Is the LARQ Bottle Worth It’s $99+ Price Tag?

If you’re like me and constantly on the go, having a good reusable water bottle is pretty important for staying hydrated and comfortable (especially if you’re outdoors).

If you're also like me you know that you don't clean your bottle as often or as thoroughly as you should and if there was a way the bottle could clean itself that would be very useful.

The LARQ bottle was made with this lifestyle in mind, as the UV-C LED lights in the lid clean the bottle and purify water at the same time. This means no more daily cleanings and easier access to clean water.

But with the expensive price tag ($99 for a single bottle from Amazon), is the LARQ bottle worth the hefty price tag?

If you’re tired of having to clean your water bottle every day to prevent smell, want a bottle that will keep your water cold, and are generally tired of the hassle of cleaning a bottle regularly, then the LARQ PureVis Bottle will likely be worth the price for you.

It doesn't come cheap, but it's better for your health than having a water bottle that hasn't been cleaned properly and has mold growing in it.

While there are cheaper alternatives to the LARQ bottle many of them lack the durability, longevity and customer support that comes with the LARQ brand.

While I was initially surprised to see the price of the LARQ, it does make sense when you think about the long-term benefits plus the tech that has gone into the product.

Not only does the LARQ save you the hassle of cleaning your bottle each morning, but it also gives you the possibility to enjoy stream water if you’re an avid hiker like me

It really all comes down to what will benefit you personally in your daily routine, so you should keep reading to learn the ins and outs of what LARQ has to offer as your daily water bottle.

Does the LARQ Bottle Actually Work? Is It Worth It?

First of all, yes the LARQ bottle does work. The special UV-C light kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and nasties that are inside your bottle and water.

However, it is important to know that this does NOT mean you won’t have to wash the bottle. You will still need to wash the bottle every 1-3 weeks to clean any dirt, gunk, and buildup that accumulates over time.

If you’re looking at the price and think you won’t have to wash the bottle ever (gross), you should know that that’s not the case.

The LARQ cap is also NOT dishwasher safe, meaning you’ll need to handwash the cap (and the bottle to be safe) every now and then.

Although it does not truly prevent you from having to wash it, the LARQ really does a great job of maintaining the overall cleanliness of both the bottle and your water, and I think the most noticeable part will be the absence of any gross smells (as this comment mentions).

One review of the LARQ claims that there is still a smell to the bottle, but this is usually due to a lack of regular cleaning or a possible malfunction with the bottle itself (typically signaled by the red ring light)

I also like that I can comfortably drink from clear streams if I’m out for a hike. The UV-C LED lid will purify and cleanse any CLEAR water, but you should avoid filling it with murky water from any puddles or ponds (this is one disadvantage to UV light cleansing).

Another common complaint of LARQ regards longevity, as many people have mentioned their LARQ bottles malfunctioning for a number of reasons even within 1 month of having them.

This is typically due to water ingress or some other failure with the LED light system (purple/red light), and while LARQ does offer a 1-year warranty for their product, some UV-light bottle alternatives are less expensive and offer better warranties (CrazyCap offers lifetime).

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Also, from what I’ve seen LARQ doesn’t do an amazing job of answering customer requests, and I do think it would be pretty disappointing to experience failures so quickly when you are paying a premium price.

Despite some issues, I personally think that if you maintain proper care of your LARQ bottle and are aware of its capabilities and limits, you’ll feel satisfied and feel that the price is worth the convenience in the long run.

How To Take Care of Your LARQ Bottle (And Avoid Issues)

Taking good care of your LARQ bottle will help ensure that it stays working and “worth it” over time.

The most important step in taking care of the LARQ bottle is proper cleaning. While that may sound ironic considering it’s labeled a “self-cleaning” bottle, I recommend giving the bottle a wash with warm water and soap once a week.

This will clear out any gunk and buildup that has accumulated over the course of use, which the UV-C light is incapable of cleaning. It will also make sure that your bottle does not smell over time, as this is usually caused by biofilm buildup over time.

It’s also important to keep your bottle charged regularly. While the LARQ bottle’s battery can last up to 1-month depending on how much you use it, using the bottle while it’s on low charge can possibly damage the battery and impact its longevity over time.

And while it may seem like a no-brainer, you should always avoid dropping the bottle or banging it up too much. The cap is comprised of electronics that are vital to the “self-cleaning” function, and any collisions can result in damaged parts or broken seals that may lead to water ingress.