What Is The Biggest and Smallest Sized Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flask bottles come in all shapes and sizes but what is the biggest Hydro Flask size and what is the smallest Hydro Flask size and should you get these sizes or opt for something in between:

The Biggest Sized Hydro Flask: 128 oz Oasis

The biggest sized Hydro Flask is the 128 oz Oasis. This is a full gallon in size and sits 14.8 inches (37.6 cm) tall.

It features a dual lid system. There is a larger lid that is the full 4.4 inch diameter of the bottle and on this lid is another opening that is just 2.44 inches in diameter.

This means you can open the lid wide to easily fill it with water and ice but then have a smaller spout to pour from which is much more practical.

This Hydro Flask is not cheap and is the most expensive Hydro Flask bottle on the market. You can see all the details for it below:

See the latest price and color options of the Hydro Flask 128 oz Bottle at Amazon

128 oz Oasis

Volume: 3,790 mL

Height: 14.8″

Diameter: 5.8″ (14.73cm)

Mouth Diameter: 4.4″ + 2.44″

Weight: 4.96 lbs


The Smallest Sized Hydro Flask: 12 oz Kids/Coffee

The smallest sized Hydro Flask is the 12oz Kids bottle or the 12 oz Coffee bottle.

The main part of these two bottles is identical except for the color options. The only differences are the lid of the bottles, where the Kid's bottle has a straw lid and the coffee bottle has a Hydro Flip lid, and the fact that the Kid's bottle comes with a protective silicone boot.

I personally wish they made an 8 oz bottle because where I live that is the standard size for a small coffee, but unfortunately they don't, the 12 oz is the smallest option available.

Both of these 12 oz bottles are “wide mouth” bottles and can fit any wide mouth lid – see all Hydro Flask lid options here.

You can see the full specs of these bottles below as well as price links where you can buy it at Amazon:

See the latest price of the Hydro Flask 12 oz Kids bottle at Amazon

See the latest price of the Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee bottle at Amazon

12 oz Kids Wide Mouth

Volume: 355 mL

Height: 6.8″

Diameter: 2.91″ (7.39cm)

Mouth Diameter: 2.28″ (wide)

Weight: 9.6 oz


12 oz Coffee

Volume: 355 mL

Height: 6.3″

Diameter: 2.91″ (7.39cm)

Mouth Diameter: 2.28″ (wide)

Weight: 8 oz


Most Popular Size Hydro Flask: 32 oz Wide Mouth

The 32 oz is arguably the most popular Hydro Flask cooler size. Unfortunately Hydro Flask don't release their sales results that show which bottle size is most popular but I have been conducting a survey on my site for some time now and consistently feedback is that people want to buy, or already own, the 32 oz Hydro Flask.

You can choose your answer to the poll below in order to see the results:

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Maybe by the time you're reading this results will have shifted, but at the time of writing this definitely looks to be people's favorite size.

32 oz Wide Mouth

Volume: 946 mL

Height: 9.4″

Diameter: 3.58″ (9.09cm)

Mouth Diameter: 2.28″ (wide)

Weight: 15.2 oz


Want Help Choosing The Perfect Size and Color Hydro Flask For You?

Choosing the right size and color Hydro Flask can be a daunting and overwhelming experience as there are so many different options to choose from.

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