You may notice that when you go to use lube it can feel quite cold on your skin. This makes for a pretty unpleasant experience. Can you microwave lube in order to bring it up to temperature?

What happens when you microwave lube? Does the consistency change and does it warm up quickly?

I couldn't find anyone online who had actually tried this and shared the results so I decided to sacrifice a bottle of lube and test it in the microwave. The results were pretty shocking.

You CAN put lube in the microwave, however only for extremely short periods of time. The lube heats up really quickly and can heat up unevenly leading to burning. It also massively expands and foams up making a mess or completely exploding your lubricant bottle.

This is something I really didn't expect to happen and when I first put my lube in the microwave I didn't expect much at all, but within just a few seconds the lube was bubbling and foaming up and it got extremely hot extremely quickly, way quicker than water.

What Happens When You Microwave Lube?

Honestly, there is hardly anything online about what happens to lube when you microwave it. So I grabbed some lube, poured a portion into a little medicine cup and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

When you put lube in the microwave it gets extremely hot, extremely quickly. It then foams up and expands and either leaks everywhere or builds up pressure in your lubricant bottle until it explodes everywhere (it happened to me)

It honestly didn't even last the 30 seconds before it started foaming up and making a big mess.

I tried it again and then put the entire bottle in the microwave. You can see the video below of all the lube in the microwave experiments I did, eventually exploding my entire lube bottle and filling up my microwave with lubricant haha.

Lube Can Get Super Heated In The Microwave

One of the risks with putting lubricant in the microwave is that it can heat up extremely quickly and it also has the potential to heat up unevenly.

This means some pockets of your lube may be super heated and can burn you, while other pockets are just lukewarm and ok.

So you need to be really careful.

Putting my lube bottle in the microwave for just 30 seconds it heated up to a whopping 159ºF (70ºC). Basically scolding.

Definitely WAY too hot to put on your private and sensitive parts without burning yourself.

Lube Can Explode In The Microwave

Because lube has this tendency to foam up and expand it can build up a lot of pressure in your lube bottle and cause it to explode.

In the image above I put a little bit of lube in a small plastic cup and it quickly bubbled over and made a mess in my microwave.

But that was NOTHING compared to the mess I made when I put the entire lube bottle in the microwave for around a minute.

Blown up like a ballon about 30 seconds in
Broken bottle and lube explosion!

Within 30 seconds the bottle had expanded a lot and was filled up like a balloon and within a minute the pressure was so high the bottle split open and lube shot out everywhere!

It was a bit of a clean up and a big waste of good quality lube.

Does Lube Change Consistency In The Microwave?

I was reading on some of the forums people saying that the lube will likely change consistency when placed in the microwave.

I did no find this to be the case.

Heated up lube, even lube that got super hot still had a similar consistency to cold lube straight from the bottle.

It was still slippery and slimy and if it wasn't so hot (of all over my microwave walls) then I would be happy to use it.

The consistency of lube doesn't change much (if at all) when you microwave it.

How To Heat Up Lube In The Microwave

You can heat up lube fairly safely in the microwave without going to the extreme like I did and exploding the lube everywhere.

However, if you're going to do this then proceed with caution.

To warm up lubricant in the microwave place it in the microwave in it's bottle and heat for 5-10 seconds.

5 seconds for small quantities, 10 seconds if you have a larger quantity and your tube is full.

After this first warming give it either a good shake or a good stir and check the temperature and see if it needs more warming or if it's good.

I would personally always advise you to put the lubricant on somewhere less sensitive like your hands or forearm before applying it to more sensitive regions.

The Best Way To Warm Up Lube

While you can microwave lube it obviously carries the risks of uneven hot spots and microwave explosions.

To warm up lube it's generally advised to fill up a cup of hot water and place the unopened bottle of lube in the cup and leave it for a couple of minutes to warm it up.

Or simply use your body heat by squirting some lube into your hand and close your hand and let it warm up to a more pleasurable temperature before applying to your more intimate areas.

Whichever way you decide to warm up your lube be careful you don't warm it up too much and burn yourself.

And don't put it in the microwave for too long and let it explode like I did. Your housemates will thank you for it haha.