Do White Hydro Flasks Stain Or Get Dirty Easily?

White Hydro Flasks look great and according to my poll are one of the most popular Hydro Flask colors out there.

But a big concern with buying a white Hydro Flask is whether or not they get dirty really easily or stain really easily.

It may look great brand new but if after a few weeks or months it's gets stained and disgusting it isn't going to look so great anymore.

I personally have a white Hydro Flask and can speak from personal experience whether or not it stains easily:

White Hydro Flasks can get dirty easily if you don't take care of them. However, because of the paint they don't stain easily. You can wash off dirty and marks in warm soapy water with a dish brush and it'll look good as new. Dents and scratches do become visible on the white paint and you can't wash these away.

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I actually grabbed my white Hydro Flask out of my car and made a video showing how dirty it was and then I went ahead and cleaned it to see if the dirt and the stains came off or if they stayed on.

Do White Hydro Flasks Get Dirty Easily?

I don't treat my Hydro Flask as well as I probably should. It rolls around in my car, goes with the kids to school, gets dropped on the ground and sometimes doesn't get washed for weeks.

I can say with confidence that YES white Hydro Flasks do get dirty quite quickly and easily. Probably not easier than other colors but the dirt shows up a lot more than on other colors.

My white Hydro Flask has had everything from coffee stains to dirt marks and scuff marks all over it.

When your white Hydro Flask get's dirty it still works just as good but it definitely doesn't look as nice.

Do White Hydro Flasks Stain Easily?

I was really worried that the marks on my Hydro Flask would stain the white paint and my Hydro Flask would forever look horrible.

I had let mine in the car for over a week with a large coffee stain on the bottom (which you can see up above) so it definitely had enough time for the dirt and coffee to stain the paint.

I was particularly worried about these scuff marks near the top of the bottle that weren't coffee stains but were caused by some sort of dirt. I didn't think they would come out.

However, a quick clean under hot water with some detergent and a brush quickly and easily removed all the dirt from my white Hydro Flask.

From experience I can say that NO white Hydro Flasks do not stain easily. Most dirt and stains can be easily cleaned off with warm soapy water and a brush, making the bottle look good as new.

The coffee stains came out easily and even the scuff marks on the top came out perfectly.

How Do You Clean a White Hydro Flask?

Cleaning a white Hydro Flask is really easy.

For me I simply ran the hot tap in my sink and gave it a good scrub with a dish brush that had some detergent in it.

It took a little bit of scrubbing but the coffee stains and the dirt came right off.

I would be careful using a really coarse brush or something like steel wool as this may scratch the paint, but my brush wasn't that tough and it did the job perfectly.

You could also fill up your sink with warm soapy water and put your Hydro Flask in there and give it a good scrub.

Sometimes you need a little soak to get the tougher stains out.

However, Hydro Flask recommends that you don't leave your bottle soaking for an extremely long period of time as apparently this may discolor the paint.

I don't actually think this would happen, but a short soak in warm or hot water before scrubbing off the dirt and grime and stains should be all you need.

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Do White Hydro Flasks Show Dents and Scratches Easily?

One thing I will say about my white Hydro Flask is that the dents and scratches are very pronounced and show up very clearly on my bottle.

My major dent and scratches are on the bottom of my bottle so they aren't as obvious but there are some scratches on the body of the bottle and the Hydro Flask logo image is starting to wear off which you can see quite clearly.

I would imagine that dents and scratches on darker colors would not be as obvious.

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