15 Great Features of Yeti Coolers

Yeti coolers have a lot of great features that regular coolers just don't have. That's what makes these coolers so great and worth the money. In this video we look at 15 features that make the Yeti great.

I've owned my Yeti for over three years now go on traveling in a van lived in a van with this cooler as my primary cooler so there's a whole bunch of different features that make this cooler so great compared to a regular cooler the first feature is the fact that it is roto molded plastic now what does that mean well that's a manufacturing process for making the cooler most normal coolers like this one here this carbon Xtreme is actually blow molded plastic and it just makes the plastic a bit spin up whereas the Yeti being roto molded it just means the plastic is so much thicker and that's what makes these coolers so incredibly strong and bear proof and you can drop them and jump on them and everything so then being roto molded just means they're way stronger and they're way more durable the second awesome feature is that they have two to three inches of insulation so if you have a look at this look how thick the sides are on this Yeti cooler so there's about two to three inches of insulation probably more like two inches on the side the leader starts to get around the three inch mark and these are actually filled with pressure injected foam or poor polyurethane foam and so the walls of this cooler full of insulation which means when you put ice in it the heat really struggles to get inside so just how much insulation is in there is an amazing feature the third feature is on the bottom here and it's these non-slip feet you can see here these gray rubber feet these are non marking as well so they're not going to mark the ground and also they're just non-slip which means when you put it down in the back of your truck or for me I've got a van it's not gonna slide around so as you can see it's quite hard to push and to pull this cool just because of those non-slip feet so that means I can throw this cooler in the back of my van and I don't have to worry about it sliding around don't even have to tie it down if I do brake hard it might slide a little bit but not a lot so there's non-slip feet are really great for people who are traveling with their coolest the fourth thing is the nylon rope handles so on the side of this cooler you do have inserts where you can put your hands but you've also got these nylon rope handles so the Rope is thick and strong you've got a rubber handle to hold on to and it just kind of gives you flexibility with carrying it means you can carry it and move it around there's enough room for your hands there and just gives you more carrying options and it's a really nice feature of the cooler that I like the fifth feature is what we just talked about which is the molded handles so if you don't like carrying out like this if it's got a bit too much sway in it or sometimes these are really good for carrying with two people so I carry one side and then my friend carries the other side or if you want to carry it closer to your body you can use the molded in handles and just kind of carry out like that which is a really cool feature as well the sixth feature is the single pin hinge so if we look on the back of this cooler you can see that then it's actually one metal pin that runs all the way through you can see the start of the metal pin there and what this means is that the lid is just very securely fastened to the top of the cooler and it runs all the way through and so the chance of you actually breaking this lid by putting force on it is extremely small so it's extremely strong compare that to this common extreme cooler and you can see it's just of these two plastic hinges on the back and these plastic hinges I could easily easily break that with a bit of force so having that single pin in just adds strength and durability to the Yeti the seventh thing the seventh cool feature is the rubber lectures on the front so these rubber latches here they've got you know a bit of elasticity in them a bit of play and so you pull them down and they lock here into the cooler and what that means is it just keeps the lid on tight and you can't open the lid this means it's going to keep the cold air in it's going to keep the warm air out it also helps to make this call a lick proof that if you were to drop it tip it on the side that lid is going to stay closed what is not going to come gushing out your contents aren't going to come gushing out so that is you know a really cool feature of it to add to the ice retention of it as well as just to make it bleed proof as well the eighth feature again helping with keeping ice long out and helping with making it leak proof is that you've got a commercial-grade rubber gasket that runs the full length of the lid here it's not completely airtight there is a tiny little gap in there that they've kind of put some tape over on my one but what this means this then lines up with an indent here on the body of the cooler so when you do close it that creates a nice firm seal keeps the cold air in keeps the warm air out and then when you pull these down helps to make it leak proof the ninth cool feature is that it's actually better proof as well so on the front here you've got two holes in the front corners what you can do is get two padlocks and if you padlock these then it's actually bear proof so they've done tests with these with grizzly bears that prove that grizzly bears can't get into this they can't break the cooler and get into it and when it's locked they can't open the cooler if you don't lock it they can actually rip off these rubber latches with their teeth and get into the cooler so you do need to lock it for it to be bear proof but if you are traveling or camping in bear country then it's really good to know that you can lock your cooler if a bear find it try sticking into it they're not going to be able to which means they're more likely to get bored and to move on somewhere else where they can find an easier fee so bear proof is in the ninth feature the tenth feature is the one-inch drain plug I really like the drain plug on this I wish it had a cord or a way that it kept it on there because I did have a time where I actually lost this for a couple of weeks which made my cooler useless but we've got a one-inch drain plug down here and what you can do is actually partially open it and water will come out so as you can see with the drain plug there's actually where is it there there's that hold the net so when you partially open it water can come out through that hole so you can drain your cooler without actually taking it off or you can completely take it off to drain it as well just make sure you don't lose it and it's got a rubber seal around it which makes it leak proof when it is on and when it is tight I just I really like that compared to cheaper coolers that kind of have pop-top drain plugs because I just worry that those pop tops are gonna come out and water is going to go everywhere the 11th cool feature is the branding of the Yeti this cooler is really well designed it's really beautiful I absolutely love it you've got a lot of cool branding features on here so we've got the black Yeti at the front on the lid as well if you can see there there's Yeti at the front I also like on the bottom it says Yeti in big letters down there and then as well when you get ahead and open it you've got the big Yeti on the inside so the branding is just very bold it makes a good statement and it just feels really nice as a cool up the 12th feature is not a feature of the design of the cooler itself but it's a five year warranty so if you purchase a Yeti cooler you have a five year limited warranty which protects you against manufacturing defects so some people have seen warping in their coolers so the lid might warp which means it doesn't sit flush it's covered by a manufacturing defect so normal wear and tear things like the scuffs that I've got on top from walking on this cooler having my kids jump on it that's not something that's covered but if you have a major issue with your caller within the first five years then Yeti will fix that or replace your cooler for years so five year warranty some other coolers out there have a limited lifetime warranty so that's obviously better than five years but five years is still a really long time I've had this three years now I can definitely see it lasting more than five years the 13th feature and I don't know where I put it but it's actually the dry basket so this Yeti actually came with a dry basket that sits on the top here it's a black basket about half the size of the opening here goes down a little bit and just allows you to put food in there that you want to keep cold but you don't want getting wet things like cheese can go in there I don't know what else you would put in there maybe some fruit and vegetables that you don't want touching the ice it's up to you what you put in there I'm sorry that I don't have it to show you I just I looked around the house and I couldn't find it I don't know what I've done with it or if it's in storage but the dry basket is a really cool feature the 14 thing is the tie down slot so on the side of the cooler here you can see you've got two inserts one on this side one on this side these are actually tie-down points so you can run rope through there you can buy a special tie ins or tie downs from Yeti and I'll link up to those down below on Amazon using my affiliate link if you're interested in those but it can go through there and you can fix it in place in your van in your truck wherever it is that you are you can fix it in place and then the lid can still open and close while it's tied down you can see on my cooler I've actually used the tie-down point on this side using a hair elastic from my daughter and I got this one dollar bottle opener from a local store and just means that my cooler has a bottle right now and can still open and close so the tie-down points are another cool feature because other coolers like the Coleman Xtreme just doesn't have anywhere that you can tie it down so you'd have to use the handles to tie it down or tie it over the lid whereas this one has specific points and the last one is the cutting board and divide it insert now again I don't own this this is something that you purchase separately but you can see in the cooler that you've got a slot there and on the other side you've got another slot now there's cutting boards that you can buy from Yeti which will fit perfectly in there now what that means is you can put it in as a divider and you can have half of your cooler dedicated to ice other half can be dedicated to dry stuff now obviously you're gonna have some flow through as well so you want to be careful with the water there but being able to divide it is really cool and then that cutting board can come out and you can go ahead and use that to cut up your food so there you have 15 features of the yeti cooler I absolutely love this cooler I have owned it for a number of years will own it well into the future and it's done me really well if you're interested in seeing more Yeti coolers then I'll link up to them on Amazon down below you can go to Gettys page you can see all of their products the prices customer reviews over there that is my affiliate link so if you go through that I do get a small commission if you end up purchasing something on Amazon so thank you to everyone who does that or you can just go on Amazon yourself and soceity if you don't want to go through that absolutely no pressure but these are great coolers they pioneered this high-end roto-molded cooler market back in 2006 started selling them I think in 2008 and they adjust the premium brand on the market that make great quality products that finish on this is absolutely amazing this cooler feels premium looks premium the branding is awesome has great ice retention it does the trick so really good cooler again I'll link up to it down below if you want to go ahead and check or you can go to the cooler box.com to see all of my cooler reviews that I've done over there thanks so much for tuning in I'm now going to link up to a video that I did on the 10 best things about Yeti coolers as well as some of the problems with Yeti coolers so if you are interested in buying one of these coolers you might want to know the issues because it isn't perfect so I'll link up to those and until next time stay cool 

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0:43 – #1: Made With Roto-Moulded Plastic
1:23 – #2: 2-3 Inches of Insulation
2:02 – #3: Non-Slip Feet
2:49 – #4: Nylon Rope Handles
3:20 – #5: Moulded Handles
3:46 – #6: Single Pin Hinge
4:38 – #7: Rubber Latches
5:26 – #8: Commercial Grade Rubber Gasket
6:05 – #9: It's Bear Proof
7:00 – #10: 1-Inch Drain Plug
8:01 – #11: The Branding Is Amazing
8:40 – #12: 5-Year Warranty
9:35 – #13: The Dry Basket
10:17 – #14: Tie Down Points
11:28 – #15: Cutting Board/Divider Insert

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