9 Tips to Help You Choose the Best AquaFlask Color For You

With 50 colors and color combinations to choose from in the AquaFlask range, it can be challenging to know what color flask to buy.

There are a variety of good options to choose from but ideally you want to choose the color that best suits your vibe and personality and the one that is most practical for you.

Below are a few questions and considerations that can help you find the best Aquaflask color for you.

1. Practicality and Size—Where Will You Use Your AquaFlask? 

While you may love the idea of an all-white AquaFlask, you may also enjoy mountain biking and running along muddy tracks, which will make your white flask dirty in a flash.

Choosing a Pearl, Arctic White, and Starship White AquaFlask could be a bad idea if you like to get down and dirty. 

There’s nothing attractive about using a flask that has muddy handprints all over the outside.

Opting for a darker colored bottle such as Stone Silver Steel or Hunter Green would be more appropriate since these colors show less dirt.

Another important consideration when choosing a color is the size of the AquaFlask. 

If you want a specific size AquaFlask, know that not all the colors are available in all flask sizes. Aquaflask sells bottles in the following sizes – but not all colors are available for all sizes:

  • 14 oz (414 mL)
  • 18 oz (532 mL)
  • 20 oz (591 mL)
  • 22 oz (650 mL)
  • 32 oz (946 mL)
  • 40 oz (1.2 L)
  • 64 oz (1.9 L)
  • 84 oz (2.5 L)
  • 128 oz/ 1 Gal (3.8 L)

So filter your color choice according to where you use the bottle and what size bottle you need.

You can always go for the largest size flask and get a smaller drinkable size flask you can decant into if you’re going to be out and need more than 80 ounces (or over 2 liters) of water for the day.

2. Personal Color Preference

With more than 50 colors to choose from, anyone can find their favorite when it comes to the color of their AquaFlask. 

Choose from plain colors in the pink, blue, red, green, purple, orange, yellow, and neutral colors, or opt for an ombre bottle from one of the special collections—you’re sure to find something that excites you.

If you are part of a sports team, you may have to choose a color that fits the team colors, but you can personalize your flask by adding a funky boot or paracord to your bottle. 

Maybe you just can’t decide between the different shades of one color.

Why not have it all by opting for the color tone you prefer most, and then enjoy the beauty of the “almost best” colors with an accessory, such as a flask boot, paracord, bottle top, or bottle rubber from a local AquaFlask kiosk? 

3. Color Coordination with Your Outfit

Workout clothes are rarely plain and functional only. With great colors to choose from for your trainers, headband, socks, shirt or shorts, being color coordinated is as important as what you wear. 

Your water bottle should hydrate you in equal style. Choose an AquaFlask bottle that’s a matching color to your outfit. 

A matching plain color will keep you stylish, or a special collection bottle can be a real statement at the gym or on the trail (and the envy of those around you). 

4. Follow Your Favorite AquaFlask Celebrity

In the world of social media, we’re all scrolling (trolling) after our favorite celebrities. We want to wear what they do and they definitely set the style trends. 

To be trendy and follow your favorite celebrity, check out what colors their water bottles and flasks are and match this in the AquaFlask range. 

Even better, find a celebrity on Instagram who is snapped using an AquaFlask product and be the first in your area to match the trend from the AquaFlask range. 

5. Mind Your Chakras

If you’re into alternative healing and lifestyle choices, you may want to consider your chakras. Depending on which chakra requires rebalancing, you could coordinate your AquaFlask with the color of that chakra. 

A red AquaFlasks would stimulate your root chakra, while a sky-blue would benefit the throat chakra. Choose yellow flasks for the solar plexus chakra and green for the heart chakra. 

6. Echo Your Mood

Color influences our mood, and by choosing a color for your AquaFlask that inspires and uplifts you, it’s that much easier to go out and hit a mountain trail or do a sweat-session at the local gym. 

If you are prone to feeling down, a dark color AquaFlask may not inspire you to get active. 

However, you can also choose multi tones to echo your mood of the day. Select a pink-mint ombre (Cotton Candy) or mint-periwinkle ombre (Puffy Cloud) if you are feeling whimsical. 

Perhaps you can echo an inspired mood with Tanzanite or Topaz colored flasks?

7. Matching or Complementary Flask Colors for Couples

When you and your partner are nuts about each other, you probably want to be “matchies,” choosing similar flasks and accessories in the AquaFlask range. 

However, you may not like a “manly” color if you’re a lady, and the man in your life may also not enjoy using a fairy pink flask just to match his girlfriend’s. 

Finding colors that are a good match for you and your partner can be tricky. The best option is to go for some similarity and add your own personality to your flask. 

Consider choosing similar color tones for the flasks, such as shades of blue or red and pink, which you can then customize with a suitable boot or bottle bag or accessory strap.

Perhaps you and your partner support a worthy cause, and you can then select a color that reflects that cause, such as pink for breast cancer, rainbow colors for gender equality awareness, white for peace, or yellow for suicide prevention. 

Choose a color to proudly support your causes and raise awareness of these.   

8. Seasonal Colors

The time of year can also help you decide on the best AquaFlask colors to get. After all, if it’s spring, you won’t want to walk around with a piping hot red colored AquaFlask when you could rather tote around a Mint Gelato colored flask that fits the seasonal theme. 

Winter would be an ideal time for warm colored flasks, while the summer heat may demand a cooler colored flask to help you feel quenched.  

9. One-of-a-Kind Flask

You can customize your flask too. 

Simply start by selecting the size flask, then choose the color you want your flask body to be. Next, select the cap color, your cap rubber color, candy boots, and a matching paracord to finalize your design.

8 Decision Teasers to Help You Choose Your AquaFlask Color

1. Do you prefer a practical approach to life? When exploring the outdoors, choose a color like:

2. Are you more stylish than practical? Then hit the gym with colors such as:

3. Do you want to feel more sexy while you sweat? You may like colors like:

4. Want to feel empowered? You’ll love:

5. Recovering from a let-down? Choose a color that can help such as:

6. Feeling low on energy, wanting to unblock your root chakra, or boost your spirituality? These colors are keepers:

7. If you’re partnering with your significant other, why not choose similar colored AquaFlasks? Here are some funky options:

8. Want to live out your childhood dreams with the best AquaFlask colors? Unleash your inner child with these colors:

Can I Engrave My AquaFlask?

An AquaFlask can be engraved with a laser engraver, which adds a flair of personalization. 

It’s best to have a professional engrave the flask as you don’t want to accidentally cut too deeply while engraving, which could pierce the external thermal layer that helps to insulate the flask. 

AquaFlask | Dream Collection | Customized | Laser engraved – YouTube


Have you found your favorite AquaFlask color yet? It can be intimidating, especially if you’re only choosing one color, but with these considerations to help you choose, the right color is one click away:

  • Decide on your size AquaFlask
  • Weigh up your personal colors
  • Coordinate with your clothes
  • Stalk a few celebs
  • Look at your chakras 
  • Consider your mood
  • Match your partner
  • Follow your favorite season
  • Customize your own flask with the latest accessories 

Ultimately, when you see the AquaFlask color of your dreams, you will know it’s the right color for you—but being prepared will make that dream a reality so much sooner. 

So use these 9 strategies for choosing your best color AquaFlask right now. 

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