinking and folds down for leak free storage when not in use. The straw is wide for easy flow and it also comes with a spare in case you lose it or it gets moldy. Click here to learn how to clean mold from a Hydro Flask.

My kids almost instantly lost the straws and turns out it still works great without the straw. You can just tip it up in order to drink out of it and unlike the Yeti the finger handle doesn't get in the way.

It has a finger loop for easy carrying or attaching to a carabiner and it's dishwasher safe, though you should pull it apart and clean it properly from time to time which can be a little tedious.

In my opinion this is the best lid for the Hydro Flask bottles and you should get one if you don't have it already.

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2. Wide Mouth Flex Sip Cap – BEST FOR COFFEE

The Flew Sip Cap is a new cap from Hydro Flask that has improved upon and basically replaced the old “Hydro Flip” cap which people didn't really like because it wasn't leak proof.

This lid is great for coffee and tea but can also be used for water.

It has a twist top that you can turn into an open position for drinking or into a closed position for leak proof storage.

It doesn't have any carry handles so this can be a downside to this lid compared to other options.

You do have to disassemble to clean which can be tedious but it is top rack dishwasher safe so that makes things easier.

This is the best lid for coffee lovers or those of you who want to avoid the straw.

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3. Wide Mouth Flex Cap

The Wide Mouth Flex Cap is just the standard cap that comes with any wide mouth Hydro Flask bottle.

Nothing too fancy about it, it just screws on tight and is completely leak proof and then screws off when you want to drink.

It's made tough and robust and shouldn't break easily and has a flexible rotating carry strap for easy carrying.

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4. Hydro Flip

This is the last (and worst) lid offered by Hydro Flask themselves.

It's made for coffee and while the concept is good the downsides of the fact that this lid isn't leak proof and that the cap that folds back can end up on your face is a bit annoying.

Still decent but just not as good as the rest. If you buy a Hydro Flask coffee bottle and it comes with it then it's not bad, but I wouldn't go out and buy one of these for a Hydro Flask you already have.

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Best Third Party Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Lids

Now we'll take a look at lids from other companies that are compatible with the wide mouth Hydro Flasks. Some of these lids are actually better than the ones Hydro Flask make and some have uniques uses (like filtration).

HydroCap UV Light Filter Lid (by Waatr)

The HydroCap is my current favorite lid for my Hydro Flask bottles as it uses UV lights that shine into you water and effectively kill 99.9% or more of bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

You can activate a 1 minute cycle or self cleaning mode designed to keep tap water clean to drink or when I'm out and about bush walking I can even fill up my Hydro Flask with water from the river (which I do) and treat it to a 3 minute UV cycle and I can then confidently drink that water. Check out my full HydroCap review for more details or watch my video below on the product:

At around $99 the HydroCap is a little pricier than other lids on this list but it's a filtration system that doesn't need to be regularly replaced and is backed by a 10 year warranty.

I love the versatility this gives me to drink water from almost any water source and to treat it so I know the water won't make me sick. The battery lasts quite a long time and doesn't regularly need to be recharged either.

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(or compare to the latest price of the HydroCap at

Takeya Bottle Spout Lid

These come in different colors and have a rubber grip around it which is handy when you're taking the lid on and off.

The spout is wide and has it's threads on the inside which makes it more comfortable to drink from.

The cap isn't insulated but it does have a wide loop handle for 3 finger carrying. The handle also folds flush with the bottle which makes it very practical.

It's also a very affordable and one of the cheapest lid options available.

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Simple Modern Chug Sports Lid

This is an insulated plastic lid which is double walled and so it will help to hold ice longer.

The spout is wide and easy to use, has the threads on the inside as well as a little lip for your lips making it less likely you'll dribble water.

The cap folds back into the handle for it's out of the way and the handle is strong and durable but does stick out a fair bit. It comes in loads of different colors.

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Aquamira Water Filter Lid

If you want to filter your water then the Aquamira Filter Lid is a great solution.

It has a flip cap style and a rubber seal so that it doesn't leak when closed. You need to suck through the water it doesn't just pour out like the chug lids.

They have a standard filter as well as stronger filter for protection from bacteria and biological contaminants for when you're out in the field.

It's also more expensive than standard lids but you would expect that because you get the filtration.

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The Answer Water Filter System

Another filtration option is one by Epic Water Filters called “The Answer”.

This is a straw cap design as opposed to the flip cap of the Aquamira so some of you may prefer that.

It comes with a filter, a straw and two different lids. The Easy-Flip Sports Lid as well as the Locking Dust Cover Lid.

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Original Style Wide Mouth Lid

Hydro Flask used to make wide mouth lids that had a plastic connector that kept the lid always attached to the bottle so you don't lose it. You can see this on the Lychee Red Hydro Flask in my list of discontinued Hydro Flask colors.

You can recreate this original style and never lose your lid against with this Flex Top Wide Mouth Cap.

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Stainless Steel Lid

For those of you who want to avoid plastic entirely then you can now get stainless steel Hydro Flask lids.

Just a basic stainless steel lid with a stainless steel carry handle and rubber gasket to make it completely leak proof.

This is quite popular and quite affordable too.

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Paracord Handles

Paracord handles are a fun way to brighten up your Hydro Flask lid while provide an easier and more comfortable way to carry your bottle.

The material is super strong but also mold, mildew and rot resistant making it perfect for water bottles.

They are easy to add onto your bottle and will fit over any lid you have. They also have a spot to clip a carabiner if you want to.

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Best Standard Mouth Hydro Flask Lids

Unfortunately if you have a standard mouth Hydro Flask bottle (like I do) then there are a lot less lid options available to you. Below are 2 options from Hydro Flask themselves and one from a different brand.

Standard Mouth Flex Cap

The Wide Mouth Flex Cap is just the standard cap that comes with any standard mouth Hydro Flask bottle.

It's different to the wide mouth in that the thread is on the inside and so the cap protrudes into the bottle a bit when closed. Don't fill your bottle to the brim or water will come gushing out as you try to close the lid tight.

Nothing too fancy about it, it just screws on tight and is completely leak proof and then screws off when you want to drink.

It's made tough and robust and shouldn't break easily and has a flexible rotating carry strap that can fit about 2 fingers for easy carrying.

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Standard Mouth Sports Cap

The standard mouth sports cap has a rubber cap that you can pull open to drink or push closed to make it leak proof.

It screws on and off for filling up your bottle but then stays on for drinking.

Some people like them but the rubber is tough and hard to open and close. I found opening with my teeth is easiest but closing required hitting the rubber lid with the palm of my hand to get a good close.

This lid is ok but not amazing.

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Standard Mouth Straw Lid

The Standard Mouth Straw Lid isn't made by Hydro Flask but is instead made by a third party company. However, it is compatible with all standard mouth Hydro Flask bottles.

This is my favorite standard mouth lid and operates much the same as the wide mouth straw lid.

It has a wide straw for easy drinking and a flip up spout for drinking when open and then closes to become leak proof.

It also comes with a wide carry handle that allows you to carry the bottle with 3 fingers and it doesn't touch your nose when drinking.

I recommend this as the best lid if you have a standard mouth Hydro Flask

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Flip Top Lid With Carrying Loop

It's good to see another option for the standard mouth as there really aren't many available.

This is a flip top chug lid with a wide open mouth for quick and easy drinking and it closes tight making it completely leakproof.

It's got a push button to flip it open which the kids will really love as well as a two finger carry loop for easy carrying. This loop folds down flat when not in use making it low profile.

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