How Many Duraflame Logs Should You Use At a Time?

If you have a fireplace, Duraflame logs are a convenient and environmentally-friendly alternative to using natural wood. They produce twice as much heat and use 80% less raw material per pound compared to natural wood.

When people first switch to Duraflame if can be difficult to tell if they’re using enough logs to maintain the type of fire they want and to get enough heat from the fire.

So how many Duraflame logs should you use at a time and can you use more than one log?

Duraflame logs are designed to be used one at a time and Duraflame advises against using multiple logs at a time. The exception to this is the Outdoor Duraflame logs which can be stacked 2 or 3 at a time and the Crackleflame logs where you can add a second log as the first one is dying out.

Duraflame logs have twice the BTU of regular firewood and using multiple Duraflame logs at a time are not recommended as they can exceed the heat rating of your fireplace damaging it. Multiple logs could also cause a flare up which could be dangerous.

How Many Duraflame Logs Should You Use at Once?

Duraflame has a lot of log styles to choose from.

Although each one is made from a proprietary blend of sawdust, agricultural biomass, waxes, and oils, every variation has a different burn time.

Most of their logs are made to burn one at a time for simplicity’s sake, but there are 2 types that you can burn simultaneously.

Type of LogWeightBurn TimeNumber to Burn at Once
Duraflame Indoor/Outdoor Logs6 LBSUp to 4 Hours1
4.5 LBSUp to 3 Hours1
2.5 LBSUp to 1.5 Hours1
Duraflame Outdoor Firelogs3.2 LBSUp to 1 HourUp to 3
Duraflame Every Night Firelogs5.2 LBSUp to 2.5 Hours1
Duraflame Gold Firelogs4.5 LBSUp to 3 Hours1
2.5 LBSOver 1.5 Hours1
Duraflame Crackleflame Firelogs4.5 LBSUp to 3 HoursUp to 2

Outdoor Firelogs

The Duraflame Outdoor Firelogs are designed to be used with 2 logs in the beginning stacked on top of each other in an X formation.

You can add a third log but only after 1-1.5 hours once the fire has died down. It is not advised to use more than 2 logs in the beginning.

Crackleflame Firelogs

The Duraflame Crackleflame firelogs are designed to be used one at a time but Duraflame does state that you can add a second log as the first log begins to burn out if your fire is in an outdoor fire place or fire pit.

Why Can’t You Use More Than 1 Duraflame Log At A Time?

Duraflame logs are specially made and formulated with a “burn profile”.

This means that each log is designed to burn in a fairly consistent way, all the way through to the end.

Some logs last 1.5 hours and some larger logs last 4.5 hours, but each of these logs have been specifically designed to burn one at a time.

Adding a second log changes the burn profile of the logs and can cause them to burn inconsistently, much faster than intended and this can cause them to release more heat than intended which could damage your fireplace or lead to flare ups.

What Happens If You Use More Than One Duraflame Log?

What happens when you use more than one Duraflame log will depend on the type and size of the logs in use, how many you use as well as the fire pit or fireplace you use them in and then specific setup of the fire and way it burns.

I stay all that to say you can’t be 100% sure what will happen if you burn multiple logs at once.

I’m sure there have been many people that have done it without issue. However, there is a risk to doing it that for me just isn’t worth it.

Similar to if you put a Duraflame log on an already lit fire the extra heat could cause the log to break up and this could cause a flare up or an increased burn rate.

This could cause an outpouring of smoke from your fireplace or produce more heat than your fireplace can handle.