4 Reasons Nike Hypercharge Bottle Isn’t Working [+ Fixes]


I've always loved Nike products. Shoes, clothing, and my kids absolutely love their water bottles.

The Nike Hypercharge water bottle seems like a great product on the outside, and a great way to stay hydrated. It's got a flip up straw and it looks great.

However, I have found it does have some common issues and quite a few people have issues with the bottle not working properly or being hard to drink out of.

The good news is that most of the problems causing these issues come with easy fixes.

The most common problems causing a Nike Hypercharge water to not work are an unpierced air valve creating a vacuum as you suck, a missing or damaged o-ring that can cause leaking or a straw that is misplaced or doesn't work.

Luckily most of these problems are pretty easy to fix if you know what to look for.

1. Unpierced Air Valve Causes Vacuum When You Drink

If you're finding that your Nike Hypercharge bottle works fine for the first sip or 2 but then begins to be more and more difficult the more you drink then chances are you have a problem with the air valve.

Nike Hypercharge bottles have a small air valve hole that allows air into the bottle while you drink so negative pressure doesn't build up (creating that vacuum that makes it nearly impossible to get more water up the straw).

However, sometimes this air valve is closed so no air can get in.

To find the air valve pop open the straw and look down into the area where the straw spout rests when it's in the closed position. You should see a small hole.

Once you locate the hole, use a paperclip or needle to pierce through it. This separates the plastic and makes it so much easier to get a sip of water. 

After piercing the hole, take take a sip and see if the issue is fixed.

You can see a video guide on exactly how to do this below:

I was concerned that doing this might cause some leakage issues but from the comments on the above YouTube video that doesn't seem to be the case.

Was kinda afraid that poking a hole would cause some leakage but that doesn't seem to be the case. So thank you, it helped a lot!

Ilari Nurmi

A LOT of people have fixed the drinking issue with their Nike Hypercharge bottle using this technique. So if you have suction issues this is definitely worth a try.

2. The Straw Is Misplaced or Doesn't Work

If your Hypercharge bottle’s straw is not working as it should, there could be a few problems.

The first step is to remove the lid and ensure that the straw is attached properly.

Sometimes, the straw can loosen or fall off the mouthpiece or it can just be not pressed in completely which means you would not get much (or any) water when you use it.

Reattach the straw properly and see if that fixes your problem.

If not, check the straw itself. If the straw is bent or damaged, it could have a hole or crack. This means the straw won’t create the vacuum needed to give you a steady flow of water.

Damaged straws can't really be salvaged. In this case, replacing it is necessary.

You can borrow a straw from another water bottle you have, which is my preferred option since I have more than a few. Another option is to purchase a replacement straw from Amazon and see if that fixes the issue.

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Once you get a new straw in place, the bottle should work properly.

3. Spout Might Not Be Fully Extended

Another reason you may not be getting any water out of your bottle is if the spout is not fully extended.

If the spout isn't fully extended this can create a blockage and the gasket will stop any water from coming through.

This can be fixed by pushing the mouthpiece into the full open position. 

4. O-Ring Issues   

Are you sipping from your straw but getting mostly air? Even if your bottle is mostly full, this can happen if there is an issue with the small O-ring seal that connects the spout to the lid of the bottle.

Before doing anything in-depth, remove your bottle’s lid and ensure the straw is attached properly and completely. If it is in the right place, try sipping it again. If the issue is not fixed, it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

Take the mouthpiece off your lid. To do this, you will have to pull it hard until you get it off.

Once the mouthpiece is removed, you should see a small hole with a rubber O-ring (gasket) around it. This small piece of rubber creates a seal, making the lid watertight.

Air may pass through the hole if the O-ring has shifted or dislodged. This could be the source of your suction issues. You need to straighten or re-insert the O-ring to ensure it creates a watertight seal.

If the O-ring is missing, it will have to be replaced for the bottle to work properly. Nike does not offer replacement O-rings. However, you can try to find replacements online. Just make sure to measure the O-Ring and get the right replacement.

Once the O-ring is back in its proper place, reattach the mouthpiece and straw, and try to sip your water again. 

5. Replace The Lid

If you've tried all the above and the bottle still doesn't work properly then it sounds like you have a highly defective unit.

You can try contacting Nike or the store you bought it from for a replacement lid or a refund or you can purchase another water bottle or replacement lid yourself.

Consider the Nike Hyperfuel Chug Cap as this type of lid is easier to clean than the straw lid and has a lot less issues.

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