How To Remove The Hydro Flask Logo From Your Bottle

Hydro Flasks are amazing bottles that keep drinks cold or hot all day long. But what if you want to completely remove the Hydro Flask logo from your bottle?

Maybe you don't want people knowing how much you paid for your bottle or maybe you don't like rocking the jumping person logo and you're into that clean fresh look. Some people may want to do it so people are less likely to steal their Hydro Flask bottle.

Luckily, it is possible to remove the Hydro Flask logo from your bottle and there are actually a couple of ways to do it:

To remove your Hydro Flask logo from your bottle use acetone (nail polish remover) on the logo and it will rub off the logo but not the paint underneath. Super fine wet sandpaper can also be used to remove the logo.

Alternatively you can cover up the logo with stickers or paint your entire Hydro Flask.

It's actually a pretty simple process to do and isn't too difficult.

The Hydro Flask logo paint is different to the powder coat that is underneath the logo and it's easier to get off.

It's painted on after the original powder coat layer is done and the logo paint is much thinner than the underlying powder coated paint so you are able to remove it without removing all of the paint.

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A Word of Caution Before You Begin

Applying chemicals to or rubbing sandpaper on your Hydro Flask does have the potential to damage it, discolor the powder coated paint or strip the paint off your Hydro Flask altogether so proceed with caution and know you are taking a risk here.

The same paint that is used on the logo is used on the bottom of your Hydro Flask to state the size of the bottle etc.

It's a good idea to test out whatever logo removal method you're using on the bottom of your Hydro Flask first just in case it causes any issues.

This allows you to test it out and if anything goes wrong at least it goes wrong on the bottom of your bottle where no one can see it.

Note: This won't work on the bottom of fake Hydro Flasks as these don't have printed ink but rather engraved writing.

Remove The Logo With Acetone (Nail Polish Remover)

Probably the simplest and easiest way to remove the Hydro Flask logo is using acetone (aka. nail polish remover).

This person was able to effectively remove the logo from their Hydro Flask using acetone without taking off the underlying coat of paint.

You'll want to get some cotton wool pads and soak some with acetone and some with water and maybe even have some dry.

Apply the acetone soaked buds to the logo rubbing in circular motions to remove the logo paint. Then use wet or dry cotton bud to wipe away the excess logo paint.

Once complete you'll want to give your bottle a good wash with warm soapy water so the acetone doesn't continue to eat away at the underlying paint.

Again, try this on a small section of the bottom of your Hydro Flask first before you do it on the front, just in case it does damage the paint.

Sand Off The Logo With Super Fine Sand Paper

Super fine sandpaper that has been soaked in water and made wet is a great way to remove scratches from your Hydro Flask, but it can also be used to remove the logo.

The logo is just a thin layer of paint on top of the thicker layer of powder coated paint.

The idea here is to use the super fine sandpaper to remove the layer of logo paint while not removing so much of the powder coated paint that it's noticeable.

To do this get 2000 grit or 3000 grit sandpaper and soak it in water.

Wet your Hydro Flask logo and use the sandpaper to rub off the logo.

DO NOT apply a lot of force, let the sandpaper do the work for you. When the sandpaper stops feeling like it's gliding over your bottle dip it in the water to keep it wet.

With time and attention to detail the logo will come off completely and the paint underneath will look just fine.

Don't use too coarse of a sandpaper or it will scratch up your bottle really badly.

Use a Magic Eraser

Magic erasers are made from a type of plastic foam that happens to be micro-abrasive. They are also easily available from your local supermarket or from Amazon.

Use a magic eraser with or without water and rub off the Hydro Flask logo.

With this one you'll likely need to use a bit of force but with enough time and effort the logo should come off while the paint underneath stays on.

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Strip The Paint Off Your Entire Hydro Flask

Like this guy did it is possible to completely strip all the paint off your Hydro Flask bottle.

You'll need a pretty strong paint stripper, an old brush and some old rags that you can use.

But as you can see in the video above it only takes him 15-20 minutes in order to completely remove all the exterior paint from his bottle (including the logo) and he is left with a purely stainless steel water bottle.

Cover Up The Logo With a Sticker

A less permanent way to hide the logo from your Hydro Flask bottle is to place a stick over it.

Stickers are a great way to customize your Hydro Flask and are a cool fun way to express yourself.

They can also be used to cover up the Hydro Flask logo so you don't see it.

You'll want a sticker big enough to cover the entire logo and you'll also want some sticker for the lower end of your bottle where the words “Hydro Flask” are located.

Vinyl stickers are what I tend to recommend as they are cheap, can be hand washed and they come off easily when you want to remove them and freshen up your bottle.

There are loads of different vinyl sticker options out there at Amazon.

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Paint Over Your Entire Hydro Flask (Including The Logo)

Instead of trying to remove the logo from your Hydro Flask you could just paint your entire Hydro Flask completely.

I have seen so many people do this and people come up with amazing unique designs that make their Hydro Flasks look great.

Some people are careful to paint around the logo so it stays there while others just completely paint over the logo and make it disappear.

It's a fun activity to do, the bottle is easy to paint over and it looks great.

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