How Long Does a Duraflame Log Last? 

I’m never without a stock of Duraflame logs. Whether I’m camping or wanting to enjoy a cozy evening in front of the fireplace, these logs keep me warm and create a relaxing ambiance. Plus, one log can last me the entire evening.

While I love using regular firewood, Duraflame logs are just set and forget and I love that about them.

With so many different Duraflame logs available, you might wonder how each one stacks up in terms of burn time and which one is the most cost effective. 

A Duraflame log lasts between 1.5 and 4 hours depending on the size and type of Duraflame log. 

The outdoor Duraflame logs last the longest but you need to use 2-3 at a time, making them less cost effective. The most cost-effective Duraflame log in terms of burn time is the 6 lb log which costs around $0.85 per pound and burns for 4 hours (0.67 hours per pound). 

All Duraflame logs have a long burning time for their size and the amount of logs you need. The logs are designed to burn for a specific amount of time and usually they burn right up to that point and it only changes if you don't use them properly or burn multiple together.

How Long Do Duraflame Logs Burn For? 

How long a Duraflame log lasts depends mainly on the variety and size. 

Below is a comparison chart showing each log’s burn time and the burn time and cost per hour as well as cost per pound (as of August 2023) so we can compare like with like.

Please note that prices may be different at the time you read this and prices vary from store to store. But this should give you an idea of which logs burn the longest and which are the most cost effective: 

Maximum Burn TimeCost Per HourMaximum Burn Time Per LbCost Per PackCost Per LbComments
Duraflame Indoor/Outdoor 4.5lb3 Hours$1.770.67 Hours$15.97 (3-pack)$1.18
Duraflame Indoor/Outdoor 2.5lb1.5 Hours$2.910.6 Hours$52.50 (12-pack)$1.75
Duraflame Gold 2.5lb1.5 Hours$1.880.6 Hours$16.96 (6-pack)$1.13Produces larger and brighter flames.
Duraflame Gold Ultra Premium 4.5lb3 Hours$1.330.67 Hours$23.96 (6-pack)$0.88Produces larger and brighter flames.
Duraflame 6lb4 Hours$1.280.67 Hours$30.60 (6-pack)$0.85
Crackleflame 4.5lb3 Hours$2.500.67 Hours$30.00 (4-pack)$1.67
Duraflame Every Night 5.2lb2.5 Hours$2.440.48 Hours$24.40 (4-pack)$1.17Produces continuous big flames.
Duraflame Outdoor 3.2lb3 Hours$3.330.5 Hours$14.97 (3-pack)$1.56You need to burn 2-3 logs together.

The most cost-effective Duraflame log to use in terms of burn time is the regular Duraflame 6lb log. It comes in at just $1.28 per hour of burn time and is also the cheapest by weight at $0.85 per pound.

This big log burns for a whole 4 hours but this might be too long for you if you only need a fire for a few hours. 

In this case, I don’t advise cutting your Duraflame log in half as this can severely lessen your burn time and will change the way that the log burns. Each log has a burn profile and is designed to burn as a whole log by itself (except the Outdoor Logs). If you change this then burn time can be significantly decreased.

If you don't need to the full 4 hours then put out the log safely and use it again another time. 

If you like large flames, the Duraflame Gold and Every Night range is great because they keep your fire burning bright throughout – perfect for a cold dark evening. 

As you can see from the chart above, the outdoor logs are the most expensive per hour of burn time. This is because you are meant to burn 2 logs at a time whereas the other logs are burned just one at a time. 

That said, I find the outdoor Duraflame logs worth it because I can roast marshmallows and hot dogs over them and they won’t leave my food tasting weird like the other logs would. 

What Affects Duraflame Logs Burn Time?

The main factors affecting a Duraflame log’s burn time are its size and composition. 

Although Duraflame logs all contain wax mixed with sawdust and wood fiber, they vary slightly depending on the type which affects how they burn. 

For instance, the outdoor logs have 100% natural ingredients and are food safe while the other Duraflame logs have additives and aren’t safe for cooking food

Aside from this, there are some other factors affecting a Duraflame log’s burn rate: 

  • Airflow. Duraflame advises against placing their logs against a wall because they need sufficient airflow around them to combust properly and burn consistently. If you don't allow enough airflow your Duraflame logs might not burn properly.

Placing them against a wall can result in uneven and slower burning that doesn’t provide enough heat energy. 

If you’re using the outdoor logs, place them in an X formation so that there is optimal airflow around them. 

  • Number of logs burned. For all Duraflame logs except the outdoor ones, it’s recommended that you only burn one at a time

Burning more than one log at a time can cause the logs to burn too quickly and a potential fire flare which can be dangerous. 

That said, if you have a large fireplace or pit you could burn 2 Duraflame logs at once and place them at opposite sides of the pit being careful not to allow them to touch the walls. 

You ideally shouldn't add wood to a Duraflame log and you shouldn't put a Duraflame log on an already lit fire.

  • Using wood with Duraflame logs. Wood can tear and break the Duraflame log as it burns, causing it to burn faster.  
  • Burning a wet Duraflame log. Duraflame logs have water-resistant wrappers and the logs themselves can get wet if they’re left outside in heavy rain. 

This can cause the log to smoke and burn slower and less efficiently than a dry one. 

If the wrapper gets torn it can allow moisture in and mold and bacteria can form which can also cause the log to smoke and burn slower due to the extra moisture. 

How To Extend Your Duraflame Log’s Burn Time

Duraflame logs are designed to burn at a pretty consistent rate. Once the outer wrapper has burned off, the sawdust and wood fiber covering slowly burns followed by the inner waxy center. 

Extending the burn time is difficult to do as they are designed to burn at a fixed rate and for a fixed period of time but adjusting your flue and how much airflow the log has can slow the burn rate.

If you want to extend your Duraflame log’s burn time, use it as per Duraflame’s instructions on the wrapper (e.g. not burning 2 logs close together when you should only burn 1 at a time as this can actually make it burn faster). 

I find that adding another Duraflame log when my current one has almost been burned off can extend the life of my fire.