LARQ Green Light – What It Means

I've personally had more than one water bottle get gross and need a serious de-molding before I could drink out of it again.

LARQ bottles make morning routines shorter and life easier with their self cleaning bottle.

The bottle uses UV-C LED lights that shine down into your bottle purifying the water you drink by killing over 99.9% of bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

But knowing how to use your LARQ is very important. The LARQ lid LED shows a number of different colors signifying different statuses and modes of the bottle.

A breathing/blinking green light on the LARQ Bottle lid indicates that your bottle is still charging and the battery is not yet full. A steady green light will appear when the bottle is fully charged.

You’ll notice the lid of your LARQ show a number of different colors even within a day of owning the bottle, and knowing what these colors mean make the LARQ super easy to use and allow you to take proper care of your bottle.

There are also several key details to know about charging the LARQ, so be sure to keep reading below.

What Does a Green Light on my LARQ Bottle Mean Exactly?

When you plug your LARQ bottle in you will see a green light appear, and this light indicates the charging status of the bottle (see FAQ).

Breathing/Blinking Green: LARQ Bottle is Currently Charging, Not Full

A breathing/blinking green light will appear on your LARQ bottle lid when you plug it into charge. This blinking green light means that the bottle is currently charging, but the battery is not yet full. 

You’ll see this light appear after plugging a micro-USB into the lid.

If you start with an empty battery you can expect this blinking green light to remain for four or even five hours, which I found surprisingly long at first until I saw that a full charge can last up to 1-2 months.

One pesky aspect of self cleaning bottles is that they require electricity and failing to charge them could leave you out of luck if you’re out and about. One of the dangers of UV light bottles is that if you run out of power while you're out bushwalking or somewhere remote then the sterilization feature of the bottle won't work.

If your LARQ bottle is still pulsing green you’ll want to leave it plugged in so that you can get the most out of the battery.

Steady Green: Battery is Fully Charged

If your LARQ is showing a solid green light this means that the bottle is fully charged and ready for use.

Like I mentioned earlier, a full charge on the LARQ bottle can last an impressive 1-2 months depending on use, which is obviously very convenient.

This number is estimated assuming 3-4 cleaning cycles per day. LARQ says that Normal Mode lasts up to 4 weeks of use, while Adventure Mode lasts 10-12 days.

The differing modes use differing doses of UV, and you should read here to learn more about how safe these rays are with our water and bodies.

How Do I Charge my LARQ Bottle?

To charge your LARQ bottle simply plug a micro-USB into the slot located on the side of the cap.

I absolutely hate keeping up with the dozen different charging cables there are nowadays, so I was happy to see that LARQ includes a micro-USB with the bottle. I would have preferred a USB-C cable but this is slightly more convenient than the HydroCap UV Lid cable which is specific to that cap and nothing else-.

If your battery is empty the charging process will take a few hours, so be sure to plug your charging cable somewhere that it can stay a while.