Does Kroger Sell Dry Ice? (2022 Pricing & Availability)

If you’re looking to purchase some dry ice to make some halloween fog or just to keep food or drinks frozen you might be wondering whether or not your local Kroger store sells dry ice and if they do how much it costs?

Given there are nearly 3,000 Kroger locations chances are there will be one driving distance to you. So

Almost all Kroger stores sell dry ice. It costs around $0.99-$2.00/pound and is sold in 1 pound and 15 pound bags. You can find the dry ice near the entrance of the store close to the checkout or near the bags of regular ice.

Kroger stores don’t always have dry ice in stock due to dry ice sublimating (or turning to gas) and deliveries for dry ice not always being extremely regular.

During busy holiday periods like Halloween and summer you are more likely to find dry ice as Kroger stores will order and stock extra during these times.

Still, I recommend calling ahead to see if your local Kroger store has dry ice in stock when you are looking for it.

It’s also possible that you may need to show identification to prove you are 18 years or older in order to purchase dry ice from Kroger stores. This varies from state to state.

How Much Is Dry Ice at Kroger?

If you go to Kroger how much can you expect to pay for dry ice and how does this compare to other supermarkets like Walmart or Publix?

Dry ice usually costs between $0.99-$1.50/pound at Kroger stores and will rarely cost more than that. Kroger sell dry ice in 1 pound and 15 pound bags and cost can vary slightly from store to store and seasons to season.

According to this use on

it’s generally $0.99/lb.

The price of dry ice at Kroger is very competitive compared to other supermarket chains.

Walmart sells dry ice for a similar price to Kroger and other stores like Meijer or Publix will also be a similar price or maybe slightly more expensive ($2-$3/pound). Learn more about how much dry ice costs.

Where Do You Find Dry Ice In Kroger? Where Would Dry Ice Be?

If you’re looking for dry ice in your local Kroger there are a few common places you can find it.

In Kroger, dry ice is usually located near the front of the store close to checkouts or near the bags of regular ice. In some Kroger stores you need to ask a cashier and be over 18 years of age to purchase dry ice.

The best place to start looking for dry ice is near the front entrance to the store. Dry ice turns into carbon dioxide gas and needs good ventilation so it may be placed near the front of the store for this reasion.

Another common place to find dry ice in Kroger stores is near the freezer filled with regular bags of ice.

If you can’t find it simply ask one of the staff members and they will be able to locate the dry ice for you or tell you if they have it in stock.

How To Find Out if Your Local Kroger Store Sells Dry Ice

There is no simple way to check online and see if your local Kroger store has dry ice in stock at the moment.

To find out if your local Kroger store has dry ice in stock you’ll need to either call up and ask a staff member or go into store and see for yourself.

Why Doesn’t Kroger Always Have Dry Ice In Stock?

While most Kroger stores do stock dry ice it is normal for them to run out from time to time.

Sometimes Kroger stores won’t have dry ice in stock. This is because dry ice is hard to store and sublimates (or turns to gas) at a rate of 10-50% per day. Suppliers don’t always deliver stock and Kroger stores only stock extra dry ice during busy holiday periods.

This has to do with how long dry ice lasts as well as how often suppliers ship dry ice to the store.

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and at -109.2ºF (-78.5ºC) there are no freezers that are able to keep dry ice permanently frozen. Instead dry ice is kept in a large cooler box.

Over time the dry ice will sublimate (or turn from solid ice into gas) and you can lose as much as 10-50% of the dry ice PER DAY if it isn’t sold.

So if a Kroger store hasn’t received a dry ice shipment recently or if demand isn’t extremely high then they might be out of stock on the day you go to purchase it. This is why it’s always a good idea to call ahead.

Busy periods like weekends, summer holidays and halloween Kroger stores are more likely to get extra dry ice and have stock on hard.

Look at what this comment on Reddit had to say about Kroger running out of dry ice:

Work at the University Kroger store and yes running out of dry ice is normal for us. Our supplier doesn’t always give it to us and we only order extra for holidays. Call customer service and they will have a bagger check it. It sits right next to the lottery machine by the exit doors. Any cashier can get it and ring it up for you.

Does Kroger Sell Dry Ice Online?

If you go to Kroger’s website and search for dry ice you won’t get any results that show you real dry ice. I did find this listing for dry ice on Kroger’s website but there is no price and you can’t order it.

Kroger does NOT sell dry ice online. You can’t purchase it online or get it shipped to you. You must go into your local Kroger store to purchase dry ice and you may need to be over 18 in order to buy it.

If your local Kroger doesn’t have dry ice in stock or if you really want to buy dry ice online then I suggest checking out my article on where to buy dry ice which will share a list of ways to purchase dry ice online.

There aren’t many online stores that sell dry ice that will get delivered to you but on of those places is Dry Ice Delivered.

Dry Ice Delivered is an online store that sells dry ice in bulk quantities, starting at 10 lbs, and will have it shipped to you.

The dry ice is sold at a very reasonable price of just $0.50-$1.00/pound depending on how much you buy. This is cheaper than buying it from your local Kroger store.

However, the shipping is extremely expensive and the longer it takes to get to you the more the dry ice will have sublimated or disappeared.

A 10 pound order of dry ice might only cost $10 for the dry ice but shipping will be around $20-$60+ for the cheaper options.

If you want overnight shipping (which you probably would so the dry ice doesn’t all disappear) then you’re looking at around $35-$120+ depending on how far away you are from Dry ice Delivered’s warehouse.

So overall buying online is more expensive than buying from your local Kroger.