6 Best Snake Repellent Powders That Actually Work

When you live in an area with a high snake population you want to invest in an effective snake repellent powder. One that is actually proven to work, works long term and will repel snakes and keep them away.

There are so many different options available it can be difficult to know which ones actually work and are effective and which ones do nothing.

That's why I collected a list of some of the most effective snake repellents on the market.

The best snake repellent powders that actually work are Pufado Snake Repellent, Snake B Gone and Snake A Way. Snake Stopper, Snake Shield, and iMust Garden Snake Repellent also deter snakes well. 

Before spending money on a commercial snake repellent, it’s a good idea to understand how it works to deter snakes so you can buy the most suitable one. 

How Do The Best Snake Repellent Powders Work?

As you may remember from high school biology, snakes have a heightened sense of smell compared to us humans.

They use their tongue and the inside of their mouth to smell and the way effective snake repellent powders work is they produce a strong smell that snakes don't like.

When the snakes come near the powder they can be overwhelmed by the smell and move away from it to other areas.

Are Snake Repellent Powders Always Effective?

Unfortunately, no.

While snake repellents are generally effective they are not 100% fool proof and some snakes will not be effected by the repellent and will still pass over it not seeming to notice it at all.

Snake repellents also have the problem that they are less effective over time as the smell begins to dissipate. So sometimes regular application is needed, especially in snake infested areas, and this can get quite expensive.

The most effective snake repellent is always habitat removal and reduction as well as rodent removal.

Snakes are attracted to areas that provide cover and shelter and that have a rodent population they can feed on.

We feel that the only way to reduce the number of snakes found in and around houses is to remove or reduce their habitat. Snakes are attracted to areas that have rodent populations or provide needed cover and shelter. The removal of log or trash piles close to houses or frequently used buildings will help reduce cover for snakes and their prey. Keeping the vegetation adjacent to houses closely mowed or trimmed will reduce food and cover for rodent populations. Tight fitting screens and doors along with the sealing of all cracks and holes into the crawl space or basement will keep snakes out of the house.

Gary J. San Julian – North Carolina State University 1985

By combining habitat and rodent removal and an effective snake repellent powder or granule you're going to have more success than if you just use snake repellent alone and don't make any other changes.

Now that you're aware of the limitations of these products here are some of the most effective snake repellent powders on the market:

1. Pufado Snake Repellent

Pufado Snake Repellent Balls for Yard (4 Pack)

Snake Repellents are able to repel copperheads, rattlesnake, cottonmoth and other breeds of snakes. They contain a scent that the snakes hate, providing barrier for your yard and home effectively.

The effect lasts for 2-3 months and is rain resistant and sun proof

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Pufado Snake Repellent from Amazon comes in dry balls that you can place throughout your garden, garage or home to repel snakes. They are also really good to use camping as you can place them around your camp site and then collect them when you leave.

Its key ingredient is peppermint, one of the most potent essential oils that snakes hate. One Pufado ball can repel snakes up to 120 cubic feet and, because it’s big enough, you can bring it with you when camping or hiking. 

Since this product is natural and non-toxic, you can safely use it in your garden if you have pets or kids and it won’t harm the surrounding vegetation. 

It’s also rain and sun-resitant so you won’t have to reapply the product after a heavy rain shower or intense sunlight. 

Each pack comes with 4 balls but you can also buy larger bags with more balls. 

If you also have a mole problem, you might consider Pufado’s Mole Repellent Balls, which are also effective against gophers, armadillos and other burrowing animals.  

2. Snake B Gon

Ortho Snake B Gon - Snake Repellent Granules (2 Pack)
$24.99 ($0.39 / Ounce)

This ready-to-use formula can cover approximately 1,440 sq. ft. per bottle and acts as a snake repellent to prevent them entering the area, nesting and foraging. Has a 'no-stink' formula and is long lasting up to 30 days.

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Snake B Gone from Amazon is another highly-rated and effective snake repellent powder to give you peace of mind against snakes. 

Unlike some snake deterrent products, it has a neutral scent and won’t make your garden smell too much like sulfur. Though some people have complained that the smell is really strong in the first few days and can be really bad.

As a natural product, its active ingredients include the following: 

  • Peppermint oil
  • Geraniol
  • Clove oil
  • Cinnamon oil 
  • Castor oil 

Snakes hate the smell of all these essential oils and will move away from them. 

If you have a rodent issue on your property (rodents attract snakes), the peppermint oil will help deter these creatures as well. 

One application lasts for 30 days and you don’t have to apply it after heavy rains. Snake B Goe works against venomous and non-venemous snakes and the granules are small and not too noticeable. 

It comes in a durable 32oz container that’s easy to apply directly to your lawn or vegetation and is effective for an area of up to 1,440 square feet. 

3. Snake A Way

Victor Snake-A-Way Outdoor Snake Repellent Granules (10 lbs)
$39.99 $26.89 ($0.17 / Ounce)

These granules begin working immediately to repel venomous and non-venomous snakes. The granules temporarily disrupt snakes’ olfactory sense organ, sending them in search of fresh air.

One application lasts for up to 2-3 months. Reapply after heavy rain for best results

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Snake A Way from Amazon is the only EPA-registered snake repellent currently on the market, meaning the active ingredients have been vetted and approved by the EPA to be safe. 

The active ingredient is sulfur, a substance with a strong rotten egg like smell that overwhelms a snake’s sensitive sense of smell. 

If you want a product that lasts long, this one is your best bet because one application typically lasts between 2 and 3 months and is effective for up to half an acre. However, you have to reapply it after heavy rain. 

How you apply this product depends on the types of snakes you want to repel. 

For example, garter snakes only need a 4-5 inch wide band of Snake-A-Way to be repelled, while rattlesnakes need a wider band of 8-10 inches. 

The standard bag is 4 pounds but you can also buy it in bulk (10 and 28 pounds) to save a little money. 

4. Snake Stopper

Bonide Snake Stopper Snake Repellent (1.5 lbs)
$14.79 ($0.62 / Ounce)

These ready to use snake repellent granules are made from natural ingredients including cinnamon oil, cedarwood oil and clove oil which have a strong smell and taste to naturally deter snakes.

Safe for use around people and pets and made from biodegradable ingredients that will not harm plants.

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Snake Stopper from Amazon is an excellent choice for a dry snake repellent because it contains a powerful blend of essential oils to deter snakes, including: 

  • Cinnamon oil
  • Clove oil
  • Cedarwood oil

These are USDA-approved ingredients for snake, iguana and lizard repellents. However, some customers have reported that it’s also effective against toads, frogs and other garden pests. 

With its all-natural ingredients, this product will eventually biodegrade into the soil and isn’t harmful to the surrounding vegetation, wildlife or pets. 

If you have a snake issue in your garage, outhouse or basement, you can use Snake Stopper for these areas as well. 

This product comes in a handy 4 lb bottle and is easy to apply. 

This product has countless fantastic reviews but the only downside to it is that you have to reapply it every 2 weeks. 

5. Snake Shield

Snake Shield Granular Repellent (4 Lbs)
$17.99 $14.50 ($0.23 / Ounce)

These granules begin working immediately to humanely repel venomous and non-venomous snakes, such as garter snakes or rattlesnakes.

Offers long-lasting results. Reapply after heavy rain for best results

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Snake Shield from Amazon is a very effective snake deterrent because it contains essential oils and sulfur to pack a big punch against snakes. This combination of many different active ingredients makes Snake Shield unique and a great consideration.

Its active ingredients include: 

  • Clove oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Cedarwood oil
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate

The product format is small granules that you can apply to your lawn, flower beds or indoor spaces (such as barns, garages and outhouses).

If you don’t use all the granules in the 4 lb bag, you can save it for a later application as the bag is resealable. The granules have a grey-brown color, making them blend in well with your garden. 

Snake Shield won’t harm your vegetation or animals but if ingested, it may cause mild discomfort due to the sodium lauryl sulfate. 

6. iMust Garden Snake Repellent

I Must Garden Snake Repellent: Powerful All-Natural Protection (5 Lbs)
$24.99 ($0.31 / Ounce)

Contains more active ingredients than any other snake repellent on the market for stronger, longer-lasting protection. Made from natural ingredients and botanical oils that have a pleasant cedar scent, and are safe for pets, people, and the environment. Contains NO harmful chemicals and will NOT hurt the snakes – it only repels them

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iMust Garden Snake Repellent from Amazon is a botanical snake deterrent product consisting of essential oils, with cedarwood being the main active ingredient.  

Most of the granules are dark brown with lighter brown granules interspersed so they won’t look unsightly when applied.  

Depending on how large your space is, you can buy it in the following size bags or plastic containers: 

  • 3 lb
  • 4 lb
  • 5 lb shaker
  • 5 lb resealable bag

A 5 lb container will be good for up to 500 square feet but you’ll need to reapply it after a heavy rain shower. If you want to repel snakes while camping, you can sprinkle some around your campsite’s perimeter. 

It’s effective against a wide range of venomous and non-venemous snakes and an application lasts approximately a month.