The 10 Best Things About Yeti Coolers

The 10 Best Things About Yeti Coolers

Yeti coolers are expensive but they are great and have some amazing features. Here are the 10 best things about Yeti coolers.

I have owned my Yeti for over three years now. I've done short camping trips in it and I've lived in a van with my family using the Yeti as our primary cooler.

Overall it's done me really well and so in this article I want to talk about the 10 best things about Yeti coolers

Over the last 3 years my Yeti has held up really well and is still in similar condition to when I bought it, apart from some wear and tear that it has from use.

So what are some of the best things about the Yeti cooler?

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#1: Ice Retention

Yeti Cooler Ice Retention Test

The first best thing is the ice retention. This cooler keeps ice so much longer than a regular cooler.

I did a 10-Day ice test on this and I showed that I was able to keep ice for over 10 days in my Yeti 45 cooler.

Now that was in perfect conditions and completely full of ice, so you're looking at more around the five-day mark of keeping ice.

In everyday use when I was living in the van my Yeti would only be about half full with ice and it definitely kept ice for about that five-day mark which was really good.

It's not the best in the industry compared to other roto-molded coolers. One of the best ones at the moment is Kong Coolers but it is still really good and so much better than a regular cooler.

This means you're buying ice less often, you can stay off-grid for longer it's just less to think about when you're traveling. It keeps your food cooler and so there's less food wastage too.

#2: Durability and Strength

Yeti Cooler Tough

The second thing is the durability and the strength of this cooler. I actually use this cooler as a step for my kids to get in and out of the van because the van's quite high. So it gets stood on a lot and it gets used and abused.

Yetis are made to last. You can drop them, you can throw them around and you don't have to worry about breaking your cooler.

With other coolers (I have a Coleman Xtreme) you do have to be a bit more careful. But with Yetis you don't need to worry about it.

It's just built so strong and so durable. Mine I've owned for three years now and it's still in great condition. The durability and the strength of the Yeti is one of the best things about it because you just know that it is going to last you for so long no matter how you use it.

#3: Style and Branding

Yeti Cooler Logo

The third best thing and one of my favourite things about it is the style and the branding of Yeti coolers.

I do a lot of cooler reviews and I've seen and purchased a lot of coolers. I review them and then I'll hand them off over to someone else, give them away as a gift or resell them.

But my Yeti cooler I kept because it is the most beautiful cooler on the market in my opinion.

It's very hard to explain in article reviews or in videos just how premium it feels compared to other coolers.

The color of the plastic and the finish of the plastic as well as the way the branding is done. Everything is just done really well.

I've had some other coolers and they just have these minor issues with them in the way the plastic is finished or cut off there's just lines where there shouldn't be lines. Whereas Yeti is just smooth and beautiful and the branding is done really well.

There's a reason why Yeti is a lifestyle brand that people aspire to versus some of the other coolers on the market which just talk about capacity and ice retention.

The style and the branding of Yeti is second to none in the cooler market and owning one just feels good. It just feels good to own it.

I just I love my Yeti and even though I don't think it's the best cooler out there for the best price I love it and it gives me the feels.

#4: Premium Quality

Yeti Rubber Latches

The fourth best thing is the premium quality. You've got the styling, you got the branding but you've also got the premium quality of cooler and the way that it's built.

Things like your single pin hinge on the back, the quality of the plastic is really high and the quality of the finish is really high as well. You can be pretty certain when buying a Yeti there's not going to be issues like insulation holes (like you see in some other coolers) because they're just built to a higher quality standard.

Everything is just really nice about this cooler and it just feels like premium quality.

#5: Non-slip feet

Yeti Non-Slip Feet

The fifth thing is the non-slip fee and I actually talked about this in my video talking about the problems with Yeti coolers but it's actually one of the major benefits as well.

The non-slip feet mean that you can put your Yeti cooler in your van or in your truck and drive around and it's very unlikely to move.

I know that when I brake really hard in my van that my cooler might slide a little bit but even when it's slide so it doesn't just slide and crash like another cooler might. But rather it slides really slowly.

I love that I can put this in my van not even have to worry about tying it down and just go driving with it.

The non-slip feet are great as well because my children are stand on the Yeti (we use it as a step) and I don't have to worry about it slipping out from under them. The non-slip feet are really cool and just make it really hard to move this cooler and I see that as a great feature.

#6: Leak Proof

The sixth benefit is that Yeti coolers are leak proof.

I did a review on a Coleman Xtreme to see if it was a leak proof and I tipped it to the side and water just comes gushing out.

However, with the Yeti if it falls over it's not going to leak.

It's got a seal on the inside which goes all the way around it and while the seal isn't perfect (so it's not going to be airtight) it is quite a firm seal.

When you pull down the lid with the rubber latches it's going to keep the cooler leak proof.

If it does get no knocked over or it does drop it's not just going to pop open.

#7: Longevity

The seventh best thing about the Yeti is the longevity of it.

We talked about the durability, we talked about the strength of it, we talked about the premium quality but the longevity of it as well is something that I love.

As I said I've owned my Yeti cooler for three years now and it's still in really good condition. There are some scuffs, there are some marks and there are some minor scratches but overall it is still holding up really well and still works exactly the same as it did on day one when I bought it.

I can see myself still owning this exact same cooler in ten years time and taking it on adventures with me. So longevity is a big thing.

#8: Dry Ice Compatible

Keep Your Dry Ice At The Bottom Of The Cooler

It's dry-ice compatible as well so you can put dry ice in your Yeti cooler if you want to keep things absolutely frozen.

Dry ice is colder than regular ice so you can use it and it is dry ice compatible.

Now one of the things with dry ice is that it turns from ice into a gas which means it's expanding so you want a way for that gas to come out. You can just leave the latches open and let the gas seep out that way or you can just keep it closed and then down the bottom you can undo the plug a tiny bit to let some of the gas out there.

That's probably not even going to be an issue if you are using it constantly. But if you're going to put dry ice in it and leave it for a couple of days without opening it that the pressure could build up. More tips on how to use dry ice in a cooler.

#9: Bear Proof

Yeti Cooler Bear Proof

The 9th best thing about this Yeti is that it's bear proof.

Yeti Bear Proof Locks

This isn't something that I need to worry about because I'm not camping in bear country but if you lock front two corners with padlocks it is completely bear proof and bears can't get into it.

If you don't lock it they can because I can rip open these latches with their teeth but if you lock it no bear is going to get in there. This means your stuff's going to be safe

Also locking it keeps your food safe from thieves as well. Like if your friend is trying to get your favorite chocolate bar then you can lock it away.

#10: Their Other Products Are Just As Good

Yeti Makes The Best 30oz Tumbler

The 10th best thing about Yeti is that their other products are just as good.

I have a Yeti lowball which is a 10 ounce cup and I've had this one for about 3 years as well. This cup has just held up really well and it's also stood the test of time and I continue to use it on a weekly basis and I absolutely love it.

In fact all of Yeti products – from their hard side coolers to their soft side coolers to their tumblers and their water bottles and everything else – is just really good condition and really good quality.

Yeti is a brand that you can trust you're not going to be worried about purchasing a Yeti and it being a dud and not being very good.

They are the premium brand in the marketplace and they make good stuff. They make stuff that's high-quality.

You might pay a bit more than you might pay for another brand but you know with Yeti when you get it it's going to be good and that they're not cutting corners in order to build their products. They're over-engineering everything.

I Love My Yeti

There you have the 10 best things about Yeti coolers. I love this cooler.

I've had this for a number of years and I see myself having it in the future. So far it has served me really well.

If you are interested in getting a Yeti cooler then I will link up to it on Amazon down below where can see the full range of Yeti coolers as well as the prices and other customer reviews:

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9:17 – #10: Their Other Products Are Just As Good

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