12 Problems With Coleman Xtreme Coolers

the Coleman Xtreme is a great cooler and in my opinion it's the best cooler under $50 on the market it can keep ice for up to five days and it's built really well it's nothing crazy special like a Yeti but it's a really good cooler but it's not perfect and so if you're in the market for coolers you might want to know some of the problems with common extreme cause and that's what we're gonna look at in today's episode [Music] hi i'm ryan from the cooler box.com and i've had this common call-out for about three years now used it a lot in my van used it at home and to parties and things like that and I've had a bit of time to experience the problems with it I also own a rotor model Yeti cooler so I can see the differences between the two coolers so without further ado let's get into it the first problem with this cooler is that it's not rotor molded that just means the plastic on the exterior is blown molded plastic and it's not as thick as a rated mala koola which means it's not as strong the plastic does have a bit of gear it does feel a bit flimsy now it is still quite a strong cooler you can comfortably sit on it okay and there's absolutely no issues with it taking my weight when my kids can stand on it and things like that there's no issues with that but jumping on it or if I was to drop it then this could easily crack and break and that's something that wouldn't happen with a more expensive cooler the second problem is the handles on this cooler are just a little bit flimsy this is over 50 quarts in capacity this cooler so when it's full it gets really heavy and as you'll see let me just move a bit closer with the handles they turn around and rotate which is pretty cool but the way that they're fixed into place is just with a little pin in here there's these are plastic pins that go through you can't really see it that well in the video but they just feel a little bit flimsy because there's plastic about half an inch in length on each side that holds this into place and when you're carrying this cooler full just worry that it's going to break and look it's never broken on me it's done really well but they just feel a little bit flimsy the third problem is the flimsy drainage spout now again this is not something that I have problems with or have ever had problems with in the past but it is just a click on spout and you can see it just unclips like that and then it just pushes on into place you don't even have a click when it's in place it just kind of pushes in and I guess my fear with this is that it would just get caught on something and easily pop open and all of a sudden my camp events gonna fill up with water from the cooler thankfully it's never actually happened but I much prefer ones where they screw on and you know that it's in place and you'd have to unscrew it to open it so this one just feels a bit flimsy and a bit too easy to open the fourth problem is that there's no latches on this cooler so if we look at the Yeti so I've got my Yeti here you can see that it's got these rubber latches which pull down the lid so you can't get the lid open so when it's closed it's really closed which means if it gets knocked over the lids not gonna fall open it's not gonna leak or anything like that however with this one there are no latches on the front as well so the lid is just kept down there's a bit of plastic sticking out there it's kind of just kept in place through friction and so this means that it's not as airtight it's definitely not leak proof and Moyer can get in which affects the insulation as well as if you knock this over and there's food inside that is going to open up and all of your ice and water and food is going to come falling out so no latches on it the next problem so the fifth problem is that there's no commercial-grade gasket on it so or another lid is just plastic which means there's no firm seal happening on the lid again let's bring the Yeti cooler over and compare that if we open the yeni we can see around here there's this rubber gasket which lines up with an indent on the body so when you close it that just forms a solid seal around it which helps with installation helps with leak proofing and that's something that the Coleman extreme doesn't have which leads to problem number six is that it's not a leak proof so I had done a test on this where I fill it up with water tipped it to the side I hope onto the lid myself so firmly held on to it and it just leaks water like crazy water comes out from everywhere so it's definitely not leak proof probably number seven it's not exactly stylish okay it's not winning any design Ward's it does the job it looks all right I'm not complaining about our don't need to hide it away under a paper bag because I'm scared of people seeing it it's fine as a cooler but it's not premium my Getti okay and I keep coming back to Yeti but Yeti is just beautiful in its design beautiful and it's branding even underneath with Yeti on there just everything about this cooler feels premium and feels really nice whereas with the Coleman extreme it just feels like a regular cool art there's nothing that special about the design for it number eight is there's flimsy hinges on the back which actually make the lid fall down now I've done some stretching of these hinges to kind of fix this problem but as you can see there's just plastic hinges that are screwed in here and if we pull this back what happens is the plastic of the hinges actually bends away from the body and I feel like if you pull it too much it's going to snap or the screws that hold it in place are going to snap and the problem that I had when I first bought it is that the hinges were so tight is that it would only go about to here and they know what's shot so it wouldn't even stay up and you couldn't even open the lid and it stay open now I've had this for over three years now so it stays open but in the beginning it just used to always fall down which was really annoying to try and open it you want to get some things out you'd have to hold it because otherwise it would shut and banging your head or banging on your hands so those hinges are you know a problem with this caller number nine is that the cupholders mean less insulation so I actually love these cup holders they're one of the best features of this cooler but it does mean that there's less insulation in the lid so you can actually see that there's actually indents here in the lid to fit the cup holders so there's basically no insulation at all in these four spots which means a lot of heat is going to get into the cooler through there or a lot of the cold it's going to get out whichever way you look at it I think the heat goes in but that's gonna mean your ice is going to melt faster in there so one of the best features but does negatively affect the insulation of it tents problem with this cooler is that the warranty I just don't know what the warranty is on this I tried to look online I bought this cooler about three years ago chances are it's not still under warranty it was only 40 or 50 US dollars I will link up to it on Amazon down below through my affiliate link if you're interested but I've no idea what the warranty is on this so if there was problems with this if the hinges did break I was unhappy with the hinges can I send this back can I get a replacement you know but it's so cheap it's kind of like okay well if it's out of warranty no breaks it's only 40 dollars to buy a new one um but yeah the warranty I just don't know what it is and I couldn't find any information on it number 11 is that is more susceptible to sun damage than the more expensive cooler so leaving this out in the Sun or I live near the coast so near the beach leaving this out near the beach as well it's just more susceptible to damage from cearĂ¡ you can see that this is actually starting to rust so that screw up there is starting to rust and really it's the hinges that I weigh most about with sun damage that the plastic is quite brittle and I can just see those breaking quite easily and this overall it's more susceptible to sun damage now that's something that's going to take years to destroy it but something to think about and number 12 is that there are no non-slip feet so on the bottom you can see it is just plastic that means that this thing just slides around like crazy this can be good because I often use this extra table when I'm camping or even out on my balcony and it's just it's very light it's very easy to move and slide around the kids can move it with the Yeti it's a lot harder to move around given that it's heavier and given that it has the non-slip feet on there which you can see but when I take it in the van the Yeti I can just throw in the van and it's just going to say that it doesn't really move but this one if I'm going to take my Coleman Xtreme in the van then I do really need to tie it down because otherwise it's just like a slip and slide in the back and it slides around everywhere bangs into the walls and the tops not fixed on so it'll slide and banging it might even fall over spilled contents everywhere which is not what we want so it doesn't have those non-slip feet that also concerns me using this as a step or my kids standing on it because it just makes it way less sturdy and it means that if they sit on it and then jump off then it can you know slide and then they can hurt themselves so that's a consideration that I have because I have kids if you're just purchasing up for yourself you're not really going to have that consideration don't think you're gonna be jumping off your cooler but it just so happens that's something that kids do so there you can see some of the problems with the Coleman extreme cooler overall I think this is an amazing cool app for the price how long it keeps ice how good it is compared to regular coolers around this price range you just can't really beat this for around 50 dollars there's also a version that has wheels and a pull-up handle like a suitcase style handle again for around $40 so you can get a wheeled cooler that will keep ice for about five days for under $50 absolutely amazing so this is actually one of my favorite coolers the Yeti is one of my favorite this is one of my favorite just because of some of the benefits that it has but I do want to make you aware of some of the problems of it as well but for the price point if you're looking for a budget cooler I definitely would recommend it I'm going to go ahead and link up to the holman extreme five-day coolers down below those links will take you through to Amazon where you can see the current pricing for the cooler you can see customer reviews over there go ahead and purchase one if you want they are my affiliate link so if you go through those and an up purchasing something I do get a small Commission which helps support the channel so thank you if you go ahead and do that I did do a full write-up as well of Coleman extreme versus Yeti so I'll link up to that down below as well go ahead and check it out thank you so much for tuning in don't forget to subscribe to the channel because we've got lots of great cooler content coming out to help you choose the best cooler and stay up-to-date on the new colors that are coming on the market so make sure you subscribe and until next time stay cool 

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